When you adopt a pet from Orphans of the Storm®, that cat or dog is going to brighten your day every day! But the holidays are an especially nice time to have some extra cheer. The three dogs I met this week will have no problem putting a smile on your face.

Spade the two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is a cutie. His light brown eyes really jump out at you from the black fur on his face, so you won’t be able to resist saying hello! Spade was a little shy at first, but he walked nicely on the way to the off-leash run and he even sat down next to me and waited patiently while I took his leash off (unlike most dogs, who try to run free before I can even close the gate behind us!).

Spade Labrador Retriever mix 1

Spade showing off his black “mask”

Spade spent the first couple of minutes exploring on his own, but he came back to me soon enough so I could pet him. He gave me a few doggy kisses in return. Spade joined me on the bench briefly, so there’s a good chance there is some couch-cuddling in store for his future owners. Spade seems like a pretty calm and easy-going guy. Stop by the shelter soon to say hello to Spade!

Spade Labrador Retriever mix 2

Spade is such a handsome boy

Weezie the nine-year-old Chow Chow mix was adopted from Orphans of the Storm® when she was just a puppy. Now she’s back and ready for a second chance at a forever home where she can spend her golden years. She has a lifetime of experience as a family pet; she’s house-trained and knows some basic commands. Weezie is pretty nervous inside her kennel (understandably, since she’s used to being in a home) but she really perks up once she’s out and about.

Weezie Chow Chow mix 2

Weezie coming over for a scratch on the back

Weezie, being an older dog, has some knee issues. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the outdoors! She’s happy to go on short walks or spend time hanging out in the yard. There were a few times while we were together when she simply sat by my feet and enjoyed a good scratch on the top of her head between her ears. The cutest/funniest thing Weezie did was that when I went to take her for a walk, she was in the middle of chewing on a bone. I thought she had carried it with her, but it turned out that she sneakily hid it outside her kennel and when I went to put her back, she went straight to the spot she hid it, picked it back up, and continued to chew it after she was back in her kennel. So resourceful! Come in soon to meet Weezie.

Weezie Chow Chow mix 1

Weezie is ready for a new life on the other side of the fence

Tweetie the ten-year-old Beagle mix is one of those pooches who will make you say “Aww” when you see her, particularly if you have a soft spot for older dogs and/or dogs who are slightly overweight. Tweetie has a bit of a tummy that could probably be worked off once she’s in a home where she gets to go for regular walks multiple times a day. The good news is she loves going for walks!

Tweetie Beagle mix 2

Tweetie is a sweetie!

Tweetie may have gray fur on her face, but she certainly doesn’t act like a senior. We headed straight for the woodland preserve walking trail and Tweetie led the way. When Tweetie wanted to follow her nose off into the bushes but I kept her on the trail, she voiced her opinion with a short howl. Tweetie was previously sharing her kennel with another Beagle mix who has since been adopted, so she could go to a home with or without another dog. Stop by soon to see if Tweetie is the pooch for you!

Tweetie Beagle mix 1

Tweetie enjoying the fresh air

I also saw Bear, Blush, and Duke.

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