Here is another happy success story! You may recall in my play group summaries that Baby Girl was a regular. Although I didn’t get a chance to do a full profile of her before she was adopted, I took her in and out of play group several times and she was a sweetheart. Leslie and her family saw that sweetness and took Baby Girl home! Here is her update:

Hi, this is Baby Girl’s new mom. I wanted to let you know that she is so very loved! She has only been home with us for two weeks but we cannot imagine our lives or home without her. We are her forever family and we absolutely adore her. She was meant to be ours!

I am attaching a photo of Baby the day she came home with us. She found the softest spot in the house and fell into a deep sleep! It fills my heart with joy that after so much time spent on concrete, we have the honor of filling her golden years with love, treats, and soft beds!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Baby Girl image1

Baby sleeping in the softest spot in the house

I have told everyone who asks about our adoption story that it was “almost love at first sight.” The reason I say ALMOST is because I looked at Baby Girl in her kennel twice on my first visit–once as I was walking in and once as I was walking out–and she did not make an impression on me. She ignored me.

But before I left, I stopped by the front counter to chat with the staff. I said that I was interested in adopting a dog that was overlooked. I am truly sorry that I did not catch the name of the staff member who looked at my adoption application and said to me, “I have the perfect dog for you. Take Baby Girl out for a walk.”

I did not have time for a walk that first day, but I brought my daughters back to Orphans the very next day. They looked at every single dog. They had several favorites but neither noticed Baby Girl.

As we were waiting our turn in line, the couple in front of us inquired about the dog who was our first choice. We did not want to adopt a dog who had multiple adoption options, so I asked to see Baby Girl instead.

This is where the “love at first sight” part happened. I could live to be a hundred years old and I will never forget what happened next. The three of us did not walk more than ten feet from Baby’s kennel when we looked at each other… and we knew. Less than 10 steps and we all simultaneously KNEW that this gentle, quiet dog was supposed to be ours forever.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Baby Girl image2

We took this photo with Baby at Orphans. This is the face of a little girl who is about to adopt her best friend!

I would say, “For the life of me I cannot fathom why such an amazing dog was overlooked by everybody,” except do I know why. She was introverted and even worse, she was 10+ years old. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to adopt a younger dog. But I can say without hesitation that adopting Baby was one of the most joyful moments of our lives.

It would mean the world if you could find the staff member who recommended Baby to me and deliver our gratitude. I remember that she had dark hair and dark eyes. I want her to read our story and know from the bottom of my heart what a difference she made. I also want to thank everyone at Orphans–all the staff and volunteers. Without your tireless hard work and dedication, adoptions like ours would not be possible.

Thank you for sharing your and Baby’s story, Leslie! I’ll track down that staff member for you.

If readers have their own Orphans of the Storm success story, please email These happy tales never get old!

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