Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Found Their Forever Home, Part XIII

I’m happy to share another success story! Michael and Wei adopted Willie the Beagle mix and have their story and some adorable pictures to share.

If you would like to share your own Orphans of the Storm® success story here on the blog, please email meetthepooches@gmail.com.

Here is what Michael had to say:

I wanted to let everyone know Willie is doing great in his new home. We adopted Willie on December 23, 2015.

Willie free

Willie on his car ride home for the first time

We first went into Orphans sometime in October just browsing and considering a second dog for company to our young puppy Oreo (also a rescue but from WrightWay).

Willie wakeup

Willie and Oreo waking up in the morning

We saw Willie, and he was so adorable! We took him out for a walk and discovered he was having issues with one of his rear legs. It made us so sad to see him limping along on 3 legs! But he was so eager to walk and enjoy the fresh air it broke our hearts to put him back inside. We weren’t sure if we could handle two dogs, so we opted to consider it for a while and also allow some time to diagnose more of what was wrong with his leg.

Willie sigh

Willie lives in comfort now

Over the next few weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor guy stuck in the shelter. I went back about 4 weeks later, and he was still there. I walked in and he was in the office area behind the door. He saw me and instantly jumped up and came to the door, almost like he remembered who I was. He stood on the other side looking up at me through the glass with his tail wagging, and I knew at that point I had to take him home! A little convincing to Wei and she agreed.

Willie gettingaquainted

Willie and Oreo getting acquainted

It took a few additional weeks to sort out his medical issues, but we were finally able to bring him home on December 23. The whole ride home he kept looking at me and reaching out for me with his paw…he seemed to know he was rescued! He’s been a wonderful addition to our family and we’ve been giving him plenty of exercise. His leg seems to be all better now and he really enjoys running. I’ll take him for a nice run everyday, and it’s at the point where when I get the leash, he starts jumping up and down in excitement to go for the run.

Willie fire

Willie and Oreo enjoying the fireplace

He has become best friends with our younger Oreo. The two are almost impossible to separate, often sleeping next to each other and playing together. They are the perfect partners in crime, having managed to destroy more than a few soft toys–often working together on the same toy.

Willie teamwork

Willie and Oreo have great teamwork

He’s completely spoiled, but we figure that’s okay–we’re just making up for him the time he spent at Orphans. He likes to sleep on the bed curled up right alongside either Wei or me.

Willie OnbedwithWei

Willie in bed with Wei

Hope you enjoy–we are certainly enjoying Willie.

Thank you, Michael and Wei, for sharing your story and pictures with us!

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