One of the benefits of going to a shelter to find your next family member is that there is so much variety! At Orphans of the Storm®, you can find dogs of all shapes and sizes. This week I walked some dogs who are on the smaller side, and they are all adorable!

Roxy the ten-month-old Hound/Beagle mix (not to be confused with the other Roxy) has plenty of puppy energy. The off-leash runs were occupied when I took her out, so instead we headed for the walking trail which, in Roxy’s case, was more of a running trail! We ran around the first half or so and then stopped at one of the benches, where Roxy enjoyed poking her nose in the bushes and last few bits of remaining snow.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Roxy Hound 1

Roxy doesn’t mind the snow

Roxy walked a bit better once she got that initial burst of energy out of her system. We stopped a little farther along the trail so I could scratch under her chin, and she gave me a little doggy kiss in return. Roxy loves getting attention just as much as she loves playing. Roxy also likes other dogs, though sometimes she can get extra-excited and bark at them, saying, “Play with me! Play with me!” A cute little puppy like Roxy won’t be at the shelter for long, so come in soon to say hello!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Roxy Hound 2

Roxy was feeling adventurous

Chalito the two-year-old Beagle mix is super cute. There were several potential adopters who asked me, “Which one is that?” while I was out with him because he was catching everyone’s eye. Chalito seems like a pretty easy-going pooch. He walked nicely on the leash and took his time meandering around the off-leash run, just enjoying being outside.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Chalito 1

Chalito following his Beagle nose

Chalito can also be pretty snuggly once you get to know him. He came up to me after a few minutes and leaned against my legs while I pet him, and didn’t seem to have any interest in moving from his comfy position. Chalito is currently sharing his kennel with another dog, so he could go to a home with or without another furry friend. Stop by the shelter soon to meet Chalito!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Chalito 2

Chalito is a cute little boy

Peanut the three-year-old Chihuahua mix will immediately make you smile because his ears are about two sizes too big for his little head. Peanut was a little nervous at first and not too eager to have his leash put on, but we soon got moving and made our way to the off-leash run. Peanut stopped a couple of times along the way to voice his opinion but overall he walked pretty well on the leash.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Peanut 1

Peanut showing off his giant ears

Peanut is very cuddly. I sat down on the ground so I could be closer to his level, and he climbed right into my lap and gave me lots of doggy kisses. We probably could have stayed like that all afternoon. Peanut also doesn’t mind being picked up, though I’m not sure how he feels about heights (he wasn’t too excited to be up on the bench to get his portrait for the website). Peanut is currently sharing his kennel with fellow Chihuahua Mimi, so he could go to a home with another dog. If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly companion, come in soon to meet Peanut!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Peanut 2

Peanut will never be far from your lap!

I also saw Angel, Barney, Blush, O’Shea, and Winter. I didn’t feature Winter when I wrote about some of the shelter’s long-timers at the end of 2015 (see Part I and Part II), so I’m going to write about how wonderful she is here! Winter was already hanging out in the off-leash run when I got to the shelter this week. I let myself into the run and Winter came when I called her, put her front paws in my lap, and covered my face with doggy kisses. Winter is one of the most affectionate dogs at the shelter. We then went for a walk around the woodland trail and she had perfect leash manners. (She sometimes likes to play tug-of-war with the leash when she first gets out of her kennel, but I doubt she would do that in a home when she gets regular walks throughout the day.) Winter would need to be the only dog in her new home, but she is such a sweetheart with people. And she loves to learn and play! When we had the agility bridges at the shelter for a while, Winter loved going up and over. Winter has been waiting a long time for the perfect person to come in and find her. Maybe that perfect person is you!

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