There’s only a little bit of snow left around the grounds of Orphans of the Storm®, and the dogs and people are hoping it won’t stick around much longer!

Dumplin’ the one-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is a real sweetheart. She can be a little shy and skittish, particularly when she’s off-leash in the yard and there’s another dog on the other side of the fence, but she loves going for walks. Dumplin’ is actually very playful when she’s on the leash and does little hops and twirls when she’s particularly happy. She is a nice walking companion and doesn’t pull much at all.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Dumplin' 1

Dumplin’ was just a little nervous at first

Dumplin’ is an affectionate pup. She likes to snuggle and will lean against your legs while you pet her. She’s also happy to give gentle doggy kisses. Dumplin’ put her front paws up on the bench next to me so I could pet her more. She has pretty coloring and bright blue eyes, so she’s sure to grab your attention as you walk through the kennels. Come in soon to see if Dumplin’ is the dog for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Dumplin' 2

But Dumplin’ loves being close to her person!

Phoenix the two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is a happy girl. She wags her tail so hard that her entire body wiggles back and forth. Phoenix loves getting attention and is very affectionate. She gives doggy hugs and doggy kisses. Phoenix joined me on the bench and sat as close to me as she could without actually being in my lap.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Phoenix 1

Phoenix never strayed too far from me

Phoenix is generally a good walking companion on the leash, but she does have the occasional burst of energy where she would rather run than walk. Phoenix has participated in a number of play groups, so she could probably go to a home with or without another dog. Many volunteers think she’s the absolute cutest. Be sure to say hello to Phoenix on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Phoenix 2

Phoenix is ready to be your TV-watching buddy

Diesel (Jesse) the six-year-old Coonhound/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is an easy-going guy and an ideal walking companion. I got stuck on some ice (I thought the woodland preserve trail thawed out more than it had) and Diesel patiently stood still and waited until I got my bearings again before moving on. He doesn’t pull on the leash at all, and walks at a nice pace with the occasional stop to sniff.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Jesse 1

Diesel has the most unique markings

Diesel is a good cuddle buddy. He will gladly stand right next to you as long as you keep petting him, and might nudge you if you stop before he’s ready! Diesel has gone to a couple of play groups and gotten along with dogs of both high and low energy levels. This sweet boy is ready to find his home sweet home. Come in soon to say hello to Diesel!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Jesse 2

Diesel is a lovey-dovey

Roscoe the three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is friendly with people and dogs alike. He loves going to play group and tried to pull me in the direction of the play group area instead of going for a walk around the woodland preserve. He’s more of the “rough and tumble” type, so he might be a little much for low-key dogs but great for active dogs.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Roscoe SBT 1

Roscoe is a handsome boy

Roscoe likes getting pet and particularly enjoys a good scratch under his chin. He enjoys sniffing and exploring in the yard. Roscoe can pull on the leash when there’s a particular direction he wants to go, and sometimes would rather run than walk. If you’re looking for an active new friend, be sure to come in and meet Roscoe!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Roscoe SBT 2

Roscoe says, “Yup, that’s the spot!”

Marley the one-year-old Shepherd mix still has plenty of puppy spunk. She absolutely loves having the freedom to run in a big yard and was flying around the Enrichment Park. When she’s on the leash, though, she’s actually quite calm and makes for a nice walking buddy. Her tail was up and wagging during our entire walk.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Marley Shepherd 1

Marley is such a pretty girl

Marley is a snuggler. She likes to give doggy kisses and tried her best to climb into my lap. She likes to lean against you while you pet her side. Marley had a short playdate with Jack but was playing a little rough, so she might do best as the only dog in her new home or with a dog who can keep her in check. Stop by the shelter soon to meet Marley!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Marley Shepherd 2

Marley says, “Oh, hello there!”

I also saw Barney, Big Boy and Mojo (who are no longer sharing a kennel but enjoy spending time in the yard together), Blue, and Cheyenne (Shyanne).

And I was part of two play groups this week, which included the participants Gia (Pippa), Hobbs, Loki, Lolabell, Lucy, Maya, Quinn, Ruth, Tyson, and Whizzer one day and Brutus, Elijah, Gracie, Huckleberry, John Boy, Luna, Peepers, Sadie, Sasha, and Wombat the second day.

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