I have a double success story to share today! Margie and her brother adopted Francis and Randy, who now go by the names of Buddy and Cubbie. Here is their story:

My brother and I adopted “Francis” and “Randy” on February 28. We went to see Francis and even though I called that morning to make sure he was in Deerfield, he was taken to the Highland Park location. While we waited for him to come back, we looked at dogs who had just been brought in that morning from Tennessee. And there we found “Randy.” I guess it was meant to be to adopt them both! Francis is now “Buddy” and Randy is now “Cubbie” (brother is a Cubs fan).

Orphans of the Storm Success Story: Francis Randy 1

Francis/Buddy (L) and Randy/Cubbie (R)

Buddy was returned by a couple who said he peed in the house and barked when alone. Our luck that they couldn’t bother to train him. He has had a few accidents in the house but is getting better. He does bark when I leave him alone in the house to take Cubbie for a longer walk. He limps due to a swelling on his right leg that doesn’t stop him from much, but he gets a shorter walk than Cubbie does. Buddy is around 8 years old and is a pretty chill dog. He is the alpha of the two and barks when Cubbie bothers him too much or craves too much attention from us. Buddy immediately took to his doggie bed and sleeps there most of the time, half of his body off and half on. He likes attention (sometimes) and will put his paw on you if you stop before he’s done. He’s not into toys that much but has destroyed a few rope toys already, chewing them up.

Orphans of the Storm Success Story: Francis Randy 5

Cubbie didn’t stay at Orphans for long. We saw him the morning he came in and picked him up at the vet’s the next day. He tested positive for worms and fleas/ticks and had to take medicine. He is very smart and I had to figure out different ways to get him to take it. I had to fight with him to take the pills and he never once snapped at me. He’s about 4 years old and is a cuddle-bug. He craves attention and will nose Buddy out of the way to get it. Since he’s younger, he likes to play a bit more, especially out on walks when he should be doing his business. He will bark and whine at dogs going by but he just wants to visit. He whines when a neighbor walks by and wants to stop to be petted. We have met a lot of our neighbors this way! Cubbie doesn’t know what a doggie bed is for, he tries to play with it. He likes sleeping in a corner on the floor.

Orphans of the Storm Success Story: Francis Randy 3

Both of them must have had families. They can sit and heel and somewhat know some other commands, like “no,” “come,” and “drop it.” They are both very people-oriented. We had some friends over for lunch and after they got their petting in, they slept the rest of the lunch.

Orphans of the Storm Success Story: Francis Randy 4

Both dogs are the sweetest things and are bonding well. I don’t know how we lucked out getting two such good dogs!

Orphans of the Storm Success Story: Francis Randy 2

Thank you for sharing Buddy and Cubbie’s story, Margie!

If you would like to share your own Orphans of the Storm® success story, please email meetthepooches@gmail.com.

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