There are lots of new and wonderful dogs to choose from at Orphans of the Storm®! Which one will steal your heart?

Tucker the nine-month-old Mountain Cur mix is absolutely adorable. This little (big) pup doesn’t understand how he ended up at the shelter, so he was a little unsure of people at first. He also wasn’t too interested in wearing a leash–he’s a free spirit! His little tail was wagging, though, so he certainly would like to be outgoing eventually. He just has to learn that he can trust people first, and then he will be the most loyal companion.

Tucker Mountain Cur mix 1

Tucker looking a little unsure about his new surroundings

Tucker enjoyed exploring the off-leash run on his own, but as soon as I put the leash back on, he was ready to spend some time getting to know me. After I pet him a few times and he realized I was one of the good guys, he gave me some friendly doggy kisses and decided that it was best to stay close to me. Stop by the shelter soon and give Tucker the chance to show you what a sweetie he can be!

Tucker Mountain Cur mix 2

Tucker being more outgoing on his leash

Shasta the five-year-old Pointer mix (not to be confused with Shasta the Border Collie mix) is such a friendly girl. The first thing she did was give me a big doggy hug. She walked very well on the leash as we made our way to the run–but boy, once she was off the leash she was off and running! She did a few laps around the run before hopping up and joining me on the bench, where she gave my face a friendly sniff and then enjoyed getting some love and attention in the form of a good neck scratch.

Shasta Pointer mix 1

Shasta joining me on the bench for a nice pet

Shasta is most definitely a Pointer. Whenever she saw a bird land on the ground or on a lower branch of the bushes, she chased it down. She even went into that unique Pointer pose a couple of times. Shasta is also a very agile dog–she climbed up and over the agility bridge without anyone even asking her to. Shasta is a great combination of a dog who is happy to snuggle on the couch–after she gets her daily dose of fun! Come in soon to say hello to Shasta!

Shasta Pointer mix 2

Shasta looking majestic on the agility bridge

Sasha the ten-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd mix is, to quote Despicable Me, “SO FLUFFY!” She is just the cutest, fluffiest dog in the whole entire world–and, on top of that, she has the beautiful one blue eye/one brown eye combination. (That’s a trend at the shelter right now, it seems, with Elmo and Clint having the same thing!) Sasha walked really nicely on the leash, and she currently shares her kennel with another pooch, so she could go to a home with or without another dog.

Sasha Miniature Australian Shepherd mix 1

Sasha is SO FLUFFY!

Sasha is the epitome of a lapdog. I sat down on the bench to give her time to explore on her own, but she followed me right over there and rested her chin in my lap. I moved to sit on the ground and she climbed right into my lap and gave my chin lots and lots of doggy kisses. It seems like she would have been perfectly content to sit in my lap for the rest of the day! A cute, sweet, gentle, affectionate girl like Sasha won’t be at the shelter for long, so come in soon to meet her!

Sasha Miniature Australian Shepherd mix 2

Sasha’s pretty two-tone eyes

Roxy the four-year-old Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mix ended up at Orphans of the Storm® because, unfortunately, her owner didn’t have the time to take care of her anymore. The good news is that she has years of experience as a family pet and is more than ready to get a second chance at a new forever home. Roxy was super excited to come out for a walk with me. She did pull on the leash a bit at first, but once she got the chance to run off some energy, she walked much nicer on the way back to her kennel.

Roxy Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Roxy is such a pretty girl

Roxy is another dog who likes to give doggy hugs and kisses. Who could possibly say no to that face? Roxy has adorable ears that fly straight up into the air when she’s running, and a wrinkly forehead when she’s sniffing along the ground. She is a playful girl who would love to have a new owner that will give her the exercise and stimulation she needs. On your next visit to the shelter, be sure to say hi to Roxy!

Roxy Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Roxy just wants to say hello!

Sheba the one-year-old Mountain Cur mix is another puppy who isn’t quite sure what to make of being at the shelter, and therefore isn’t too sure about being taken out on the leash. We even had to pick her up and carry her through the gate to the off-leash run! All you have to do, though, is sit down on the ground and she will immediately come to you and curl up in your lap.

Sheba Mountain Cur mix 1

Sheba enjoyed sprawling in the grass

Sheba is just the sweetest little thing. After she curled up in my lap and I pet her for a while, she lifted her head up to give me doggy kisses. She was perfectly content to lay in the grass and soak up the sun, as long as I was there next to her. She may not be too fond of walking on a leash at the moment, but show her that she can trust you and she will follow you anywhere! If you’re looking for an adorable companion, come in soon to see if Sheba fits the bill!

Sheba Mountain Cur mix 2

Sheba coming in for a doggy kiss

I also saw plenty of my favorites, like Archie, Dezzie, Emerald, Hutch, Lady, Lucky, Mister, Shamrock, Tiger, Tom-Tom, Wilbur, and Winter.

This upcoming weekend is a big weekend for Orphans of the Storm®!

  • We will be participating at Angels with Tails/Gold Coast Adoption Walk on Oak Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago this Sunday, May 18 from noon-4pm. You can volunteer to transport and show off some pooches, or just join us in the city to show your support!
  • Also on Sunday, May 18 from noon-3pm is the Christensen Animal Hospital Open House in Wilmette.
  • We will also have dogs (and cats) at the Pet Showcase at Northbrook Court all weekend long, and volunteers are always welcome to help there!

Lots of chances to help, and lots of chances for happy adoptions! Please check the Orphans of the Storm® Facebook page for more detailed information.

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  1. Erika says:

    They all now have an extra special angel watching over them all, to help connect with their Furever Family.Thank You, Mary Commins!!!!!!

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