When I turned onto Riverwoods Road around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, I could immediately see that this wasn’t going to be an average day at Orphans of the Storm®! The visitor parking lot was full and cars were parked along the side of the road as far as the eye could see. I turned onto Saunders Road, where the second parking lot was also full and cars were lined up on both sides of the road. I parked a ways away and made my trek back to the entrance gate, which was decorated with a banner and balloons. It was the official Clear the Shelters day, and Orphans of the Storm® was hoping to do just that!

Orphans of the Storm Clear the Shelters 2

There was no doubt as people drove by that it was a special day!

Orphans of the Storm Clear the Shelters 3

All of the animals were ready and eager to find their furever home

I had never seen so many dogs being walked simultaneously! It was a bit overwhelming, but in the best way. Even though the shelter had been open for less than an hour, there were already plenty of “ADOPTED! :-)” signs written on individual kennels. I saw many potential adopters with lists in their hands, keeping track of which dogs they were interested in walking. There were a few instances where a dog had already been adopted, but the great thing was that there were still so many wonderful dogs to choose from!

There were several tents set up at the shelter, including a tent with staff from the Ruth Helen Wolf Animal Clinic, which is where the dogs and cats from the shelter go for their spay/neuter and any other medical needs before heading to their furever home.

Orphans of the Storm Clear the Shelters 1I spent my time helping take dogs out to meet potential adopters, and also made sure to stop and talk to people who were with dogs I had already profiled here to tell them what a good dog they were walking. When I left the shelter a little after 2, over 30 dogs had already been adopted.

In total, 57 (yes, 57!) dogs were adopted over the weekend, along with 48 cats. That’s over half of the dogs who were at Orphans of the Storm®! If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to visit the Orphans of the Storm® Facebook page to see the photos that have already been shared by the happy adopters and adoptees. It’s safe to say that Clear the Shelters was a success–not only at Orphans of the Storm®, but around the entire country. According to NBC, nearly 20,000 dogs and cats were adopted over the weekend.

I have to give a special hurray to Shamrock, who was actually adopted the day before Clear the Shelters. Shamrock was not only the shelter’s longest long-timer (she had been at Orphans of the Storm® since 2006!), but she was also the very first dog I walked and profiled here. There were several other long-timers adopted over the weekend, which is extra exciting.

If you weren’t able to make it to Orphans of the Storm® this past weekend, don’t feel like you missed out! There are still over 50 dogs waiting for their turn at a new, happy life. Some long-timers who are still available for adoption are:

There will always be good dogs looking for good homes, so if this weekend wasn’t the right time for you to adopt, don’t worry! When the time is right for you, there will be the perfect pooch ready and waiting to join your family.

Thank you to all of the staff, volunteers, and especially the adopters who made Clear the Shelters such a success! We love to get updates on our dogs and cats, so if you would like to share your Orphans of the Storm® Success Story, please email meetthepooches@gmail.com.

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