What a beautiful day it was at Orphans of the Storm®! Although a couple of the dogs I took out this week were a little on the shy side, there’s no doubt that they enjoyed being outside on one of the first days where it finally felt like spring!

JoJo the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is a cute little ball of energy. JoJo wants to say hello to anyone and everyone, and does so with a wagging tail. I don’t think JoJo would ever be described as shy (unlike her kennelmate, MamaMia, below). There are a few Mountain Curs in today’s post, and none of them really look alike, but all of them have happy personalities!

JoJo Mountain Cur mix 1

Cute little JoJo

JoJo definitely took the lead in where we were going to walk, and who we were going to say hello to. There was a family sitting outside with a puppy they had just adopted, and JoJo and that puppy were playing together for a little while. JoJo would do fine in a home with or without another dog, as long as she gets plenty of exercise and attention. What a little cutie!

JoJo Mountain Cur mix 2

You can’t resist JoJo’s adorable face!

MamaMia the two-year-old Labrador Retriever/Hound mix is pretty nervous in her new surroundings. She was a little hesitant to come for a walk with her kennelmate, JoJo, and would get as low to the ground as she possibly could while we were walking. MamaMia needs to know that there are people who she can trust, and people who will love her. Because what’s not to love about this sweetheart?

MamaMia Labrador Retriever Hound mix 2

MamaMia will come out of her shell after she gets some love

Even though MamaMia was scared, she was ready to snuggle with whoever gave her the opportunity. I sat down in the grass because I thought I might not look quite so intimidating then, and she curled up into my lap instantly and stayed there until I got up. She kept one of her front paws on top of my leg as if to say, “Don’t leave me!” Trust me, I didn’t want to. MamaMia is ready to give her whole heart to her new family. Will you be the lucky one who gets to bring her home?

MamaMia Labrador Retriever Hound mix 1

MamaMia just wants a lap to sit in

Kimba the three-year-old Shepherd mix comes from a family who had to move to a “no dogs allowed” place, so now Kimba is looking for a new forever family. Since she was living in a home for her first three years, it’s safe to say that she’s both housebroken and already knows some basic commands. And, as a Shepherd mix, she would be eager to learn more!

Kimba Shepherd mix 1

Kimba is one pretty pooch

Kimba, being a working breed, is pretty strong when she first gets out of her kennel. Once she was able to run off some energy, though, she was a pretty good walking buddy. I also got the impression that Kimba might like to swim. When we were in the off-leash run, she stuck one of her front paws in the water bucket and splashed around a bit, then stuck her entire face into the water bucket (completely submerged!) and then shook the water off. Is a swimming pool or doggy beach in her future? She’d love it!

Kimba Shepherd mix 2

Kimba keeping an eye on things

Carly the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is so happy and so adorable! I think I have a thing for brindle dogs. Their fur is just so beautiful. Carly was ready and rarin’ to go when she realized she was about to come out for a walk. She scampered around everywhere, always with that little nose of hers following one trail or another through the grass.

Carly Mountain Cur mix 1

Carly leading the way on our walk

Carly currently has a kennelmate (Betsy, below), so she could easily go into a home with another dog. She’s young enough that she would be able to learn the ways of a new home quickly, and this happy girl will make her entire family just as happy! If you’re interested in a little brindle beauty, come in soon to meet Carly!

Carly Mountain Cur mix 2

Carly always with her nose to the ground

Betsy the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is another one of the shy dogs I walked this week. She wasn’t too eager to get a leash put on and was a little hesitant to come out and join her kennelmate, Carly. Once she got used to the idea of being out and about, though, she warmed up quickly and wanted to say hi to the other people who were outside on this gorgeous day.

Betsy Mountain Cur mix 1

Betsy getting some sun

Betsy is a little bark-y when she’s inside her kennel, but that’s because she’s nervous and isn’t quite sure why she’s in this kennel. Once you get her outside, though, there’s no barking to be had. She plopped down in a sunny spot of grass and enjoyed getting scratched behind the ears. Betsy’s sure to brighten your day every day if you’re the one to bring her home!

Betsy Mountain Cur 2

Betsy enjoying the outdoors

I also visited with Momma, who has been a little depressed since her kennelmate Eli got adopted a few months ago. She’s wondering when it will be her turn to find a forever home! She’s usually curled up napping when I see her in her kennel, but once she’s outside she loves to run and play! Cheer this sweet girl up by welcoming her into your family!

Reebok and Molly also came outside to play with me in the off-leash run. They are both such pretty dogs. Why do they keep getting overlooked? I do not know. Molly loves to play fetch and will stretch out for a nap by your feet after she’s run off her energy. Reebok loves to get a nice scratch on the back, and even gave me a doggy kiss this time! If you’re looking for a larger dog, either one would be an excellent choice!

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