Today is a big deal because Meet the Pooches now has over 30,000 views!!! Thank you so much for reading and sharing the information about these adorable adoptable pooches, and an even bigger thank you–and congratulations–to those of you who have found your furry friend at Orphans of the Storm®!

To mark the occasion, and because over 100 pooches have been profiled on here so far, I have created a new page: Success Stories. On this page, you will find the list of pooches I have written about who have since been happily adopted. This will hopefully make the Dog Profiles page easier to peruse, and highlight the dogs who are still eagerly awaiting their new forever home!

Also on the Success Stories page, you will find links to interviews with people who have adopted their pets from Orphans of the Storm®. I (and the other workers and volunteers at the shelter) always love to hear how happy these once-homeless dogs are in their new homes, so if you would like to share your adoption success story, please email and I will be happy to send you some interview questions!

Again, thank you for reading Meet the Pooches and supporting Orphans of the Storm®! The pooches appreciate it!

Fumble Chihuahua 3

Fumble says, “Don’t forget me! I’m still waiting for my forever home!”

[Side note: I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts the last couple of months. I got a full-time job (yay!), which conflicts with my shelter visiting time (boo!), but I am working on finding a new time to meet the pooches. I’ve been enjoying the many off-site events in the meantime, but I hope to return to the shelter soon!]

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