Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to Wine, Bark & Meow, and thank you to Cellar Gate for hosting the event! South African wines, a beautiful evening, and money raised for the wonderful animals at the shelter–I can’t think of a better combination! Below are a few of the pooches who will be benefiting from the event.

Squiggles the four-year-old Chihuahua mix is adorable. One of the staff members said that Squiggles is his favorite dog in the entire shelter–that is quite the compliment, considering there are over 100 dogs there currently! She has scoliosis, but that certainly doesn’t slow her down. Dogs are so resilient. Squiggles walks, runs, and plays like every other dog; she just looks a little different when she does it.

Squiggles Chihuahua 1

Squiggles sniffing

Squiggles currently resides in the room next to the front office, with several other dogs, so it’s a definite possibility that she could live in a home with other dogs. She was wriggling with excitement when she realized it was her turn to come outside and she led us right out the door and into the sunshine.

Squiggles Chihuahua 2

Squiggles is a little too small for a water bucket that big!

She’s a friendly little dog. We romped around the run together and I would squat down to pet her every so often. I picked her up towards the end because I thought she looked a little tired (it was hot, and she had been running like the wind!) and she was happy to cuddle in my arms. Her spine may be in a squiggly line, but she will make a wonderful companion!

Squiggles Chihuahua 3

Squiggles’ happy face

Nemo the three-year-old Shepherd/Pit Bull Terrier mix has one of the cutest faces at the shelter. He can also be quite an acrobat; his legs may possibly be made of springs. When I was at the shelter this week, though, it was far too hot to be doing all that jumping. So instead, Nemo and I took a little walk around the property.

Nemo Shepherd Pit Bull 1

Nemo enjoying the shade

Nemo wasn’t about to waste any energy. He found a cool, shady spot next to one of the bushes, pawed around in the dirt to make a nice bed, and plopped right down. He may look overly energetic when he’s inside his kennel, but when he’s out and about he’s much calmer.

Nemo Shepherd Pit Bull 2

Nemo watching the dogs and people going by

Nemo has been at the shelter for a while, so he might not know too many commands–yet. Shepherds are one of the smartest breeds, so Nemo should be able to learn quickly! And with some mental stimulation, exercise, and toys to keep him busy, he would probably be even calmer. Come say hi to Nemo!

Nemo Shepherd Pit Bull 3

Nemo is such a cutie!

Buddy the six-year-old Hound mix is fairly new to the shelter, and I have a feeling that he’ll get adopted pretty quickly. He’s a good-looking dog, has many years of experience as a pet (his owners, unfortunately, could not afford to keep him anymore), and is an affectionate guy. He was more than ready to come out and play with me.

Buddy Hound 1

Buddy is a handsome boy

Being a Hound, Buddy was very interested in sniffing and exploring the run. Considering there aren’t too many new, interesting smells inside his kennel, I sat on the bench and let him do his Hound thing. I knew that when he was ready, he would come to me.

Buddy Hound 2

Buddy using his hound nose

And he did! He bounded over with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and sat at my feet, where I praised and pet him profusely. When I stopped petting him, he hopped up on the bench next to me to make it clear that he still wanted more attention. So, of course, I continued scratching his ears. What a lovable guy. Come in soon to meet Buddy!

Buddy Hound 3

Buddy’s friendly face

The pooches at Orphans of the Storm® are looking for a new dad! Will it be you on this lovely Father’s Day?

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