Even though I checked the radar and thought we would get some dry time, it ended up raining (sometimes pouring) the entire time I was at Orphans of the Storm® this week. Some dogs mind the rain less than others, though, so I was able to at least take a couple new dogs out for a walk.

Miller the seven-year-old Pug mix ended up at the shelter because his original owner could no longer take care of him. Sadly, Miller is very overweight–but, on the bright side, that really doesn’t seem to slow him down. He still enjoys going for walks and being outside. If you adopt Miller, it would be a good idea to talk to your vet about the best diet and exercise routine to help him shed all the extra weight.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Miller 1

Miller has that adorably wrinkled Pug face

Miller is a pretty easy-going, mellow guy. He walks nicely on the leash and doesn’t seem to get overly excited when other dogs are around. There were about five person-and-dog pairs all huddled under the tent together when the rain started coming down, and Miller just did his own thing. Pugs are a popular breed these days and make good family dogs. If you’re able to take home a dog that needs some extra TLC, come in soon to meet Miller!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Miller 2

Help Miller look less like a pig and more like a pug!

Renji the two-year-old Rottweiler mix is a handsome boy with a good amount of energy. He’s not too exuberant to be challenging, but he’s always up for going for a walk and exploring. Renji had been watching me last week with a “When will it be my turn?” expression, so he was at the top of my list this week. We headed straight to the woodland preserve, where Renji had a great time following his nose and poking around the bushes and tall grass.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Renji 1

Renji loved romping in the grass

Renji walked nicely on the leash for the most part, though he did occassionally get a burst of energy and sprint ahead for a few feet before slowing down again. When I knelt down next to him, he touched my nose with his nose and also licked my hand a bit. Renji would do best as the only dog in his new home. His breed is also known for needing a strong-willed owner who will be the boss, rather than letting the dog (in this case, Renji) be the boss. If you’re looking for an active new companion, stop by the shelter soon to see if Renji is the dog for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Renji 2

Renji goes where his nose leads

I also saw Diamond, Duke, Festus, Lucy, the other Lucy, Molly, Scotty, and Weezie.

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  1. Brad Shaffer says:

    Any info on Heidi or Roxy?

  2. […] already been adopted, so if you only have room for one big dog at the moment, now is a good time!), Miller, Molly (who greeted me with a big doggy hug and doggy kisses), Trixie, and […]

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