We have another Success Story to share! Diana wrote this sweet letter to her dog, Piglet, who she adopted from Orphans of the Storm® eight years ago.

Dear Piglet,

Today marks you and I being a family together for eight years. I think. I was wrong about this date, but now the year seems foggy as well. My one regret is that I never saved your picture from the Orphans of the Storm® website that made me say, “That’s my dog.”


Piglet 3

You were in a kennel that was a middle corner spot, barking your little face off. Your bark was terrifying. I would be terrified too if I was in a cage. Your story was that you were found wandering the streets of Mundelein. I have a hunch that you were living by a pizza place because you always go crazy when we have pizza. Someone threw you away because you never had to be trained and always had a lot of energy back then. You also came with a little note of nots. “Not good with small children, not good with other animals,” but none of which panned out to be true.

Piglet 4

We started together in a place in Lake Forest. You would play with the kids on the lawn of the library. We’d run together for many miles in your youth. You busted your knee as we fondly call now “The D-Rose Incident.” You were attacked by a German Shepard while we were on a walk. It was one of the most horrifying things that I had ever experienced and forever changed your demeanor towards bigger dogs. You are still so sweet and so lovely. They were wrong about you and your list of nots.

Piglet 2

Since then, we’ve lost some people. We’ve definitely gained some people and other animals too. We’ve moved quite a bit, but I know that you understand now, you are my dog, I am your person, and even if we lose everything, you and I will always be together.

Piglet 1

Happy Gotcha Day, Piglet! I hope we get to celebrate many more. Love always, the lady you taught to be a Mom

Thank you for sharing your and Piglet’s story, Diana!

If you have adopted a dog and/or cat from Orphans of the Storm® and would like to share your own success story, please email meetthepooches@gmail.com.

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