Today was another visit with some of Orphans of the Storm®’s long-timers. The dogs I spent time with today have each been at the shelter for over a year and are ready for a real home. Luckily, I remembered to bring my camera (finally) so you can see more of these lovable pooches.

First on my list was Billy, a six-year-old Pointer mix. Don’t let that gray fur on his face fool you! He absolutely loves to run and play. Billy and I sprinted to the grassy run and I took him off his leash so he could explore all he wanted. After rustling around inside the bushes at the far end of the run, Billy emerged with a tennis ball in his mouth. He is a big fan of playing fetch, and isn’t at all possessive of the tennis ball. He’s even spry enough to jump up and catch the tennis ball in midair!

Billy ready and waiting to play fetch

Billy enjoying the beautiful autumn day

Billy is also an extremely intelligent dog. In all of his doggy years, he has learned that treats tend to appear from inside pockets. Every time I reached for my pocket to either get my camera or put it away, he expectantly sat down right in front of me and nosed my pocket. I wished I had a treat to give him, because he was so good at it.

Billy exploring the run

A look at Wizard's face

Next was Wizard, a three-year-old Shepherd/Shar Pei mix. He is a little chubby, but enjoys going on walks and does well on a leash. Don’t expect to walk too briskly, though, because Wizard likes to sniff everything. It was hard to get a picture of his precious face because he almost always had his nose to the ground.

Wizard's round tummy and curly tail

Wizard also seems to be a little on the ticklish side, which I personally think is an endearing trait. After scratching his velvety ears, I started to scratch his back. As I moved towards his tail, one of his back legs started kicking. It was adorable.

Wizard's nose to the ground

Molly stretching her legs in a lap around the run

The last dog for me today was Molly, a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Molly was the best leash-walker of the three and was happy to walk just slightly ahead of me without pulling as we made our way to the run. Her light brown eyes match her tan markings and give her a very unique look – a look that anyone can love.

Molly liked to nibble grass

Molly is a giant sweetheart. She enjoyed sitting next to me as I gave her a good pat, and she would occasionally give me some slobbery doggy kisses. She even attempted to climb up onto my lap so she could reach my face better. If you want to make her extra happy (which everyone should, because she deserves it), you should scratch the right side of her neck. She’ll lean into your hand and pant cheerfully.

Molly sniffing in the bushes

On your next visit to Orphans of the Storm®, make sure to stop by and say hello to these three adoptable pooches!

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  1. Jill says:

    I think Molly is absolutely adorable.

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