What better way to start of the holiday week than with an Orphans of the Storm® success story! Cathy adopted Sweetie, who now goes by the name Coco Chanel, earlier this month. Here is what Cathy has to say about her new family member:

I went to Orphans of the Storm® “just to look” and was instantly smitten with Sweetie. She is only 8 lbs and would have had a hard time with the cold weather in her kennel! Luckily we were a match made in heaven and I brought her home within an hour of meeting her. Her new name reflects her princess-like personality; she’s already shown my two cats who is boss even though they both weigh twice as much as she does. Here she is celebrating Christmas and just chilling with her new mom. Coco is a real winner!




Thank you for sharing your adoption success story (and adorable pictures!) with us, Cathy!

If you would like to have your own success story shared on the blog, please email meetthepooches@gmail.com.

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  1. pete says:

    That is so great merry Christmas and happy New year

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