Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Tug at Your Heartstrings (And Your Leash)

Rocco the five-year-old hound dog immediately made me think of Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound.” Since that’s one of my favorites, I had to take him out and get to know him. I don’t know what Rocco looked like as a puppy, but with his adult face as adorable as it is, I’m sure he was even cuter than Copper from the movie.

Rocco Hound 1

Rocco following his nose



Being a hound, Rocco has that unique baying bark. Not too loud, and a little raspy – not at all jarring like some other barks can be. He used this bark to let me know when other dogs and volunteers were approaching the run, but funnily enough didn’t seem too interested in the birds that were hopping around by the water dish.

Rocco Hound 2

Rocco saying hello











While I was sitting on the bench inside the run, Rocco came up to me and put his nose right in my face. With those eyes, it seemed like he was really looking at me. I reached up to pet his droopy, velvety ears, and we had a very nice time together.

Rocco Hound 3

Rocco romping




Since he’s a big dog who needs exercise, I tried to engage him in a game of fetch. He was very interested in the tennis ball, but didn’t necessarily understand the concept that he had to bring it back to me so I could throw it again. That turned out to not be a problem, though, because Rocco is very skilled at playing fetch with himself. He would take the ball in his mouth, throw his head back, and chase the ball after it went flying. Watching this made me laugh.



Forest Husky 3

Forest's attentive face

Forest is one of the prettiest dogs at the shelter, along with the other husky mixes. This nine-year-old has many years of experience as a family pet, and also seems to have a lot of experience going for car rides. At every car we passed in the parking lot, he would stop by one of the doors. I sadly had to inform him that we weren’t going to be riding in any Mustangs today.






Forest Husky 1

Forest in the run

Forest isn’t only nice to look at; he’s also very nice to pet. His coat is one of the fluffiest I’ve ever felt, which I’m sure comes in handy when the weather gets colder. Forest loves getting his hips and back legs scratched. He does a little dance until he gets your hand in the perfect position, and then leans into you so you know you’re doing a good job.

Forest Husky 2

Beautiful Forest










While inside the run, Forest found a small treat that had been dropped earlier. Rather than inhaling it, like most dogs I know would, he sniffed it, put it in his mouth, spit it back out, and sniffed it again. He did this a few times. When I went closer to investigate, it almost seemed like he was very carefully biting off the outer part of the treat and leaving the center. Or it could have been a coincidence. Either way, he’s a careful eater.

Stitch is a six-year-old Shepherd mix who has lots of energy, but is happy to settle down and enjoy some cuddle time. Since Stitch can be a bit of an acrobat (high fences are a good idea for this guy), we took a walk around the property instead of spending time in the run.

Stitch Shepherd 1

Stitch on our walk

Stitch Shepherd 2

Stitch enjoying the outdoors











I let him lead the way along the sidewalks and through the grass. After we covered most of the property, we had some down time. I knelt down to his level and pet his back, letting him know that he is indeed a good dog. He enjoyed the attention and barely moved a muscle while I was petting him.

Stitch Shepherd 3

Stitch in the setting sun





He has warm brown eyes and cute, half-perked ears that sometimes cause his forehead to wrinkle. Stitch will do great in a home with people who like to run and play—he just wants to have a good time and be loved.

10 thoughts on “Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Tug at Your Heartstrings (And Your Leash)

  1. If I had the chance I would love to adopt an orphan dog from the shelter. Those three dogs look like they are going to make a great family member. If I didn’t already have a choc. Lab that is 11 years old I would go to our closest shelter and adopt one. Maybe in the future I will go take a look.

    Best of Luck to Rocco, Forest and Stitch

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