Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Looking for a Valentine

Firstly, be sure to mark your calendars! The date has been set for Orphans of the Storm®’s annual benefit dinner: Monday, April 28. Stay tuned for more information. I hope to see plenty of you there!

Secondly, love is in the air at Northbrook Court for the Orphans of the Storm® Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap and Pet Showcase! Meet adoptable dogs and cats February 7-16, 12pm-6pm each day. Your new furry friend will be sure to show you what true love really is.

You can also visit the shelter every day of the week and meet these adorable pooches:

Duke the one-year-old Labrador Retriever mix (not to be confused with the other Duke I met last week, who is still looking for his forever home as well!) is a playful pup. His whole body was wriggling with excitement when he saw me come by with the leash and he couldn’t wait to get to the off-leash run and play in the snow. This is an active guy who would love to join an active family.

Duke Labrador Retriever mix puppy 1

Here comes Duke, flying through the snow!

Duke would come flying through the snow and then stop in front of me for some doggy hugs and doggy kisses. He’s still a puppy in my book, and would be eager to learn how to be the best companion possible. Duke was politely interested in the dog on the other side of the fence and didn’t do any barking except for an excited yip or two. Come in soon to meet Duke!

Duke Labrador Retriever mix puppy 2

Duke has the cutest puppy face

Big Ears the three-year-old Shepherd mix certainly has an appropriate name, with those big ears that stick straight up to the sky! Another appropriate name would be Big Sweetie, because that’s exactly what he is. Although he seemed a little nervous at first, soon enough that curly tail of his was wagging. Big Ears was a great walking buddy as we made our way to the off-leash run.

Big Ears Shepherd mix 1

Big Ears showing off his big ears

Big Ears is an affectionate guy. He likes to give doggy hugs, and don’t be surprised if he tries to climb onto your lap when you’re sitting down. Big Ears is looking for a family who will give him plenty of love, and he has more than enough love to give in return. His adorable looks and his friendly personality make him a great catch for whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. Could that be you?

Big Ears Shepherd mix 2

Big Ears coming in for a doggy kiss

Some other pooches looking for love this February are Molly (who is happy to hang out in the yard, winter or summer), Ebbie (who is looking for a nice, quiet place to enjoy her golden years), Akiva (who was built for a winter like the one we’re having right now!), Lucky (who greets the people he knows with so much excitement), Topaz (who is a world-class giver of doggy hugs), Corky (who is great on a leash and knows his basic commands), Wilbur and Rosco (who are the best brothers), and Zeus (who just wants someone to give him the attention he deserves). And, of course, there are many others! You can always check out the Dog Profiles page to see a list of adoptable dogs.

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