Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Give the Gift of Happiness

Belated happy holidays and an early happy new year! Orphans of the Storm® had a busy Monday after Christmas and some great dogs have been adopted recently (like Izzy – hurray!), but there are still plenty of others waiting for their forever home!

Saturn, for example, is a playful four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who would love to ring in the New Year with a new family. Saturn already has several years of experience as a pet and would make an incredibly happy companion. This adorable boy’s tail was wagging the entire time I was with him.

Saturn 1

Happy Saturn

Be sure to have some chew toys for him. He would be thrilled to relax on the couch next to you, happily gnawing on a toy. Saturn loved to chase after the tennis ball and then go into his playful pose and chew it for a few minutes before dropping the ball so I could throw it again.

Saturn 2

Saturn being playful

Saturn also adores belly rubs. He was just too cute: he would roll over, still with the tennis ball in his mouth, and kick the air with his happy paws while I rubbed his belly. It’s impossible to not smile when you’re with Saturn; he spreads happiness with his doggy grin and wagging tail.

Saturn 3

Saturn with his tail wagging

Stewie is also eager to find a new home. This four-year-old hound mix will definitely grab your attention when you walk past his kennel because of his pretty coat and stunningly blue eyes. When we were taking a walk around the property, a visitor to Orphans of the Storm® passed us and said, “Oh! Look at those pretty eyes!”

Stewie Hound 1

Look at Stewie's beautiful blue eyes!

Stewie is a sweetie. When we were inside the run, he joined me on the bench and put his face right in front of mine so we could get better acquainted. He enjoyed a nice scratch behind the ears before we headed out on our walk around the shelter.

Stewie Hound 2

Stewie on our walk

Stewie loves to go on walks. We made our way to the front gate of Orphans of the Storm® and he stuck his nose through it in hopes of being able to go for a longer walk. I felt so terrible saying no to him that I promised him a treat for going back inside with me. Stewie prefers Beggin’ Strips to Milk-Bones, for future reference.

Stewie Hound 3

Stewie is such a beautiful dog!

5 thoughts on “Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Give the Gift of Happiness

  1. He is sooo pretty! I volunteer 4 Save A Pet No-Kill Shelter and I hope Stewie gets adopted soon! Did you name him after Family Guy?

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