Next week I’ll return to my regular updates with new dogs at Orphans of the Storm®, but here is something different! Volunteer Carrie has written about why Delilah is her favorite “long-timer” and why you should consider adopting her.

My favorite long timer is Delilah. How can I describe Delilah? Gentle, sweet, and easy-going. Delilah truly appreciates the little things. She likes to take slow walks around the trail and take everything in. She has earned the nickname “Delay of Game Delilah” among the volunteers, because she cannot be rushed! This girl wants to smell the world and everything in it. Because of her calm personality, she does not need much exercise. She enjoys laying in the sunshine in the yard as much as she enjoys a walk around the trail.

10 Reasons Why I Love Delilah: 

10. She’s always smiling.

Delilah 8

9. She has deep, soulful eyes.

Delilah 9

8. She’s as beautiful as a flower, inside and out!

Delilah 3

7. She’s always down for the outdoors, in any weather!

Delilah 4

6. She’s always down for dress-up.

Delilah 5

5. Even when she’s the devil, she’s an angel.

Delilah 10

4. She’s also a baby Dino.

Delilah 1

3. She knows how to party.

Delilah 2

2. But not too hard! This “ruff”-eree always keeps things fair.

Delilah 6

1. She will be your very best friend for life.

Delilah 7

Thank you, Carrie, for writing this special guest post about one of Orphans’ special dogs!

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