Orphans of the Storm® will be closed on Monday for Memorial Day, but you can still come in this weekend to find your new best friend! There are dogs big and small, older and younger, all ready to head home with you.

Brutus the two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is a handsome and fluffy boy. He was very excited to come out for a walk and was happy to lead the way. He pulled on the leash a bit at first, but we soon found a walking pace that worked for both of us and enjoyed making our way around the woodland preserve trail. Brutus is definitely a sniffer. His nose was either along the ground, in a bush, or at the base of a tree trunk.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Brutus Yellow Lab 1

Brutus has such a sweet face

Brutus will gladly take a break from that to snuggle with you, though! He gave me a few doggy kisses while I was taking his picture. When we got towards the end of the trail, we stopped by a bench and Brutus stood next to me while I pet him. He particularly enjoys getting his hips scratched and does a little dance. He’ll also lean his head into your hand while you scratch his ears and neck. Brutus gets along with adults and children alike, so if you’re looking for a family companion, come in soon to meet him!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Brutus Yellow Lab 2

Brutus following his nose

Randy the three-year-old Terrier mix is always on the move. He could barely contain his excitement when he realized it was his turn to go out and was jumping up and down inside his kennel. Many of my pictures of Randy are just a brown blur because he thought he had more important things to do than stand still and get his photo taken! I wish I had gotten better pictures, though, because Randy is super-cute with his oversized ears.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Randy 2

Randy on the move

Randy has that signature Terrier spunk. He was always exploring and kept a close eye on the people and dogs we passed. He took the lead on our walk and probably was wishing I would walk faster to keep up with him! Eventually he slowed down long enough for me to scratch his chin, but we were off again soon after. Randy is a bit on the skinny side right now, so his new family can certainly spoil him with plenty of treats when he gets home. If you’re looking for lots of personality in a small package, come in soon to meet Randy!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Randy 1

Randy says, “Please try to keep up!”

Lucy the fourteen-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is in a particularly sad situation because her original owner became homeless and could no longer take care of her. Nothing would make Lucy’s golden years shine even brighter than joining a new home! She may have a mostly gray snout, but Lucy certainly does not act like a senior. She hopped right out of her kennel and was ready and rarin’ to go on our walk.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Lucy SBT 1

Lucy smiling for the camera

Lucy is super adorable. She’s much smaller than most dogs in her breed and has these big bug eyes (which I mean as a compliment). Lucy is an affectionate girl. She hopped up on the bench next to me–again, not very elderly-like–and gave me lots of kisses while I pet her. Then we just sat next to each other for a few minutes, enjoying the sun and the fresh air. If you’ve been thinking about opening your home to a senior, stop by soon to see if Lucy is the one for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Lucy SBT 2

Lucy loves being with people

I also saw Blush, Courage, Diamond, O’Shea, Weezie, and Zoey.

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