Last Saturday, 53 dogs and 31 cats found new furever homes! This includes several of the long-timers featured in last week’s post, such as Honey Lamb, Bobo, Roxy, Aleck, O’Shea, and Maggie.

Below are just a few pictures I was able to take before the gates opened, but you can see the whole photo album from the event on Orphans of the Storm®’s Facebook page. There are lots of adorable new family portraits!

Clear the Shelters 2017 1

There was already a line at the front gate at 10:15am, when we didn’t open until 11!

Clear the Shelters 2017 2

A welcoming environment with lots of balloons and banners!

Clear the Shelters 2017 3

The dogs were ready and waiting to greet their potential adopters

Clear the Shelters 2017 4

All of the dogs got new signs and colorful bandanas

Orphans of the Storm® has already received over two dozen new dogs since last weekend, so if you weren’t able to make it for the event, there are still plenty of pooches eager to meet you! Come in soon to say hello!

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  1. […] and then laid down until it went by. I also saw him walking on the trail with another larger dog on Clear the Shelters. Nasus is a happy boy looking for a happy home. Stop in and say hello to Nasus […]

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