Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Will Make You Happy

Firstly, remember to Meet the Authors at Orphans of the Storm®’s fundraiser TONIGHT, October 25 at 6pm at Cellar Gate Wine Market! There’s still plenty of time to RSVP. I hope to see you there!

Now onto the pooches:

First up is Frankie, an eight-year-old Shepherd mix. What a sweet older gentleman! If you’re looking for a buddy who will enjoy taking leisurely strolls with you, Frankie would be a good choice! He is a pro when it comes to walking with someone on a leash.

Frankie Shepherd Mix 1

Frankie the handsome gentleman

Frankie is also a sweetheart. Each time I knelt down to pet him, he put his nose right in my face and sniffed with a little wag of his tail. He is a very handsome boy who would love to have a new home in which to spend his golden years.

Frankie Shepherd Mix 2

Frankie enjoying the Halloween decorations

Next up was Sassy, a four-year-old Rottweiler mix. If you love Rottweilers but think they might be too big for your current situation, Sassy is the perfect compromise! She has that great Rottweiler look, but is much smaller than average.

Sassy Rottweiler 1

Sassy loves the outdoors

Sassy isn’t sassy at all–she wants to be friends with everybody! She will come right over to you and lean against your legs until you have to stop walking and pet her. Then, as a thank you, she is very generous with her doggy kisses. Give Sassy lots of love, and she will give you even more in return!

Sassy Rottweiler 2

Sassy leading the way on our walk

Mazda the one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix has lots of energy–understandably, since she’s still in her puppy stage! Even though she’s smaller than many of the Pit mixes I’ve taken out before, she sure is strong. Once she’s outside for a few minutes and gets to stretch her legs, though, she calms down considerably. Since she’s young, she can definitely benefit from some training and will be a quick learner.

Mazda Pit Bull Terrier 1

Mazda posing for the camera

Mazda has one of the most unique looks of all the dogs at Orphans of the Storm®, and it sure is a cute one! She has big bat ears that stick straight up in the air most of the time, and an especially light-colored brindle coat. Those ears are just too precious. Mazda is ready for some new, loving playmates!

Mazda Pit Bull Terrier 2

Don’t you love Mazda’s ears?!

Sloan is a another one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier Mix, but overall she has a calmer demeanor than Mazda. She is also full of love, and her happy tail never stops wagging. Sloan is convinced that she’s a lapdog, and will try to sit in your lap as soon as you sit down. Then, she’ll give you a few doggy kisses.

Sloan Pit Bull Terrier 1

Sloan looking for a tennis ball

Sloan doesn’t just love people–she also gets along with other dogs. She and a Lab mix met each other while they were on their respective walks, and both dogs sniffed each other in a friendly way and wagged their tails. Sloan didn’t want to say goodbye! Sloan is a playful girl, too. She found a tennis ball while we were on our walk and proceeded to roll it around with her front paw. Then, she picked it up with her mouth and carried it proudly. If you’re looking for a dog who is equal parts friendly, fun, and playful, come say hi to Sloan!

Sloan Pit Bull Terrier 2

Sloan’s wagging tail

Finnigan the three-year-old Beagle mix is too adorable. He’s a little chubby at the moment, though, so he’ll need a diet and exercise. Exercise will be no problem for this guy, though, because he loves to run and play! Finnigan is the best fetch-playing Beagle I’ve met. He would run, run, run after the tennis ball and then bring it back, lay down, and chew on it. He wasn’t possessive of the ball at all–he was perfectly happy to let me pick it up and throw it again.

Finnigan Beagle 1

Finnigan’s round tummy

Finnigan loves belly rubs–and, at the moment, he has plenty of belly to rub! He also has plenty to say. Beagles are known for their melodious voices, though, so that comes with the territory of adopting one. But Finnigan is just impossible to resist–you’re sure to fall in love with him.

Finnigan Beagle 2

Finnigan playing with his toy

If you (like me) once dreamed of being Jasmine from Aladdin with a pet tiger of your own, but never found a tiger, Miaka the two-year-old Mastiff mix is about as close as you’re going to get. Not only do her brindle stripes and white toes resemble a tiger–she is also a very big girl!

Miaka Mastiff 1

The majestic Miaka

Don’t be intimidated by Miaka‘s size, though. She is a great definition of a gentle giant. She didn’t pull on the leash when I walked her; in fact, she was very good about staying right by my side. And she’ll stay by your side when you’re just relaxing around the house, too: When I sat down on a bench, Miaka put her front paws on the seat next to me and put her nose right in my face to get better acquainted. She is such a good girl!

Miaka Mastiff 2

Miaka is ready for her close-up

These six wonderful dogs, along with many others, are waiting for you at Orphans of the Storm®!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Found Their Forever Homes, Part VI

Hurray for another success story! Jean has adopted SIX dogs from Orphans of the Storm® (not simultaneously!): Labbie, Maggie, Mr. Pugley, Boo, Jack, and Diva. She has volunteered to share her stories about them, and why she keeps coming back to Orphans. Thank you, Jean!

Q: Why Orphans of the Storm®?
A: Besides helping dogs and cats, I think Orphans fills a need for the people in our community. Hang out at the office someday and watch a child adopting their first pet. What a thrill! What a memory!

I remember meeting a woman that was adopting a Cocker Spaniel, she seemed sad and lonely and I suspected her husband had died. Her four adult kids and their spouses had all come to Orphans with her to meet the new dog. Caring for the Cocker would help her take a step forward in her new life.

There was another woman who was spooked about something, not sure what, but she was adopting a dog that had been tossed by the side of the road in Lake County. I sensed that they would protect each other.

Pam picked out Maggie, a Rat Terrier, for me and my couch-potato Labbie (also from Orphans). Those two loved each other and I loved them. The miles we walked together!

I had Maggie for 10 years, and for the rest of my life I will cry when I think about her dying. But then I am reminded about the morning after she died. Labbie was gone by then and I was walking Boo (crying hard). It was late February, warmish, but huge, dark clouds were pouring giant snowflakes, and I could hardly see. I rounded the corner, towards the east, still crying, and suddenly, the clouds parted, and this huge brilliant ray of sun beamed through—and I knew that she was okay. I will be forever grateful for that moment.

I wonder sometimes if all the wonderful folks that support the animals at Orphans know how much they are helping the people in our community also.

Jean Interview Orphans of the Storm Dogs

All of Jean’s happy, adorable dogs

Q: How did you hear about Orphans of the Storm®?
A: I grew up in Lake County; I have always known about Orphans.

Q: What made you want to adopt from a shelter?
A: It’s the right thing to do; besides, I like older dogs. Finding a dog is like finding a human friend: relationship longevity works best if they dig your lifestyle. Human or dog, it take some aging to “refine” what you want out of life.

Q: Was this your first pet dog?
A: No. My first dog was Charlie, an old Beagle. We lived in Colorado. He went everywhere with me.

Q: Did you have a specific breed/age/size/other trait in mind when you first came to the shelter?
A: No. I recommend thinking carefully about your situation and asking the staff or volunteers for help. If you are honest and open your heart, the color and size (and amount of hair!) of the right companion might surprise you.

Q: How many dogs did you visit with in one of the off-leash runs before you decided?
A: It’s different with every dog. My Pugs were old, really old; Diva is almost blind. They needed a peaceful furever home; we never even went to the run. I found Jack the day I started looking. Boo took me a year to find. Labbie remembered me when I went back, and I figured heck, if I had been thinking about him and he’d been thinking about me…

Q: What sealed your decision to adopt your dogs?
A:For me, it’s an emotion. I just know and I commit.

Q: How did your dog and cat transition from shelter life to home life?
A: There were accidents and scary nights—never a problem, just a new adventure! Boo took off (shimmied under the chain link fence, I later figured out) at 10:15 at night. I drove around but it was pointless. He’d just come home with me—didn’t know me, and a brindle is impossible to see in the dark.

A noise outside my bedroom window woke me up at 2 a.m. It was Boo, he’d came back (under the chain link fence). After 4 months at the shelter, that dog needed some space to stretch, run, and sniff. I was surprised and delighted. I guess he did know me, and more importantly, he knew this was his home.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want to Cuddle

I’m celebrating a few days late, but Meet the Pooches is officially a year old! The first post was on October 6, 2011. In that time, over 100 dogs have been profiled, over 60 have been adopted into their new furever homes, plenty of off-site events have taken place, and my family welcomed an Orphans of the Storm® pooch into our home! What a great year it has been!

For those of you who are considering adding a cat to your household, this weekend is a great time to meet all of the adoptable kitties at Orphans of the Storm® because it is CATMANIA! Check out all the posts on the Orphans Facebook page for more information.

Do you love to give belly rubs? Draco the two-year-old American Bulldog mix loves to get them! When Draco and I started our walk, as soon as he was on the grass he rolled over for a belly rub. His tail was wagging like crazy and he had the happiest doggy grin on his face. You can’t help but smile back at him.

Draco American Bulldog 1

Draco resting after his walk

Draco also has lots of energy. He wanted to go in every direction at the same time while we were on our walk, and he wanted to say hello to everyone who passed by. That tail of his never stopped wagging. Draco is ready for new friends who will play with him, take him for nice walks, and give him the love and attention he deserves.

Draco American Bulldog 2

Draco smiling for the camera

I then took out two kennelmates: Astro the five-year-old Pekingese/Spaniel mix, and Ryu the four-year-old Beagle mix. Poor Astro has been at Orphans of the Storm® for a while because he’s a bit of a barker when people walk up to his kennel. Ryu, on the other hand, is very calm and wants to sniff everybody who stops to say hello.

Astro Pekingese Spaniel Ryu Beagle

Astro and Ryu ready to explore

Astro does much better when he’s out and about, which is understandable. He loved being outside and led the way during our walk. If you give Astro a chance, you might come to find that he’s the dog for you! He was perfectly willing to let Craig pick him up and hold him for a little bit. He’s just looking for the right person to snuggle with!

Astro Pekingese Spaniel 1

Astro is precious

You can’t deny that Astro is a total cutie. He had much longer fur when I first saw him at the shelter, but has since had a haircut. He looks adorable either way, but probably appreciates longer fur in the winter to help keep that little body of his nice and warm.

Astro Pekingese Spaniel Mix 2

Astro loves being out and about

I haven’t talked about any Beagles recently, but there are still a few to choose from! Ryu is a great example. It’s impossible to resist those sweet, round brown eyes. One look, and you’re sold. Ryu also likes to explore and follow his nose wherever a scent leads him (but I was still able to keep Ryu and Astro moving in generally the same direction while we were on our walk).

Ryu Beagle 1

Ryu’s adorable face

Ryu seemed a little shy at first, but he happily received a few scratches around his ears while the three of us relaxed under the shade of the tent in the middle of our walk. He came to stand next to me and watched all of the activity that was happening around us with that Beagle attentiveness. Ryu and Astro get along very well together (and Astro has had other kennelmates in the past), so they could both go to multi-dog homes.

Ryu Beagle 2

Ryu at attention

Be sure to visit the shelter this weekend to find your perfect pet!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs are Friendly Dogs

When Duke the three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix first arrived at Orphans of the Storm® a few months ago, I thought he was one of the most handsome dogs there–and he still is! When Duke is inside his kennel, he will look at you longingly as you pass because he is so ready for someone to take him home.

Duke Pit Bull Terrier 2

Duke loves going for walks

Duke absolutely loves to go for walks and be outside. He is a very, very strong boy, though, so be prepared when you first take him out. After the initial excitement of being outside wears off, Duke is a good walking buddy. In a home where he knows he will be getting regular walks, he probably won’t be quite so excitable at the beginning of each outing. If you’re looking for a big, handsome boy to walk with you around the neighborhood, Duke might just be the dog for you!

Duke Pit Bull Terrier 1

Duke being a handsome boy

Karma the one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix doesn’t particularly want to spend his younger years at the shelter. Now would be a great time for him to get into a home and get that socialization that all dogs need. Even though he’s young, Karma already knows some basic commands like “Sit” and would be happy to learn even more tricks for his new owner.

Karma Pit Bull Terrier 1

Karma relaxing in the grass

For a pooch who just finished his puppy stage, Karma is a very calm dog and does well on the leash. He can also do well with other dogs. And who can resist that sweet face and big head of his? Karma is eagerly awaiting his new forever home. Bring some good karma his way by adopting him, and you will be rewarded with a wonderful companion!

Karma Pit Bull Terrier 2

Karma being a cutie

If you love Labrador Retrievers but are looking for something a little smaller, you’d probably be very interested in meeting Daphne the two-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix. Even though she’s small, you can definitely tell that she has some Lab in her because she is such a friendly girl! She wants to say hello to all other people and dogs she comes across, and does so with a wagging tail.

Daphne Black Labrador Retriever 1

Daphne following her nose

Being part Lab, Daphne is intelligent and eager to please, which makes a great combination. Who wouldn’t be happy coming home to her cute face and wagging tail every day? Stop by the shelter and make sure to say hello to Daphne!

Daphne Black Labrador Retriever 2

Daphne’s sweet face