Here is another happy story about THREE lucky dogs who found their home with Joanna and her family. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures, Joanna!

Q: Why Orphans of the Storm®?
A: Although I was only five when we adopted our first dog from Orphans of the Storm®, I believe that my dad just drove past it, and decided we would rescue from there. It was pure luck!

Q: How did you hear about Orphans of the Storm®?
A: Again, we drove past it. We had previously decided (and by we, I mean my dad; five-year-old kids don’t get much say in anything) that our family would rescue. Part of the reason I think he so desperately wanted to rescue was because he didn’t  want to have to deal with puppies. 😉 That, however, has never been confirmed.

Q: What made you want to adopt from a shelter?
A: We continued adopting from Orphans because of many reasons. Firstly, we liked that it was a no-kill shelter. Everyone at Orphans gets a chance, even if they are sometimes rough around the edges. Secondly, our first dog, Dino, was a gem. That being said, my family has a motto, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This applies to everything be it a haircut, a sink, or a dog. The first dog we had was wonderful, so we came to the conclusion that Orphans was the epicenter of great dogs.

Q: Was your first adopted dog your first pet dog?
A: Yes, that was Dino. Although he passed when I was in 7th grade. He was our genius dog. At our home we had a big backyard with a latch gate to get to the front yard and, in Dino’s eyes, to freedom. I guess Dino had seen us open the latch enough times that he was able to learn how to open it himself. One day, he opened it and then opened the gate to our next door neighbor’s yard who had a poodle that was fresh from the groomers. Dino and his friend went for a joy ride around the neighborhood, and when the police finally caught them, Dino’s poor friend was drenched in slobber and dirt. Needless to say, after that we knew we had a special dog.



Q: Did you have a specific age/breed/size/other trait in mind when you first came to the shelter?
A: With our first dog my mom told my dad, my sister, and me to get a small dog. Of course, she did not realize my sister, my dad, and I love big dogs, so we purchased a 1-year-old black lab, who was not fully grown, but had massive paws. When Dino passed we wanted another big dog, which led us to Max (formally known as Borchek); we call him our house cat. He is a big snuggle bug. Then my mom finally got fed up with all the big dogs, went with us to Orphans, and got Bella (formally known as Tulip), who is a little Papillon mix. Max and Bella ended up being like peanut butter and jelly. When they go to the off-leash park, Max runs around and Bella is right behind him.

Max and Bella

Max and Bella

Q: How many dogs did you visit with in one of the off-leash runs before you decided on each of your dogs?
A: I don’t remember what happened with Dino, but with Max we took out a Boxer mix before him. The boxer, although a lovable dog, almost ripped my dad’s arm out. Max was much calmer and I fell in love with him. Bella was a different story. My mom immediately fell in love with her. My dad and I were skeptical. When she was in her cage, she was loud and had that high-pitched yap that small dogs have. However, my mom saw a diamond in the rough, and she was right. Bella is a gem to behold.



Q: What about your dogs sealed your decision to adopt them?
A: Finding the right dog is like finding the right college. All the colleges you visit seem nice and look like a great place to learn, but when you find the right college you just know. Although you can’t put your finger on it, your eyes lock with the dog’s eyes and somehow you are able to just gain an understanding of each other. The fat lady sings and it’s over. Love at first sight.

Q: How did your dogs respond to transitioning from shelter life to home life?
A: Max had the roughest transition. He was a bit crazy. For a long time we thought that he couldn’t sit because he would always trot around the house. He would only stop to eat and sleep. Bella transitioned seamlessly. She is a little a diva. When we tried to feed her regular dog food she scoffed at us and trotted off. From then on, my mom was forced to cook her meals. Consequently, Max is enjoying his home-cooked meals as well. Their favorite meal is chicken and barley.

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  1. Great adoption story, and just a few examples of what is waiting to be discovered at Orphans of the Storm animal shelter.

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