If you’re looking for a new cuddly companion, Orphans of the Storm® is the place to go!

Rufus the three-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix has officially been added to my (long) list of favorites. Not only is he super cute, he is also super lovable and cuddle-able! He was jumping up and down with excitement when he realized we were out for a walk and gave me some doggy hugs in the process. Rufus had a fair amount of energy to burn off when we first got outside, but he settled down pretty quickly.

Rufus Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix

Rufus pre-belly-rub

Rufus liked to roll over for belly rubs at any chance he could. We’d be walking along, and he’d stop and plop down and say, “Rub my belly, please!” While I was giving him these belly rubs, he would cover my entire arm and hand in doggy kisses as a thank-you. He is just so friendly! Rufus currently has a kennelmate, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Rufus’ curly tail (which my pictures didn’t capture, unfortunately) is always wagging, and he would be even happier in a home of his own!

Rufus Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

Rufus is so cute!

Harley the eight-year-old Boxer mix is the ideal companion dog. He walks incredibly well on the leash–in fact, I was able to walk Harley and his kennelmate Tilly simultaneously, and you know that means both Harley and Tilly are well-behaved if I can walk the two of them together without getting tangled!

Harley Boxer mix 2

Harley romping in the run

Harley is the type of dog who will stay by your side. Once we were inside the run, Tilly went off to sniff and explore while Harley came over to sit with me by the bench. He eventually went to do some exploring of his own, but would always come back for a reassuring pat. Harley sadly lost his home of eight years, so he knows how to be an excellent pet. And how can you possibly resist that adorable Boxer face?

Harley Boxer mix 1

Harley’s lovable face

Gypsy the seven-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix is a bit of a barker when she’s inside her kennel, but that’s probably because she doesn’t like being cooped up all the time! Even little dogs like Gypsy need their fair share of exercise. Once she was off playing inside the run, she was a happy pooch who enjoyed a nice scratch on the back. And, of course, I love the fact that one ear is up and the other is down. Too cute!

Gypsy Miniature Pinscher mix 1

Gypsy following her tiny nose

Gypsy currently shares her kennel with Rafiki and Fumble (who are both super cute and super ready to find their furever homes). She definitely does better with dogs that are more her size (she barks at larger dogs), so if you already have a small dog at home, Gypsy would fit right in! Gypsy is an adorable, playful little girl who is just waiting for someone to give her a chance. Could that someone be you?

Gypsy Miniature Pinscher mix 2

Look at Gypsy’s adorable ears!

Magic the two-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix was the most energetic dog I took out on this visit to the shelter. He was just so happy to have the opportunity to run and stretch his legs! (Which is why my pictures of him are not the best.) Magic wasn’t particularly interested in playing fetch when I took him to the run, but since he’s a Lab he’d probably pick up the game pretty quick!

Magic Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Magic loves being out and about

After Magic got the chance to run off his energy, he calmed down and became more snuggly. When I was sitting at one of the picnic tables, he put his front paws in my lap and gave me a few doggy kisses before sitting by my feet and enjoying a nice pat on the head. Stop by Orphans of the Storm® soon and feel the magic with Magic!

Magic Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Magic keeping watch

I also said hello to Rock, Ebbie, Molly and Reebok, and Wilbur and Roscoe. So many pooches!

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