It was a warm and sunny day at Orphans of the Storm®, which can only mean one thing: bathtime! This week I was Craig’s assistant as we helped some of the dogs cool off. I was again pleasantly surprised by how well-behaved all of the pooches were. Maybe giving a dog a bath isn’t as hard as I originally thought!

Marge the one-year-old Border Collie mix is a real cutie. She seemed to be a little bit shy at first, and got a little nervous about all of the other dogs barking at her as we walked by on our way out, but she warmed up quickly. She also walked very nicely on the leash as we made our way around the shelter’s outdoor area, which is kind of surprising considering she’s still a puppy!

Marge Border Collie mix 1

Adorable little Marge

Marge has one of the cutest faces I’ve seen in a while. She’s also a little smaller than your average Border Collie, which makes her extra cute. She currently has a kennelmate, so she could go to a home with another dog, or would be happy to be the center of attention. Marge is calm and gentle, two great qualities for a companion to have. Don’t let Black Dog Syndrome stop you from adopting this wonderful pooch!

Marge Border Collie 2

Marge being a cutie

Bella the nine-year-old Boxer mix is a gentle giant. She’s one of the bigger dogs at the shelter right now, but she is an amazing walking buddy who doesn’t pull on the leash at all. Craig gave her a bath all by himself while I was walking Marge (so her fur is a little damp in these pictures), so that gives you an idea of just how well-behaved she is.

Bella Boxer mix 1

Bella being my buddy

Bella just wants to be someone’s buddy. She stuck close to my side while we were walking, and when I sat down at one of the picnic tables she sat down right next to me and put one of her paws in my lap. Bella also isn’t shy about giving doggy kisses. This good girl can’t wait to find her new furever home with a family she can shower with love and kisses!

Bella Boxer mix 2

Bella, post-bath

Lady the thirteen-year-old Shiba Inu/Labrador Retriever mix certainly doesn’t act like a senior citizen! The only hint of older age you’ll find is the bit of white fur on her face. Lady, like all of the other pooches I walked this week, does a great job walking on a leash. Since she is an older girl, though, she probably doesn’t need more than a couple casual strolls around the block every day.

Lady Shiba Inu Labrador Retriever 1

Lady’s sweet face

Lady is also a very good-looking dog. She has such an expressive face, you’ll be sure to fall in love with her at first sight. And once you get to know her sweet, gentle personality, that will just seal the deal! There aren’t too many Shiba Inu mixes that come in through Orphans of the Storm®, so if this is a breed that interests you, you should definitely come in soon! Lady is looking for a nice home in which to spend her golden years.

Lady Shiba Inu Labrador Retriever mix 2

Lady being a good walker

Mack the seven-year-old American Bulldog mix is a big sweetheart (and could also pass as Peggy‘s twin!). This poor pooch lost his home when his family had to move to an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. This means, though, that Mack is a pro when it comes to being a family dog. He’s excellent when walking on the leash and is a calm dog who seems to get along with everybody.

Mack American Bulldog mix 1

Mack smiling for the camera

Mack is also a fan of cuddling. After we were both sitting in the grass and I had been petting him for a while, he rolled over for a belly rub. (I am a huge softy when it comes to belly rubs.) When we were done with the belly rub, Mack put his big face right up next to mine and covered me in doggy kisses. This sweet boy didn’t do anything wrong to wind up at the shelter; all he’s looking for is a new family who will be able to love him and keep him furever!

Mack American Bulldog mix 2

Mack is such a happy guy!

It was also bathtime for my buddies Reebok and Molly. I just can’t praise Reebok enough. He’s such a handsome dog with that fluffy fur, and is so affectionate once he gets to know you. He has calmed down considerably since the first time I took him out, and is now great on the leash and gets so proud of himself when he climbs over the agility bridge (always stopping at the top to lick my face, of course)! He gets along great with Molly, even though she sometimes tries to hog the front of their kennel when someone comes by to greet them. And a dog like Molly would make an active family very happy. She loves to run and play fetch (as seen in this video), already knows some basic commands, and is an incredibly smart girl who could learn even more tricks in a flash.

I also stopped by to see the Big Dog Show in downtown Highland Park. Orphans of the Storm® had their tent set up in Port Clinton Square, with a few familiar faces. Ty pulled his volunteer over to me as soon as he saw me and gave me lots of welcoming doggy kisses. Half Pint was making friends with all of the other dogs at the event. Bailey, who is probably a little sad because her sister Vienna just got adopted, was being as well-mannered as always and can’t wait for it to be her turn to find a furever home.

And in case you haven’t seen the Big Dog sculptures for yourself yet, below are some pictures from around Highland Park.

The paw prints leading the way on the sidewalk:

big dog show2

Information about the Big Dog Show:

big dog show1

One of the many statues along the street:

big dog show5

A big group of the statues in front of City Hall:

big dog show4

Doggy kisses!:

big dog show3

And don’t forget: the annual Pooch Parade is coming up quick on August 3! Have you started your online fundraising page yet?

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