It was the first snow-less day at Orphans of the Storm® in a long time, and the dogs were happy to be out and about without fear of snowy paws!

Rusty the two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is a fun, good-natured boy. He’s strong, but even so, he walks well on a leash and seems eager to please people. Rusty kept to himself for the first few minutes we were in the off-leash run, but he soon realized that I was there to cuddle and play with him. Rusty loves getting a good scratch on his hips and will gladly stay by your side as long as you’re petting him.

Rusty Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix 1

Rusty looking dapper

Rusty also enjoys playing with toys. He found a seahorse-shaped squeaky toy and proudly carried it around. He was also good at fetching it, and didn’t seem to get possessive over the toy. Once Rusty gets to know you, he will shower you with affection, including lots of doggy hugs and doggy kisses. If you’re looking for a happy and playful new companion, come in soon to meet Rusty!

Rusty Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix 2

Rusty loved playing with his seahorse toy

Nutmeg the one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix still looks and acts like a puppy, meaning she is both adorable and exuberant. She was literally jumping up and down in excitement when I came over to her kennel with the leash. Nutmeg will need a bit of leash training from her new family, because right now she likes to think that the leash is a tug-of-war toy.

Nutmeg Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Nutmeg is a playful little girl

Nutmeg had a good time exploring the off-leash run and keeping an eye on the birds that were hiding in the bushes. After she had the chance to stretch her legs, she came over to me and attempted to climb into my lap so we could snuggle. She gave me some happy doggy kisses in the process, her tail wagging the entire time. Nutmeg knows she would be a great addition to someone’s home. If you think that someone could be you, stop by the shelter to meet Nutmeg!

Nutmeg Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Nutmeg coming over to cuddle

Oak the ten-year-old Shepherd mix could definitely use some cheering up right now. He lost his home and is hoping that someone new will welcome him into theirs. Oak is a senior dog, so that means he is extremely mellow and easy to get along with. He walks well on the leash and enjoys the outdoors.

Oak Shepherd mix 1

Oak is very regal

Oak is probably one of the best-looking dogs at the shelter at the moment. He is so soft and fluffy, with really beautiful coloring. He enjoys a good petting, and you will certainly enjoy petting him! Oak has a bit of a stiff leg, but that doesn’t stop him from getting around just fine. If you’re looking for a calm, gentle dog to be your new companion, come in soon to see if Oak is the one for you!

Oak Shepherd mix 2

Oak’s fluffy fur makes him an ideal snuggle buddy

Tulip the five-year-old Chow Chow mix is a little nervous right now. She was abandoned by her previous owners and has had it a little rough, based on the burs and matting you can find in her fluffy fur. But after a few minutes of gentle petting and soothing words, Tulip started to warm up and that tail started to wag. (Regarding the drool in Tulip’s pictures, I think it was mostly because she was nervous.)

Tulip Chow Chow mix 1

Tulip also knows all about being fluffy

Tulip, despite her hardships, is pretty easy to get along with. She walks well on the leash and she’s currently sharing her kennel with another dog, so she could go to a home with or without a furry friend. This sweet girl just wants to love and be loved in return, which really isn’t asking for much. Stop by the shelter soon to meet Tulip!

Tulip Chow Chow mix 2

Tulip was smiling by the end of our visit

During this visit, I re-fell in love with Clint (not that I had fallen out of love with Clint, but I just hadn’t spent time with him in a while). Clint is the pooch sharing his kennel with Tulip, so I took them both out simultaneously. When I sat down on the ground, Clint came right to me and rolled over for a belly rub. He then rested his head on my legs and promptly fell asleep. I haven’t seen such a content look on a dog’s face in a long time. If you’re looking for a snuggly lapdog, look no further than Clint!

Clint Basset Hound mix 3

Clint, happy as a clam

I also saw Tucker, Tom-Tom, Skipper, Sandy, Roxy, Honey Lamb, Diamond, Courage, Boston, Blush, and Bella.

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