The new Orphans of the Storm® woodland preserve and walking trail is officially open! Of course, who would I take for my first walk there other than my best walking buddy, Blush? Check out the video below to see how nice and tranquil this new space is. And also notice how much Blush’s tail is wagging! She absolutely loved it.

And here are some new pooches who would also be happy to join you for a walk!

Barney the three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is such a friendly guy. When he realized that it was his turn to come outside, you could just see him thinking, “Oh boy!” His tail was wagging, but he still stayed pretty calm while he got the leash put on. Barney is a big boy, so he’s pretty strong and doesn’t mind leading the way on walks. When we got to the off-leash run, Diamond was already occupying the second one, and she and Barney sniffed each other politely through the fence.

Barney Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix 1

Barney saying hello to Diamond

Barney is a very attentive boy. He was always looking through the fence to see what was happening. When it was time to get his official portrait for the Orphans of the Storm® website, it was a little challenging to get him to focus on the camera because he was too busy paying attention to everything else going on! Barney is an affectionate boy, too. He joined me on the bench for a while and enjoyed getting a good scratch on his hips and back. Come in soon to see if Barney is the companion for you!

Barney Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix 2

Barney has such a lovable face

Chanel and Gucci the eleven-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mixes make for a super adorable pair. I originally thought they were brother and sister, but apparently they are boyfriend and girlfriend! Either way, they need to be adopted to the same home. You might think that eleven is pretty old, but for dogs as small as Yorkies it really isn’t. You would never guess that they’re into double-digits when you interact with them.

Chanel Yorkshire Terrier mix 1

Chanel is so precious

Chanel, the girl with brown-and-silver fur, seems to be the more adventurous one. She was romping and exploring and doing her own thing while we were in the off-leash run. She even jumped up on the bench a few times, which I thought was going to be too big of a leap. But Chanel still enjoys having a person nearby, and climbed into my lap at one point for a quick cuddle session. She also had no problems with me picking her up when it was time to go back inside her kennel.

Chanel Yorkshire Terrier mix 2

Chanel knows she looks good

Gucci, the boy with the brown-and-black fur, seems a little calmer. He would come back to me for a reassuring pat on the back every few minutes. When Chanel hopped onto the bench, Gucci kept his four paws on the ground. Gucci wanted to say hello to anybody we passed while we were on our walk.

Gucci Yorkshire Terrier mix 1

Gucci is too cute to handle

These two pooches are too cute to pass up! If you’re thinking that two dogs might be too much for you, consider the fact that even if you combined Gucci and Chanel, they would still be smaller than most dogs 🙂 They’ve spent their whole lives together and are looking for a new, happy home that will love them both. Stop in soon to say hello!

Gucci and Chanel Yorkshire Terrier mixes

Gucci wondering how Chanel got to be so tall

Opa the ten-year-old Mountain Cur mix may be older and have some gray fur on his face, but don’t let that deter you. Opa still has plenty of spunk! (Appropriately, “opa” is what people say during Greek celebrations and dances.) Believe it or not, this little guy with his little legs can hop over a fence! So, if you adopt Opa and have a backyard, it would probably be a good idea to supervise him, at least in the beginning while he’s still getting used to his new surroundings.

Opa Mountain Cur mix 1

Opa loves going for walks

Opa is an affectionate boy who likes to cuddle. Whenever I knelt down next to him, he put his front paws in my lap and gave me doggy kisses. Opa is an excellent walking buddy who rarely pulled on the leash. He seems like a pretty happy, easy-going dog whose tiny tail wags the majority of the time. All Opa needs is a new, loving family who will help him enjoy his golden years! Come in soon if you think that might be you.

Opa Mountain Cur mix 2

Opa also enjoys being a lapdog

Orville the ten-year-old Husky mix is a sweetheart. I wanted to take him out this week because he looked rather forlorn inside his kennel when I first walked past, and thought he could use some quality one-on-one time to cheer up. And cheer up he did! Orville had a good time hanging out in the off-leash run, following his nose and doing some exploring.

Orville Husky mix 1

Orville is so fluffy

Orville is smaller than your average Husky, but his fur is just as soft and fluffy as you would expect. Since he’s getting up there in years, he doesn’t need too much activity to keep him happy–just some nice walks around the neighborhood a few times a day. Orville is very easy to walk on the leash and is a gentle boy overall. On your next visit to the shelter, be sure to say hi to Orville!

Orville Husky mix 2

Orville was interested in the camera

I also saw Bear, Bella, Lexi, Nana, Roxy, Scotty, Zoey, and Zola.

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