Belated happy holidays and an early happy new year! Orphans of the Storm® had a busy Monday after Christmas and some great dogs have been adopted recently (like Izzy – hurray!), but there are still plenty of others waiting for their forever home!

Saturn, for example, is a playful four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who would love to ring in the New Year with a new family. Saturn already has several years of experience as a pet and would make an incredibly happy companion. This adorable boy’s tail was wagging the entire time I was with him.

Saturn 1

Happy Saturn

Be sure to have some chew toys for him. He would be thrilled to relax on the couch next to you, happily gnawing on a toy. Saturn loved to chase after the tennis ball and then go into his playful pose and chew it for a few minutes before dropping the ball so I could throw it again.

Saturn 2

Saturn being playful

Saturn also adores belly rubs. He was just too cute: he would roll over, still with the tennis ball in his mouth, and kick the air with his happy paws while I rubbed his belly. It’s impossible to not smile when you’re with Saturn; he spreads happiness with his doggy grin and wagging tail.

Saturn 3

Saturn with his tail wagging

Stewie is also eager to find a new home. This four-year-old hound mix will definitely grab your attention when you walk past his kennel because of his pretty coat and stunningly blue eyes. When we were taking a walk around the property, a visitor to Orphans of the Storm® passed us and said, “Oh! Look at those pretty eyes!”

Stewie Hound 1

Look at Stewie's beautiful blue eyes!

Stewie is a sweetie. When we were inside the run, he joined me on the bench and put his face right in front of mine so we could get better acquainted. He enjoyed a nice scratch behind the ears before we headed out on our walk around the shelter.

Stewie Hound 2

Stewie on our walk

Stewie loves to go on walks. We made our way to the front gate of Orphans of the Storm® and he stuck his nose through it in hopes of being able to go for a longer walk. I felt so terrible saying no to him that I promised him a treat for going back inside with me. Stewie prefers Beggin’ Strips to Milk-Bones, for future reference.

Stewie Hound 3

Stewie is such a beautiful dog!

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  1. Jada says:

    He is sooo pretty! I volunteer 4 Save A Pet No-Kill Shelter and I hope Stewie gets adopted soon! Did you name him after Family Guy?

  2. […] While I was sitting on the bench, she jumped up next to me and stood still while I pet her. She was Stewie‘s kennelmate before he was adopted, so we know that she can do well with other dogs. Precious […]

  3. […] pace, but he still has plenty of happiness to share. Cody is also excellent with other dogs. He and Stewie (now known as Sky, another dog who was adopted years ago but returned because his family’s […]

  4. […] Sky (who still gets called Stewie by volunteers who have been with Orphans of the Storm® for more than two years) is just as affectionate as Rusty, but a little less exuberant about it. He likes to snuggle and give kisses and receive lots of petting on his back and neck. Sky also gets along well with other dogs–in fact, during his first stay at Orphans of the Storm®, he shared his kennel with Precious! […]

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