Today I spent time with three older dogs who still have plenty of potential to make you and your family incredibly happy. There are many benefits to adopting an older dog, and Orphans of the Storm® has a variety of breeds and sizes to choose from. Today I focused on a few of the bigger and fluffier ones.

Princess, a ten-year-old Chow Chow mix, certainly looks like royalty. She has that unique Chow coat and adorable Chow face. If you watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this past week, like I did, you’ll know that Martha Stewart is a Chow fan. Since Princess is a mix, she probably wouldn’t get too far in the show ring–but she can certainly be your best in show!

Princess Chow Chow 1

Princess looking regal

Princess is smaller than the average Chow and has a pink tongue, rather than the usual blue-black one. That’s perfectly all right, though. She walks very well on the leash and was happy to stand next to me and get a nice pat. She is a calm dog who took her time walking around the run, rather than scampering about.

Princess Chow Chow 2

Princess watching the spitz and people in the other run

There was a little spitz in the run next to us, and Princess was acting very friendly towards it. The spitz, however, seemed a little intimidated by Princess’ size and wasn’t as interested in being friends. But it’s a good sign that Princess can get along with dogs big and small.

Princess Chow Chow 3

Princess' sweet face

Rizzo is a beautiful eight-year-old Shepherd mix. My guess is that he’s mixed with an Alaskan Malamute: he has a cute shepherd face and a white, fluffy body with a curled tail. We had a nice jog over to the run (Rizzo was eager to stretch his legs) and then Rizzo enjoyed exploring behind and under the bushes.

Rizzo Shepherd 1

Rizzo sniffing

After his initial burst of energy, he too was calm. On the info card outside his kennel, it says that he is a favorite of the staff and volunteers at the shelter. It’s very obvious why! He is a sweet dog who kept leaning against me as I pet him. I ended up with white fur all over me, but that’s what lint rollers are for. This guy is well worth it.

Rizzo Shepherd 2

Rizzo enjoying the outdoors

On our way back inside, Rizzo walked much better on the leash. We didn’t stop by the windows to the cat room, but it also said on his info card that he gets along with cats. So, you can stop by CATMANIA! to adopt a new cat and then come visit Rizzo and take him home. He’s a great dog with lots of love to give. And he comes when you call him!

Rizzo Shepherd 3

Rizzo being camera shy

Sampson is an eight-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix. I’ve been visiting Orphans of the Storm® for over four months now, and there is something that I find puzzling–I have seen many black Labs (like Chewy and Rosemary), but almost no yellow or chocolate ones. I know there’s a stigma with black cats, but a Lab is a Lab is a Lab. It certainly doesn’t matter what color they are. You’re still going to get a great personality.

Sampson Black Labrador Retriever 1

Sampson coming to say hello

Sampson, for example, seems like a dog who just wants to please. He is a happy dog whose tail never stopped wagging the entire time I was out with him. He also never went too far from me; he would sniff around the perimeter of the run, and then come back for a reassuring scratch on the back.

Sampson Black Labrador Retriever 2

Sampson waiting for me to continue scratching his back

Be aware that he is a big boy, and therefore a strong boy, especially when you first take him outside. I took him for a walk around the property after we spent some time together in the run, though, and was able to get him to walk next to me without much persuading. Like I said, Sampson wants to please. This good boy is ready for his new family to take him home.

Sampson Black Labrador Retriever 3

Sampson interested in the tennis ball

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  1. Dogs that are big and fluffy is a wonderful description of many of the lovable dogs at Orphans. I love Amy uses her creativity to see the dogs in a new and different way. Great work Amy! And good luck Princess, Rizzo and Sampson!

  2. Jennifer Doan says:

    This is great! The time you spend with the dogs…taking pictures and telling about their personalities is wonderful. I live in Michigan and have often seen a dog that I think I’m interested in but I would hate to make the drive, just to find out that particular dog doesn’t get along with other animals, etc. So I hope you will continue to do this. I look forward to it!

    • AmyS says:

      Wow! Thank you for reading all the way from Michigan! The staff and volunteers at the shelter are also great resources for pairing the right dog with the right person/family, so you can always give them a call if you want more information about a particular dog.

  3. […] Rizzo the Shepherd mix, with all his fluffy fur, loved being in the snow. He was running around with his big, poofy tail wagging all the time. […]

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