Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Bask in the Sun

Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended and/or donated auction items to the Orphans of the Storm® Benefit Dinner last Monday! If you haven’t checked out the great pictures from the event on the Facebook page, you definitely should! I was so thrilled to find out that Billy and his new family spoke at the event!

Here are some dogs who will be benefiting from all the money raised:

Poochie is a cute Labrador Retriever mix whose previous owner had to give him away due to being in the Navy. Cheer Poochie up by giving him a new home and a new family to love! This four-year-old was so excited to come outside with me, jumping up and down when he saw me approaching with the leash.

Poochie Labrador Retriever 1

Poochie sniffing the fresh spring air

Poochie, like almost all of the dogs I’ve taken out the last few weeks, was very interested in eating the grass in the run. Maybe fresh, springtime grass tastes especially good. I don’t think dogs should eat much of it, though, so I put the leash back on and took Poochie for a walk around the property, where he became more interested in sniffing and less interested in eating.

Poochie Labrador Retriever 2

Poochie eating the grass

On the website, he’s listed as Spider–but he has since been renamed Poochie, and that is the name you will find on his kennel when you visit him the shelter. Spiders are not particularly cute and cuddly–but Poochie sure is!

Poochie Labrador Retriever 3

Poochie being attentive

Eever is a beautiful four-year-old Hound mix who was also ready to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. He’s a little smaller than Rocco, and he’s a little skinny, but don’t let that fool you. He’s a strong boy! A dog like Eever would probably make a great running companion. Or, if you’re not a runner, at least make sure this guy gets a chance to stretch his long legs.

Eever Hound 1

Eever ready to go on our walk

After we hurried around the property in excitement, I sat down on one of the many benches and had Eever settle down next to me. He seemed like he wanted to hop up onto the bench too, but it wasn’t quite big enough for the both of us. So, instead, he put his front paws up on my shoulders and let me scratch his neck.

Eever Hound 2

Eever looking handsome

Eever both looks and sounds like the hound dog he is. There’s just something so lovable about that baying sound and the way hounds look right at you with those big brown eyes. Give Eever the chance to meet you–you might find yourself looking at your new best friend!

Eever Hound 3

Look at Eever's happy face!

Roxie is a five-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. My pictures probably don’t do her justice, but she is such a pretty dog! She has that unique blue color that you don’t see on most dogs, and a totally sweet face with those little folded ears.

Roxie Cattle Dog 1

Roxie enjoying the sun

She is a great leash-walker, sticking right by my side or just a little bit ahead of me, and didn’t pull at all after she had gotten her chance to run around off-leash. When we were inside the run, she brought me a tennis ball and left it at my feet. I threw it, and she chased after it and brought it back to my feet again. Cattle dogs are known for being especially smart and active.

Roxie Cattle Dog 2

Roxie's sweet face

There is something about certain dogs that just lets you know they are a good dog. I’m not sure what it was about Roxie, but I loved her. She wasn’t overly affectionate or trying to climb into my lap (though she did stick her nose in my face and leave a little wet mark on my cheek), but she seemed happy and cheerful and will be a great companion to whichever lucky person (or family) adopts her.

Roxie Cattle Dog 3

Roxie exploring on our walk

I also took Mouse and Coco out for a walk again, since they wanted to enjoy the sunshine too! They were as friendly as last time, trying to hop into my lap when I got down to their level. If you’re looking for a Chihuahua companion, definitely give these two a chance!

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