I have another batch of Beagles for you today! Last week there were kennelmates Chloe and Boomer (and Boomer got adopted–hurray!). This week I took out another pair of kennelmates: Whoopi and Mack. Since they’ve become close friends from sharing a kennel, I took the two of them out together.

Whoopi Beagle 1

Whoopi exploring the run

Whoopi is a 10-year-old–but you wouldn’t guess her age from her personality! This little girl still has lots of energy. When I came to take them out, Whoopi was jumping up and down with excitement. Once I had both of them on leashes, she was off and running (or trying to run–Mack wasn’t quite as fast).

Whoopi Beagle 2

Whoopi running after the dog next to us

Mack was a little more reserved. He was more interested in chewing the leash than wearing it, but we eventually worked it out. He has such an adorable face!

Mack Beagle 1

Mack sniffing the grass

Mack took a while to warm up to me, but after he saw Whoopi come over and get some petting, he decided it was safe to come over.

Mack Beagle 2

Mack's precious face

They both can be playful! There was another dog in the run next to ours, and Mack and Whoopi were both excited to run up and down the fence line with the other dog.

Mack Beagle 3

Mack ready to play

Both of them also put their Beagle noses to good use. They were scampering around the run, sniffing enthusiastically. If you’re looking for a Beagle friend, you should definitely take a look at these two cuties!

Whoopi Beagle 3

Whoopi being a good Beagle

If you’ve always wanted a pony but didn’t have room for a stable in your backyard, Kopa might be the perfect alternative. I am pretty confident that he is part horse. Kopa the seven-year-old German Shepherd mix is the biggest dog I have ever met in my life–but even so, he’s not intimidating at all! When you come up to greet him at his kennel, you can tell right away how gentle he is.

Kopa German Shepherd 1

Kopa, the tailless German Shepherd

Since he’s a big boy, he’s pretty slow-moving and a pleasure to walk. We ambled over to the off-leash run and he meandered around, sniffing and nibbling grass. When I came up to pet him, he stood still and put his nose up to mine. He is a big softy, both in terms of his fur and his personality.

Kopa German Shepherd 2

Kopa ambling over to get a pat

Coco the Chihuahua was out on a walk when Kopa and I were in the run. Coco apparently suffers from “small dog syndrome” and thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with Kopa. She came up to the fence where he was watching her and started barking. If dogs could laugh, I’m sure Kopa would have been. Since he couldn’t, he just looked at her with his head tilted to the side. Coco is about the size of Kopa’s nose.

Kopa German Shepherd 3

Kopa's sweet face

Don’t judge this sweetheart by his size. He is the definition of a gentle giant and would be so happy to have a family to love!

Kopa German Shepherd 4

Kopa the extremely gentle giant

6 responses »

  1. ruben says:

    i just adopted kopa a month ago, he is a great dog to live with!

    • AmyS says:

      Aww, I’m so happy to hear that! He was such a gentle dog when I took him out. I’m glad he found a happy home. Thanks for the update!

  2. Rose says:

    i live with kopa, he really is a good dog to be with, but he may not be the best with smaller dogs!:D

  3. mike says:

    kopa is a really good dog he is the best dog ever

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