The dogs at Orphans of the Storm® are ready and waiting to find the perfect person to bring them home!

Gizmo the seven-year-old Shepherd/Husky mix came from an owner who was moving and couldn’t bring him with. That means Gizmo has a lifetime of experience as a pet and is ready to show you what a good boy he is. Gizmo was a little nervous when he first arrived at the shelter, but is coming out of his shell more now.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Gizmo Shepherd Husky 1

Gizmo proudly showing off his big ears

Gizmo is a good leash-walking companion. He walks at a nice pace and likes to do the occasional stop-and-sniff. Gizmo is well-behaved in general. He was patient about getting his leash put on, he didn’t pay much attention to the dogs we passed during our walk, and he probably already knows some commands and would be eager to learn more. Stop in soon to say hello to Gizmo!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Gizmo Shepherd Husky 2

Gizmo enjoys the outdoors

Hunter the seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is a pretty easy-going guy. He came from a home that could no longer keep him, so he has many years of experience as a family pet. Hunter sat nicely without me even asking when I was putting his leash on. He enjoyed exploring the off-leash run but would come back to where I was sitting every once in a while for a quick pat.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Hunter SBT 2

Hunter gives you the sweetest look when he wants to get pet

Hunter walks well on the leash for the most part. He does get some bursts of energy where he pulls a bit, but then settles down and walks nicely by your side again. Hunter hopped up on the bench and was happy to have me sit next to him. He gets along with some dogs but not necessarily all. Come in soon to see if Hunter is the one for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Hunter SBT 1

Hunter liked sniffing around the bushes

Bryan the five-year-old Basset Hound/Shar-Pei mix is one of the most unique-looking dogs you will come across at the shelter. He has the squishy, wrinkly face of a Shar-Pei and the long, low body of a Basset. His personality is a mix, too. He can take a little longer to warm up to a new person (Shar-Pei), and he also loves to follow his nose and sniff everything (Basset).

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Bryan 2

Bryan’s lovable face

Bryan is great at walking on the leash. He rarely pulls and mostly just stays a couple steps ahead of you. He didn’t jump on people or things, and he doesn’t seem to be overly talkative. Bryan wasn’t too interested in cuddling, but he did eventually stand still next to me so I could pet him for a while. If you want the most interesting dog in the neighborhood, come in soon to meet Bryan!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Bryan 1

Bryan’s little legs on the move

I also saw Barney, Bella, Carlos, Elijah, Lucy Locket, Naida, Nash, and Shyanne (Cheyenne).

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