Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Brighten a Cloudy Day

When I visited Orphans of the Storm® this week, the first dog to greet me in the lobby was Riley the one-year-old Heeler mix, one of the newer residents of the shelter. Although I didn’t get a picture, I can tell you that this little girl is both adorable and affectionate. She curled her head right into my lap and just wanted to snuggle, even though I was a complete stranger to her! She was a great start to a great afternoon at the shelter.

Sandi the seven-year-old Labrador Retriever/Mountain Cur mix is an extremely patient dog, because she puts up with the antics of her puppy kennelmate (see below) with no complaints. This is definitely a dog-friendly–and, of course, people-friendly–pooch. Her calm demeanor means that she can get along with just about anybody.

Sandi Labrador Retriever Mountain Cur mix 1

Sandi sniffing

Sandi enjoyed following her nose around the off-leash run, but came hurrying over and put her front paws in my lap when she noticed I was down on her level. She appreciates a nice scratch behind the ears and walks well on a leash. If you’re looking for a calmer, middle-aged dog, Sandi might be just the one for you!

Sandi Labrador Retriever Mountain Cur mix 2

Sandi being a little camera shy

Clyde the one-year-old Hound mix is a little cutie patootie (and the puppy who kept jumping all over poor Sandi). He probably isn’t going to get much bigger than he currently is, which means he’s the perfect medium size–small enough to pick up if need be, but big enough to do all sorts of fun activities. Clyde still has that puppy energy, and being a Hound mix, he’ll probably be a pretty active adult dog who will enjoy going on long walks and following trails.

Clyde Hound mix 1

Clyde following his Hound nose

Clyde is the type of dog who wants to say hello to everybody. Whether it’s another dog or a person, Clyde will be there to greet them with a wagging tail. Another volunteer scooped him up and carried him around for a little while, and Clyde seemed perfectly content to rest in his arms–but once he was back on the ground, he was also perfectly content to run around and play. If you’re thinking about adding a puppy to your life, consider Clyde!

Clyde Hound mix 2

Clyde being a complete cutie

Dino the three-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix is such a good boy. When I first took him to the off-leash run, he seemed to be much more interested in exploring all the sights and smells than paying attention to me (which is often the case, so again, I highly recommend letting the dog you’re meeting run around for a bit before you try to really get to know them). Once he settled down, though, he was attached to my side.

Dino Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

Dino’s happy face

Dino loves to give doggy hugs. I ended up with muddy paw prints on my shirt, but I didn’t mind, because Dino loves to receive hugs just as much as he loves to give them. What a snuggly guy! Dino also decided that sitting between my feet was the best place for him to scope out all of the activity that was happening on the other side of the fence–clear view, with the advantage of getting a nice scratch on the head at the same time. Dino will make one loyal friend to one lucky family!

Dino Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 1

Dino investigating a bush

DixieBaker the five-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix is not quite ready to go home yet, but once she is, you’ll be fighting over her with the staff and volunteers! Everybody just loves this gentle, laidback girl. She will make an excellent walking buddy because she doesn’t pull on the leash at all and walks at a casual strolling pace.

DixieBaker Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 1

DixieBaker smiling for the camera

Once DixieBaker gets to know you a little better (and I mean just a few short minutes of interacting), she opens up a little more and shows her affectionate side. She likes to both give and get kisses. It’s easy to see why this pretty girl has stolen the hearts of so many! If you think DixieBaker might be the pooch for you, keep an eye out at the shelter for when she’ll be ready to go to her forever home.

DixieBaker Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

DixieBaker looking for her favorite volunteers and staff

Betty the five-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever mix was looking a little confused and forlorn inside her kennel, like she didn’t understand what she had done to end up there, so I thought she could use some quality one-on-one time to lift her spirits. And it worked! Although Betty was a little on the shy side when we first started our walk, by the end we were good buddies.

Betty Labrador Retriever mix 1

Betty’s pretty face

Betty is another calm, gentle dog who would make a great walking companion. And everyone in your neighborhood will stop and say how absolutely adorable her face is (that’s what happened when we were on our walk). When I would kneel down and pet her, Betty would stick her nose in my face so we could get better acquainted. Labs don’t stay at the shelter for long, so come in soon to meet Betty!

Betty Labrador Retriever mix 2

Betty enjoying her walk in the grass

Star the thirteen-year-old Rottweiler mix is looking for an extra-special home. When she first arrived at Orphans of the Storm®, she had a big lump on her shoulder. The lump was removed, and it turned out to be cancerous. Star’s motto seems to be, “So what? I still have plenty of love to offer!” and she hopes that a very loving person will take her up on that offer and give this sweet, older girl a nice home.

Star Rottweiler mix 2

Star saying, “I’m ready for my close-up!”

Since Star is definitely a senior dog, she doesn’t need too much activity. She meandered around the off-leash run but wasn’t too interested in playing fetch. She was more interested in getting a nice pat on the back or scratch under her chin. If you have more of a low-key lifestyle and are looking for a companion dog who will lay by your feet (or join you on the couch), Star could be just the dog for you. Please contact the shelter for more information on her health history.

Star Rottweiler mix 1

Star considering playing with a toy

So many pooches to choose from! Who will be your new best friend?

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