Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Have a Snow Day

Another day of snow meant another day of fun with the dogs at Orphans of the Storm®!

Lightning the six-year-old Golden Retriever mix fits his breed description well because he just loves being with people. Lightning is a big fan of giving doggy hugs: I got one when I first took him out of his kennel, got another when I told him we were going for a walk around the trail, got a third when we finished our walk around the trail, and got one more at the very end when I was trying to put him back in his kennel (he wanted to stay outside with me instead).

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Lightning 1

Lightning enjoying a snuggle session

Lightning enjoyed romping in the snow and didn’t even mind when he ended up with a big clump of it on the tip of his nose. He snuggled with me for a bit when we were in the off-leash run and gave me a few doggy kisses. When we got to the woodland preserve, Lightning was off and running. We ran almost the entire way around, with just a few pauses to sniff. If you’re looking for a fun and active companion, come in soon to meet Lightning!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Lightning 2

Lightning was happy about the snow

Geraldine the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is very cute and very sweet. She waited patiently for the leash to be put on, but as soon as the kennel gate opened, she was ready to go! Geraldine also wanted to run the entire way around the woodland preserve. (I’m not sure if this is just because it was snowing and she was excited/cold or if she would regularly like to go for runs.)

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Geraldine 1

Geraldine with a snowy nose

Geraldine and I then spent some time in the off-leash run. Geraldine seemed a little confused when the dog in the run next to ours kept barking at her, but she didn’t bark back or seem to mind much. Geraldine put her front paws on my lap when I knelt down next to her and she gave me a quick doggy kiss. Be sure to say hi to Geraldine on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Geraldine 2

And Geraldine with a blurry nose!

Rose the five-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog/Labrador Retriever mix is another fan of the snow. She doesn’t hesitate to stick her nose right into a snow pile. When we were in the off-leash run, Rose would always come running over to me any time I knelt down. Rose absolutely loves getting her hips scratched. She does a cute little happy dance and will turn back and look at you if you stop before she wants you to.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Rose 2

Rose made several funny faces

Rose will happily give you doggy kisses once she gets to know you. She preferred to walk quickly around the woodland preserve, rather than run, and overall did nicely on the leash. She was more interested in sniffing around the snow-covered tree trunks and shrubs. Rose wasn’t too eager to go back inside her kennel and kept looking at me like, “Let me stay with you instead!” If you think you could be the one for Rose, stop in soon!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Rose 1

Rose on the move

I also saw Bella, Blaze, Coal, Courage, Festus, John Boy, Lucy, Noah, Roxy, Wombat, and Zoey.

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