Tomorrow, Saturday, August 18, is the annual Clear the Shelters nationwide event! Orphans of the Storm® is participating for the fourth year in a row. On this day, adoption fees for dogs and cats 5 months and older will be waived. This waived fee includes spay/neuter, but additional veterinary costs (such as final shots) will still apply if needed.

There are more than 100 dogs ready and waiting to join a new family this weekend. Here is a list of the longest long-timers, who have been at Orphans of the Storm® for 2 or more years, and who have their paws crossed that this year is their year!

And below are some newer dogs for you to meet, too!

Monte the one-year-old Vizsla mix found himself at the shelter because he was too nervous for his first family. He is still skittish, but has come a long way since he first arrived. He’s afraid of some things, like walking past the big dumpsters in the parking lot or having a branch of the bush he’s sniffing touch his back unexpectedly, but doesn’t seem fearful of people. Monte greeted me with a doggy hug as soon as he came out of his kennel, and gave me a few doggy kisses during our walk.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Monte 1

Monte is a handsome pup

Monte is an excellent walking companion. He only pulls on the leash if something spooks him. Otherwise, he’s super easy. Monte enjoys being pet and always came straight to me when I knelt down to his level. Monte gets along with children, so he could join a family with kids. He’s just looking for the right loving home to help him fully come out of his shell. Be sure to say hello to Monte on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Monte 2

Monte cooling off in the shade

Ruthy the one-year-old Chow Chow mix is a poofball whose face makes her look like she’s half-bear, half-fox. Even though she’s young, she already knows some manners. For example, she didn’t take a single step away from her kennel until I put the right walking collar on her. Ruthy walks nicely on the leash for the most part, though she does get the occasional burst of energy and wants to run a little ways.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Ruthy 2

Ruthy is so fluffy

Ruthy hopped on and then over one of the benches during our walk, and then joined me on another bench later so I could pet her some more. She can get a little bark-y when she passes by other dogs, so Ruthy would do best as the only pet in an adult home, with someone who has experience with her breed. If you love Chow Chows, come in soon to meet Ruthy!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Ruthy 1

Ruthy showing off her black Chow tongue

Trent the five-year-old Black and Tan Coonhound mix is a pretty typical Hound dog. He can be talkative with that signature baying, but was mostly quiet when we were out on our walk. Trent pulls on the leash a bit when he first comes out of his kennel because he’s excited to go for a walk, but he settles down quickly and is a good walking companion.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Trent 2

Trent loves the outdoors

Trent seems to be particularly fond of walking through tall grasses. His nose goes high and low to pick up as many scents as it can. It’s fun to watch! Trent is a sweet boy who likes getting pet and is gentle when taking treats from your hand. If you ain’t looking for nothing but a Hound dog, come in soon to meet Trent!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Trent 1

You will often find Trent with his nose to ground

Cass the six-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix came from an owner who lost their job and couldn’t take care of him anymore. He used to live with another dog before he came to the shelter. Cass attends play group regularly and gets along with other dogs.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Cass and Crowley

Cass and Crowley are a dynamic duo

Cass is easy to walk. He didn’t pull on the leash at all, even when he first came out of his kennel. Cass enjoyed exploring the off-leash run. Cass is definitely more of a sniffer and was snuffling around behind the bushes for a while. He is affectionate and will give you doggy kisses. Cass is looking for a home with either just adults or a family with older children. Be sure to say hello to Cass!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Cass 1

Cass’s eyes are mesmerizing!

Chip the ten-year-old Beagle mix may be a senior, but don’t let his age fool you. Chip still has springs for legs! When I was putting his leash on, he jumped straight up and booped my nose with his nose. Chip is a silly boy who starts barking when he sees or hears people in the distance. He also apparently doesn’t like golf carts and got a little huffy when one passed by the other side of the fence at the far end of the woodland preserve.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Chip 1

Chip making his way through the woods

Chip is a problem-solver. It was a hot day, and he was getting tired by the end of our walk. So what does he do? Goes to the shady underside of a bush, digs himself a little bed in the cool dirt, and plops down to take a breather. Genius! When it isn’t too hot of a day, Chip is a nice walking buddy who moves at an easy pace. If you’re considering an older dog but still want some spunk, come in soon to meet Chip!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Chip 2

Chip is a smarty-pants

I also saw Big Boy (who thinks he is a lapdog) and Mojo, Conny (who loves belly rubs), Elijah, Jasmine (who is super sweet), Nash (who enjoyed romping around the Enrichment Park and found a new favorite squeaky toy), Rudy, and Sadie (who covered my face in doggy kisses).

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