Here is a success story from Rubina about her family’s new dog, Lily (formerly Belle). This story shows that it can sometimes take a few tries for a dog to find their right home, but when they do, it’s extra sweet!

We found Lily (Belle) our new best friend, 5-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix girl. As history goes, she was saved from a kill shelter by Orphans of the Storm® and then was adopted by an old lady who returned her as she was too much for her, and once again returned by another couple who had her for just 2 nights. Terrible! My daughter had gone to volunteer at Orphans and we all fell in love with Lily in those 3 hours we spent with her. Being a clean freak, I have to say Orphans does a wonderful job of keeping their animals and their kennels clean.

Orphans of the Storm Success Stories: Lily 2

We went back to the shelter the next day and brought her home and she has been nothing but a bundle of joy since then. Luckily, she is house-trained, but quite a fussy eater. She is playful and super smart. A little nervous at times, probably from what she has been through for the past few weeks… scared of rain and froggies, but quite the strong independent lady when it comes to meeting other big dogs! She loves to run and is super friendly to kids. My husband, who is scared of all animals, had warmed up to her in the last 3 days… really that’s got to say something about Lily’s personality. We hope to give her a good life and I believe in my heart that pleasure will be ALL ours while she is with us. We are a happier family with sweet Lily!!

Orphans of the Storm Success Story: Lily 1

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rubina!

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