Two of the dogs I met this week at Orphans of the Storm® have since been adopted, but there are still plenty more who are ready and waiting for their new forever home!

Rafiki the four-year-old Chihuahua mix kind of looks like his namesake, with his scruffier fur (he seems to be somewhere between a short-haired and long-haired). He also is more black-and-brown than black-and-white, but I think he’s got a little bit of white on him! Rafiki was sharing his kennel with another Chihuahua (one of the two I met this week who has already been adopted), and they seemed to get along pretty well, so Rafiki could go to a home with or without another dog.

Rafiki Chihuahua mix 2

Rafiki’s cute little face

Rafiki is a friendly little guy who enjoys going for walks. He led the way as soon as he was out of his kennel and liked to see what was going on with the other people and dogs who were outside with us. Rafiki especially liked getting scratched on his itty-bitty back, close to his tail, and would prance right over and say hello whenever I knelt down to his level. If you’re looking for a little dog, come in soon to meet Rafiki!

Rafiki Chihuahua mix 1

Rafiki leading the way on our walk

Wags the four-year-old Border Collie mix sure has an appropriate name. The first time I saw him inside his kennel, his entire back half was wiggling because his tail was wagging so much. What a happy, handsome pooch! Wags was excited to have a chance to romp around in the off-leash run, but would come hurrying back to me for a nice pat on the head every so often.

Wags Border Collie mix 1

Is Wags a handsome boy or what?

Wags, being part Border Collie, would probably do best in an active home that can keep him stimulated. Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds out there, so Wags should be able to easily pick up any tricks you want to teach him, and will be an enthusiastic learner. Border Collies are also excellent at agility, though I didn’t try to get Wags to climb over the agility bridge in the run when I was with him. This happy guy will be even happier once he’s in a home with a family who loves him! Is that family yours?

Wags Border Collie mix 2

Wags being a happy boy

Nico the three-year-old Rat Terrier mix is a whole lot of cute. His markings are cute, his teeny-tiny tail is cute, the way he runs is cute–just everything is cute! Nico is currently sharing his kennel with Astro (who is SO soft and fluffy, especially now that his fur has grown out again. I just wanted to snuggle with him all day!), so Nico too could go into a home with or without other dogs.

Nico Rat Terrier mix 2

Nico’s adorable face and big ears

Nico (who has apparently been given the wrong photo on his page on the website, because that fluffy gray dog is not a Rat Terrier), being a Terrier mix, certainly has lots of energy. Although he’s small enough to be a lap dog, he seems to be more interested in running and playing. After he wears himself out, though, I’m sure he’d be happy to come cuddle in your lap. Those big ears of his would also enjoy some nice scratching from a helping human hand. What are you waiting for? Come to the shelter and meet Nico!

Nico Rat Terrier mix 1

Nico almost looks like a bunny when he runs

I also spent some quality time with brothers Wilbur and Rosco. They were so thrilled to be able to come outside and stretch their legs. If you have a nice fenced-in yard, these two big boys would love it! As with most pairs, one is more active than the other: Rosco was running laps around the yard in a spurt of joy before settling down for some petting, while Wilbur took a more casual stroll and took his time sniffing through the bushes. These two lovable guys would be so happy to find their new forever home together! If you have the space for two big dogs, consider this handsome pair.

Molly and Reebok, like last week, were ready for some exercise, too. Have I mentioned that Molly is a pro at playing fetch? She absolutely loves it. She brought me a tennis ball and set it down by my feet, then waited expectantly for me to throw it. She’ll even catch in midair! We also tossed around a Frisbee for her. You could train her to be one of those crazy Frisbee-catching dogs who do the fun tricks like jump over their owner’s back or run between their owner’s legs or something neat like that. Molly will do anything to play fetch! Reebok was more interested in watching the action than participating, and preferred to get a nice scratch on his hips. Like Wilbur, Reebok was content with following his nose and just enjoying the fresh air.

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