What better time to open your heart to a new love than Valentine’s Day? That’s why Orphans of the Storm® is having a Find the Love of Your Life event this Saturday, February 11 through Tuesday, February 14. Adoption fees will be waived for all dogs and cats six months and older. (Vet and vaccine fees still apply.) So stop in and feel the love for yourself!

Vanilla the two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix has been waiting for a while now for the right person to come in and find her. She may seem like a bit of a handful when you walk by her kennel (she can be a little barky), but she is actually very easy to get along with. She just wants to grab your attention! She didn’t bark at all when we were out for our walk.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Vanilla 1

Vanilla is ready to be your walking partner

Vanilla and I headed straight for the woodland preserve. Vanilla walks nicely on the leash and barely pulled at all. Mostly she stayed by my side or just a little ahead of me and occasionally stopped to sniff. Vanilla loves getting loved and will stand next to you for as long as you’re petting her. Vanilla doesn’t like other dogs, so she would need to be the only pet in her new home. If you’re a one-dog type of person, come in soon to see if Vanilla is the one for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Vanilla 2

Vanilla says, “Hi there!”

Christi the eleven-year-old Shepherd/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is such a sweetheart. When she realized it was her turn to come outside, she jumped up like a puppy! Other than that initial burst of excitement, Christi was very mellow. She is super easy to walk on a leash and moves at a good walking pace.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Christi 2

Christi’s sweet face and wagging tail

Christi is very affectionate. She covered my face in doggy kisses at every opportunity she had. When I sat down on the bench or on the ground, she would sit right next to me and enjoy a nice scratch on the back. Christi also has the sweetest expression on her face all the time. Don’t just walk past Christi’s kennel because of her senior age. Give her a chance to show you how much love she has to offer!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Christi 1

Christi enjoying the sunshine

Fiona the five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix was found hit by a car. The vets weren’t sure if she was going to make it, but we’re all very glad that she did! She has become a volunteer favorite. Now Fiona has made a full recovery and is ready to start her second chance at life with a loving family. Despite her traumatic past, Fiona is always happy and greets everybody with an enthusiastically wagging tail.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Fiona 1

Fiona needed a drink after all her romping

Fiona loves to give doggy kisses. I walked her once in the fall before she was available for adoption and we barely got anywhere because she kept hopping in my lap and kissing my face. This time, she was more energetic and explored the off-leash run for a while before we took a lap around the woodland preserve. Fiona would do best as the only dog in her new home. Stop in soon to meet Fiona!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Fiona 2

Fiona from back in the fall. We’re all dreaming of green leaves!

Holly the one-year-old Hound mix has plenty of energy, which is understandable for a dog as young as she is. We were off and running as soon as her leash was on. When we got to the off-leash run, Holly had a fun time racing the dog on the other side of the fence. She briefly joined me on the bench for a quick pat on the back before hopping off to do some exploring in the bushes.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Holly 1

Holly debating between joining me on the bench and racing the dog on the other side of the fence

Holly and I then took a walk/run around the woodland preserve. Holly would probably enjoy living with someone who has better endurance than I do! She was happy to lead the way around the trail and, being a Hound, stopped to sniff the trees and bushes every so often. Since Holly is still a puppy, she could probably use some training to learn some basic commands. If you’re looking for a fun-loving pup, come in soon to meet Holly!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Holly 2

Holly has a cute face

Riley the ten-month-old Labrador Retriever/Mountain Cur mix is very nervous at the shelter, but very sweet. He wasn’t too sure about coming out of his kennel at the beginning, and then wasn’t too sure about going back inside his kennel at the end, so he ended up being carried both ways. But he wasn’t squirmy or fidgety about getting picked up.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Riley LR/MC 1

Riley didn’t know what to make of the snow flurries

Riley really starts to come out of his shell when he’s around other dogs. We spent some time with two smaller dogs and Riley was very good with his polite greetings. His tail even untucked and started wagging! When I sat down on the ground next to him after that, he put one paw in my lap and tentatively poked my nose with his nose. Riley will probably need a little extra TLC in his new home so he can learn that the world isn’t so scary. If you’d like to be the one to help Riley with that, come in soon to meet him!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Riley LR/MC 2

Riley is ready to mingle! Especially with other dogs

I also saw Bella, Blush, the other Riley, Scotty, and Zoey.

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