Everybody knows that puppies are cute. There’s even a show dedicated to how Too Cute puppies are. But those cute puppies all grow up, and get older, and eventually become senior dogs who are just as deserving of a happy home. I started going through the Dog Profiles page to pick some seniors to highlight who have been at Orphans of the Storm® for a while now, and it turns out that there are many! Why do they keep getting looked over? Some Orphans of the Storm® seniors are just looking for a nice, soft bed where they can relax in their new loving home; others would make you believe that they’re much younger because of how active they still are. So whatever activity level or personality you’re looking for, you can be sure that an Orphans of the Storm® senior dog has it!

(Note: The dogs below are listed in the order they arrived at the shelter, so longest residents at the top and dogs who haven’t been there as long at the bottom.)

Ebbie the thirteen-year-old Shepherd mix is currently Orphans of the Storm®’s longest resident. In fact, when she first arrived at Orphans of the Storm®, she wasn’t even a senior! I walk Ebbie almost every week now, and she is such a sweetie. Her legs are a little stiff, but she still enjoys spending time outside and sniffing around in the grass. She doesn’t need long walks, just a little bit of fresh air. Mostly she would enjoy having a comfy bed and a loving companion.

Ebbie Shepherd mix new


Akiva the ten-year-old Husky mix has been one of the prettiest dogs at the shelter since she arrived several years ago. I thought she would have been adopted in a heartbeat, but an incontinence condition has kept people from seriously considering her. Dogs like Akiva are the reason they created doggy diapers, though! The best time I had Akiva was last winter. She had a great time playing in the snow (of course, being a Husky) and loved trying to catch snowballs in midair. You can have fun with her all year round if you bring her home!

Akiva Husky mix new


Wilbur and Rosco the nine-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix brothers are just the best. Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that Wilbur is my favorite, favorite dog in the entire shelter, and Rosco is a great dog too. You don’t necessarily have to adopt the two brothers together, but it would be nice! Wilbur is more on the mellow side, enjoying casual strolls and laying in the grass. Rosco, on the other hand, loves to run laps around the yard and play. Rosco is also very well-behaved: when the other volunteers and I open his kennel for him to come out, he waits until the leash is on before bounding out the gate. They are both lovebugs waiting for a happy home.

Rosco Pit Bull Terrier Mix 1


Wilbur Pit Bull Terrier Mix 1


Lucky the nine-year-old Border Collie mix still has plenty of energy, and he’s such a handsome boy too! I used to walk Lucky pretty regularly, and he loves giving doggy hugs. Lucky also used to share his kennel with another senior dog who has since been adopted, so we know that he can do well with other dogs. Lucky absolutely loves getting attention and will stay by your side as long as you’re petting him. Why wouldn’t you want a lovable fluffball?

Lucky Border Collie mix 1


Lady the thirteen-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shiba Inu mix was THIS close to going to her forever home–but then we found out that she doesn’t get along with cats, and unfortunately the home she was about to go to had some. So now Lady is still waiting for the perfect family to find her. Lady definitely does not act like a thirteen-year-old, as demonstrated when she comes bounding out of her kennel. But she does settle down and walk very nicely on the leash after that. All Lady is asking for is to be the only pet in her home, so she can relax and enjoy her golden years.

Lady Shiba Inu Labrador Retriever 1


Tom-Tom the nine-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is another favorite of mine. I have heard him referred to as a potbellied pig and a hippo because of his absolutely adorable looks. Tom-Tom is another senior dog who doesn’t really act like it. He’s happy to run a couple of laps around the yard and jumps up to give doggy hugs like nobody’s business. And he’ll try to cover your face with doggy kisses while he’s at it because he is such a lover. Tom-Tom has a huge head with the sweetest face that is guaranteed to make you smile when you see him. Now it’s his turn to smile by getting adopted into a new forever home!

Tom Tom Pit Bull Terrier mix 2


Shard the ten-year-old Shepherd mix isn’t up for adoption at the moment, but you can certainly start to express an interest now and keep checking back at the shelter to find out when he’ll be ready to go to his new home. Shard is great at walking on the leash and he is also super gentle. He knows that he can make a great companion; he’s just waiting for the right family to give him that opportunity. He loves to snuggle and will give you doggy kisses of gratitude when you pet him.

Shard German Shepherd mix 2


Shogun the twelve-year-old Labrador Retriever mix was adopted from Orphans of the Storm® several years ago, but his adopted family could no longer take care of him, so now he’s back and looking for his third chance at a happy life. Shogun still has plenty of energy, especially for a dog his age. He will certainly be happy to take the lead on any walks you go on, and he will be equally happy to join you for some TV-watching as long as you’re scratching his back.

Shogun Labrador Retriever mix 2


Cody the nine-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has a similar story to Shogun’s: he was adopted a few years ago (I knew him back during his first time at Orphans of the Storm®), but his family couldn’t take care of him anymore. Cody is about as perfect as you’re going to get. He loves other dogs and people of all ages. He’s slowed down a bit in his old age and doesn’t jump up for doggy hugs as much as he used to, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less loving. I was ready to bring him home myself three years ago when I first met him, and he’s still that same great pooch today.

Cody Labrador Retriever mix


Colby the ten-year-old Shepherd/Basset Hound mix is another fun-looking mix, like Tom-Tom. He is very gentle and easy-going–a good leash-walking companion. He currently shares his kennel with another dog, so he could go to a home with or without a furry friend. Colby would rather have you think that he’s ten years young, rather than ten years old, and he’ll be happy to show you why when you come in and spend some time with him.

Colby Shepherd Basset Hound mix 2


How’s that for a comprehensive list? And I didn’t even include the eight-year-olds, of which there are plenty! Orphans of the Storm® has such a variety of breeds, sizes, and personalities, even just among the senior dogs. So on your next visit to the shelter, please consider adopting a senior. They will truly appreciate it!

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  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for promoting the seniors …Sue Pomerantz Sent from my iPad


  2. meow0 says:

    do Wilbur and Tom-tom get along??
    Seniors ROCK!!

  3. Brad says:

    Any news on Peggy?? I know she has been at the shelter for some time.

    • Peggy has been at the shelter for far too long. She even went to training boot camp to learn some doggy manners–who wouldn’t want a fully trained dog? And she is super affectionate. Still looking for her “furever” home!

  4. […] of the Storm® are ready to celebrate all month long with plenty of adoptions! I compiled a list of Senior Dogs just a couple of months ago, but there are new dogs to be added to that list–and, I’m […]

  5. Kelso says:

    I love all senior dogs. They will always have a special place in my heart and make me tear up. Keep showin’ em off, they’re are so beautiful. Id love to have any of them. Sure do miss my senior dog. Any way to donate?

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