If the snow and cold temperature are keeping you away from the shelter this week too, don’t worry! You can visit some of the amazing adoptable dogs at several indoor locations in different suburbs. Tomorrow (Sunday, January 22) there will be dogs at Wags on Willow (840 Willow Road, on the corner of Waukegan Road and Willow Road in Northbrook) from 12pm-3pm. Check out the shelter’s Facebook page to learn about upcoming events!

Today, dogs were at Pet Supplies Plus in Highland Park and Petsmart in Northbrook. I stopped by Petsmart to say hello to some old four-legged friends and meet a new four-legged friend.

The first pooch I saw when I walked in the door was Cody, a personal favorite because of how friendly he is. I knelt down to say hello and he jumped right into my lap (or, as much of him as could fit in my lap) and gave me some doggy kisses. This poor guy has had some fortunes followed by misfortunes since I first wrote about him. A family came in and adopted him (yay!), but the dog they already had at their house wouldn’t stop picking on Cody (boo!), so they had to return him just a few days later. This is a good time for a reminder: if you have a dog or dogs already, bring them to the shelter to meet their possible new friend. We want to make sure that everyone gets along so it can be a happy home!

Cody Petsmart

Cody greeting customers by the entrance

Bear and Coco were also working the crowd at Petsmart today. They are such pretty dogs, and so well behaved! Bear was happy to sit for a treat, and Coco was cool as a cucumber. Both of them like to stick out a front paw for a shake. Bear was being especially affectionate today; like Cody, he tried to climb into my lap. When that didn’t work, he tucked his head against my stomach and stood still while I scratched his neck. Coco is always a good dog to go to if you’re looking for a kiss on the back of your hand.

Bear Petsmart

Bear walking around the store

Coco Petsmart

Coco being a perfect pooch

Lastly, I introduced myself to Dumbo, a six-year-old Terrier mix. This guy is a real sweetie! He was the dog who could fit into my lap. I haven’t profiled too many small dogs yet, and I can see that I’ve been missing out. Dumbo has an adorable face, topped by those big ears. He loves being pet and will get nice and close to you. And look at that curly tail!

Dumbo Petsmart

My new friend, Dumbo

You can find all these wonderful dogs, and many more, at the shelter every day of the week. Stop by to say hello, and be sure to ask to take them out into one of the off-leash runs to get to know them better!

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