If you’re looking to add a new fur-baby to the family this weekend as you celebrate Mother’s Day, there are plenty of dogs at Orphans of the Storm® who are eager to meet you!

Sage the nine-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is currently recovering from an ACL injury, but he’s ready to go to his new home to finish recuperating and then will be back to his active lifestyle! Even though Sage is still a puppy, he already has good leash manners and is a nice walking companion. He enjoyed sniffing his way around the woodland preserve.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Sage SBT 1

Sage is super cute

Sage, like most puppies, loves getting attention and hopped up on the bench next to me so we could snuggle. He never strayed too far from me, even when he was off-leash in the Enrichment Park. Sage liked stretching out in the sun and chewing on a squeaky toy. Sage had a couple playdates with another puppy before his injury, so he seems to get along with other dogs. Come in soon to see if Sage is the pup for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Sage SBT 2

Sage is looking forward to having his own yard someday soon!

Clyde the three-year-old Heeler mix (not to be confused with the other Clyde) was previously adopted but returned because he wasn’t getting along with the other dog in the house. But this means that Clyde is ready to settle into his new home because he already knows some obedience training, is housebroken, and walks great on the leash (except occasionally when other dogs are nearby, when he can pull and bark a little).

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Clyde Heeler 2

Clyde looking very proper

Clyde is extremely affectionate and will be very attached to his new person. He loves to give doggy hugs and lean against you while you pet him. He’s perfect for doing agility and other active pursuits. Although Clyde doesn’t want to share his home with another dog, he does pretty well in play groups when he’s with calmer dogs. If you know and love Heelers, come see if Clyde is the right match for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Clyde Heeler 1

Clyde comes when called

Aiden the eight-year-old Mountain Feist mix looks a little sad and elderly inside his kennel, but don’t be fooled–he still has plenty of pep in his step! As soon as I let him off his leash in the Enrichment Park, he ran clear across it and then circled back around. He also likes to lead the way on walks, and I had to hurry to keep up with those little legs.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Aiden 1

Aiden romping in the woodchips

Aiden is a little shy and doesn’t initiate much petting, but if you start petting him then he will happily stand right by your side for as long as you continue. Aiden has participated in play groups with smaller and/or calmer dogs but mostly keeps to himself, with the occasional sniff hello. If you’re looking for a sweet senior, be sure to say hello to Aiden on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Aiden 2

Aiden would rather go for walks than pose for photos

I also saw Barney, Gracie, Cheyenne (Shyanne), and Quinn.

Orphans of the Storm Play Group May 6

Romeo, Jack, John Boy, and Huckleberry

My first play group this week included Alec(k), Brutus, Clyde the Heeler, Eastside, Elijah, Huckleberry, Jack, John Boy, Lucy, Maggie, Gia (Pippa), Romeo, Sasha, and Tom, as well as the not-yet-profiled dogs Pumpkin and Zorro.

Orphans of the Storm Play Group May 6

Huckleberry, Gia (Pippa), John Boy, and Elijah, and Clyde

My second play group included Aiden, Alec(k), Brutus, Cheyenne (Shyanne), Clyde the Heeler, Elijah, Gia (Pippa), Huckleberry, Jack, John Boy, Maggie, Mojo, Quinn, Sasha, and Yoyo (YeYo), as well as not-yet-profiled dogs Finn, Pumpkin, and Roxy.

Orphans of the Storm Play Group May 10

Brutus, Jack, Gia (Pippa), and Sasha’s fluffy tail


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