Hurray for finally being able to return to the shelter! There’s still some snow on the ground, but it was a warm enough day that I didn’t even need gloves to play with the pooches outside.

Before I introduce you to this week’s dogs, I wanted to let you know that the pooches will be out and about again this Saturday, January 28th. You can find adorable adoptables at both Petsmart (291 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook) and Wags on Willow (840 Willow Rd., Northbrook) from 11am-2pm. Stop by and say hi to some wonderful dogs looking for a wonderful home!

Up first today was Tino, a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix. Tino ran up to me and put his little front paws on my legs (they didn’t even reach my knees) to say hello with his tail wagging. We took a walk around the property and Tino liked walking in the snow, even when it was deeper than he is tall.

Tino Chihuahua 1

Tino being curious

He is an affectionate little guy. When I got down on his level, Tino put his paws in my lap and licked my nose happily. He’s also very curious–he likes to sniff everything. Even so, he walked well on the leash.

Tino Chihuahua 2

Tino in the snow

I brought him into the front office so we could both warm up a little bit, and when I sat down on the bench he put his front paws on the bench next to me and buried his cute little face against my leg. I scratched his neck and back for a little bit, and he seemed to love the attention.

Tino Chihuahua 3

Tino enjoying his walk

After meeting Dumbo at Petsmart last week, I knew I had to take him out to one of the runs and get to know him on my next shelter visit. So, today was that day. He is a 6-year-old Terrier mix and much too cute to not find a home. Dumbo has lots of energy and loved playing with the dog in the next run, chasing her along the fence and barking playfully.

Dumbo Terrier 1

Dumbo being adorable

After running off his energy, Dumbo hopped up onto the bench next to me for a while as I scratched his ears and back. He put his cute nose in my face a couple times so we could get better acquainted.

Dumbo Terrier 2

Dumbo, who got a little muddy

Dumbo would do well with a family that can give him the exercise he needs, and the love and attention he deserves. He’ll be happy to settle down and be a lap dog after going for a nice walk or playing in the yard. And how can you say no to that precious face?

Dumbo Terrier 3

Dumbo's precious face

Speaking of precious faces, the last dog I met today was Cappy, a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever/Chow Chow mix. One look at that face, and you’re in love. Cappy is one of the dogs who will push his body against the side of his kennel so you can give him a nice scratch as you walk by. In fact, he wanted me to pet him so badly that he wouldn’t even go outside when I opened his doggy door. I had to tell him repeatedly that I would meet him out there, and that he would enjoy being scratched much more once we didn’t have a fence between us.

Cappy Labrador Retriever Chow Chow 1

Cappy looking at the camera

Cappy‘s initial burst of energy means he can be a bit strong when you first take him out on the leash, but he was much, much better on his walk back at the end of our visit. (Again: why you shouldn’t be turned off from a dog right away just because he pulls on the leash at first.)

Cappy Labrador Retriever Chow Chow 2

Cappy enjoying the winter sun

While we were inside the run, Cappy walked over to where I was kneeling and leaned against me so I could continue that scratch I had started back inside. He especially likes to get his hips scratched. And his fur is so soft! He really is a very handsome dog, with those light brown eyes and a round face.

Cappy Labrador Retriever Chow Chow 3

Cappy, so handsome!

Stop by Orphans of the Storm® to see if one of these pooches is the right fit for you and your family!

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  1. Once again, great picks Amy! These dogs are all equally deserving of a forever home this weekend! Please come by Orphans and meet them all. There is no pressure to adopt from any staff or volunteers at the shelter. We just invite you to visit and see for yourself what wonderful pets we have waiting for their second chance in life. If you can’t adopt, you may know someone who is ready to. So spread the word!

  2. Vickie says:

    It was great meeting you in the dog run with Dumbo. Hopefully we will be able to meet again. Good work on the blog. 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    We adopted a lab/chow mix from Orphans, great great dog.

  4. Dana says:

    My husband and I feel in love with Dumbo! We are hoping he will still be there in 2 weeks when we would be able to take him home once we introduce him to our other Orphans adoptee, Tala. Fingers crossed! Keep up the good work with this blog!

  5. […] He’s very calm inside the kennel, preferring to curl up on his doggy bed while his kennelmate Dumbo draws attention to himself. Marty wondering when we're going back […]

  6. These are all very very cute dogs. I love Tino loves to play in the snow even if the snow is deeper than he is tall. He sounds very loving. I hope he finds a great home soon.
    Good luck to all the orphans.

  7. […] of the other Chihuahuas still waiting for their forever homes! Coco, Frito, Fumble, Puggie, and Tino are all ready to find a lap to snuggle in. Orphans of the Storm® is the place to find the perfect […]

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