So much for that beautiful spring-like weather from last week! Due to the new snow and below-freezing temperatures, I wasn’t able to visit the pooches this week. However, thank you!!! to the volunteers who have shared their wonderful adoption stories with me. Below is my interview with Rebecca, who has adopted both a dog and a cat from Orphans of the Storm®.

Q: Why Orphans of the Storm®?
A: My husband and I went to Orphans of the Storm® because they are a no-kill shelter that seems to take very good care of the animals. Also, they are very nice and accommodating to the people who come in to look for a new pet. We have been to other local shelters where the staff was a bit rude, but the people at Orphans are always helpful and friendly. Another factor was the cost. The adoption fee at Orphans is very reasonable.

Q: How did you hear about Orphans of the Storm®?
A: We first found Orphans of the Storm® via an online search when we were looking for our cat, Mr. Cheezle.

Mr. Cheezle

Q: What made you want to adopt from a shelter?
A: We have a personal policy of never going to pet stores for our pets. You hear too many horror stories about the puppy mills, etc. Also, we wanted to get adult animals so we know their personality, and because everyone always seems to want the puppies and kittens, but the adults need homes, too! We also believe there are too many great dogs and cats waiting for homes in shelters for us to ever consider buying from a breeder.

Q: Was this your first pet dog and/or cat?
A: Mr. Cheezle is our second cat, and Chloe is our second dog. Our first cat passed away about a year before we adopted Mr. Cheezle. He had congestive heart failure and was 8 years old. Our first dog passed away from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia very suddenly. He was 9 and passed a few weeks before we got Chloe.

Q: Did you have a specific breed/age/size/other trait in mind when you first came to the shelter?
A: We actually came in looking for a small dog (Chihuahua or similar) who was good with other dogs, kids, and was an adult. We wound up with Chloe, who is a 48-pound Border Collie Mix! We just fell in love with her friendly and snuggly personality. When looking for Mr. Cheezle, we were looking for a large, friendly adult cat, which is exactly what we got.

Q: How many dogs did you visit with in one of the off-leash runs before you decided on Chloe?
A: We walked 2 other dogs before we decided on Chloe.


Q: What about Chloe sealed your decision to adopt her? And what about Mr. Cheezle made you decide to adopt him?
A: We actually didn’t notice Chloe in the kennels, but when we asked the Orphans staff for help and described what we were looking for they said we should take her out. We fell in love with her right away. She was very friendly, adorable, walked well on the leash, and my husband just looked at me and we said “this is the one.” When we were looking for our cat, we wandered the cat room for a while and pet the many cats. We felt a bit lost, and there was a great volunteer working that day who guided us to several cats. (I’m so sorry I don’t remember his name.) As soon as I picked up Mr. Cheezle (then known as Big Kitty), he started to purr and knead his paws. I knew right away that he was my new snuggle buddy!

Q: How did your dog and cat transition from shelter life to home life?
A: Chloe made the transition very well. She had a couple of accidents, as she was not potty trained, but after a few days she got it figured out! She was very happy from the start, even rolling over for a tummy rub the first day despite having just been spayed. She has done very well with other dogs who come by to visit and kids that stop by from time to time. She loves them all. We’ve even taken her on vacation! I was a little worried, because she had been in a shelter for a good portion of her 2 years, but she did just fine. You’d never know she came from a shelter in Tennessee and sat at Orphans for 4 months waiting for a home! Mr. Cheezle also adapted very well. He hid for a few hours, as cats typically do, but by that night he was out on the couch getting some love and watching TV with us. He’s been my inseparable companion ever since. Mr. Cheezle had been in a home and was surrendered with 7 other cats, so he adjusted very well.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
A: We are eternally grateful to Orphans of the Storm® for caring for all of the animals who need homes, and for having such a great and helpful staff. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you go to look for a new friend, but if you ask the staff/volunteers, they seem to always know the perfect one for you. I’m so glad we have our Chloe and Mr. Cheezle. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our furbabies!

Thank you again, Rebecca!

There are more great adoption success stories that will be posted soon! If you would like to share your story, please email

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  1. Claudette Dirsmith says:


    Do you need some people to interview? I have some families that I could connect you with.

    Claudette I volunteer and foster for Orphans.

    • AmyS says:

      I’d be happy to hear more stories! Please feel free to give them my email address ( and let them know I’ll email them back with a few questions. Thank you!

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