What a busy week it’s been on the blog, thanks to our guest post and info about the Pooch Parade! Now it’s time to meet some more pooches.

Misty the six-year-old Collie/German Shepherd mix is one pretty girl (who will look much prettier after she gets a good brushing!). If you’re looking for an intelligent pooch, look no further. Misty is a mix of two very smart breeds and if she doesn’t already know some tricks, she’ll be sure to pick them up quick. Misty was great on the leash and happy to get a chance to explore the outdoors.

Foxfire Collie German Shepherd mix 1

Misty exploring the run (and shedding…)

Misty spent the first few minutes sniffing her way around the off-leash run, but once she realized that she had a human companion she came running right over to me. When I sat down on the bench, she hopped up next to me and even put a paw in my lap before giving me a couple doggy kisses. How many favorites am I allowed to have? Misty has definitely been added to that list. She’s a sweet, gentle, well-behaved girl who is ready for her new forever home.

Foxfire Collie German Shepherd mix 2

Misty is a pretty girl

Halley the twelve-year-old Chow Chow mix probably stops everyone in their tracks because she is SO FLUFFY. It’s impossible to resist the urge to pet her. Luckily for everyone, Halley loves attention and will happily sit by your side while you pet her. I learned that she especially likes being scratched on her right hip and the side of her neck. She also enjoys being scratched on her forehead, and her little ears point in opposite directions when you do that. So cute!

Halley Chow Chow mix 1

Halley looking poised

Halley is one of the best leash-walkers I’ve met at the shelter. I thought to myself, “This is easier than walking my own dog!” This is partially due to the fact that Halley is a senior citizen and isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, but also due to the fact that Halley is an extremely gentle dog. You’ll have the best-looking dog on the block if you give Halley a home where she can enjoy some comfort in her golden years. Come in quick to meet her!

Halley Chow Chow mix 2

Halley showing off her signature blue tongue

Lucy the three-year-old Vizsla mix is a fun little girl who is full of energy. I actually thought she was a puppy when I first took her out (her kennelmate, below, is an actual puppy, so that’s probably why). Lucy was off and running as soon as she was out of her kennel, and couldn’t wait to romp around off-leash.

Lucy Vizsla mix 1

Lucy sniffing around

Lucy, aside from being energetic, is also incredibly affectionate. She loves to give doggy kisses and kept running back to me to give doggy hugs while I scratched her ears. She wasn’t too interested in playing fetch at the time, but maybe when there are less distractions (in this case, her kennelmate and another dog in the next run) she will be more eager. If you’re looking for an active pooch to keep you company on your outings, Lucy could be your girl!

Lucy Vizsla mix 2

Lucy coming in for a doggy kiss

Duke the one-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has quite a striking look–one brown eye and one blue eye! He, like his kennelmate, was ready to play as soon as he got outside and led the way to the off-leash run, where he immediately started running and playing tag with Lucy. There was no slowing down this little guy!

Duke Yellow Labrador Retriever mix 1

Duke stretching his legs

Duke also liked to give doggy kisses, but was slightly more reserved about giving them out. Instead, he would come over to me and try to climb into my lap for some snuggle-time. Labs are known for being loyal, and Duke is no exception. If you’re looking for a new playmate, come in soon to meet Duke!

Duke Yellow Labrador Retriever mix 2

Duke’s one brown eye and one blue eye

Bubba the five-year-old Rottweiler mix is a handsome boy who is much gentler than he looks. He could probably be the one walking you (instead of the other way around), but he doesn’t–he’s another great walking companion. Bubba seems to be a pretty easy-going guy who is happy to go wherever his person is going.

Bubba Rottweiler mix 1

Bubba enjoying our walk

Bubba also seems to be a volunteer favorite because of his personality. His little stub of a Rottweiler tail wags frantically whenever someone comes to say hello to him. If you’re looking for a big dog who doesn’t act nearly as tough as he looks, Bubba could be your new best friend! (And if you think the Rottweiler is a breed for you, be sure to meet Giorgio too!)

Bubba Rottweiler mix 2

Bubba wondering, “Is my furever family out there?” (Answer: Yes!)

Hugo the two-year-old Rottweiler mix is much smaller than Bubba, his fellow Rottweiler mix, but has a similar personality in that he seems to get along with everybody and everything. When I met Hugo, he had a Dachshund for a kennelmate (who has since been adopted)–and the Dachshund was absolutely tiny in comparison, but the two of them were already good buddies.

Hugo Rottweiler mix 1

Hugo too interested in following his nose

Hugo absolutely loves to get people’s attention. When some of the staff came up to greet the Dachshund (who was new to the shelter), Hugo bounded right up to the front and made sure that he got his fair share of petting, too. He’s a pretty active guy who was more interested in running than walking when we were out with a leash, so he’d love to go into an active home where he can get the perfect balance of cuddle time and play time.

Hugo Rottweiler mix 2

Hugo feeling camera-shy

As usual, I couldn’t leave the shelter before saying hi to some of my four-legged friends. I watched over Rosco and Wilbur while they ran some laps around the fenced-in yard, spent some time cuddling with Frankie and Bailey, and took walks with Bebe and Shamrock. So many great pooches in just one short afternoon!

I look forward to seeing adopted Orphans pooches and their humans at the Pooch Parade on Saturday! I always love to hear more success stories.

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