Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Have Holiday Hope

Today and tomorrow (December 13-14), Orphans of the Storm® is participating in the BISSELL Pet Foundation Empty the Shelters Holiday Hope event. Adoption fees will be waived for dogs and cats 6 months and older. If you’ve been debating bringing home a new furry family member before the holidays, now is the perfect time!

Rooster the one-year-old Mountain Cur mix is always super excited when he realizes it’s his turn to come out for a walk. He gave me several thankful doggy hugs once he was out of his kennel (and a few nibbles on my fingers, but he is still a puppy after all). Rooster had a great time expending his energy by romping around the Enrichment Park, chasing after toys, and racing a dog on the other side of the fence.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Rooster MC 2

Rooster leading the way on our walk

Rooster settles down nicely for walks, though. He’s an easy (but quick-paced) walking companion. Rooster also joined me on the bench and gave me lots of gentle doggy kisses. He is definitely a cuddler. Rooster gets excited when he passes other dogs on walks, but that’s because he loves playing with his doggy friends in play group. If you’re looking for a happy and playful puppy, come in soon to meet Rooster!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Rooster MC 1

Rooster coming over for a snuggle

Poochie the two-year-old American Bulldog mix is going to be a loyal companion to his new person, because he is so attentive! When I was walking him on the leash, he would look up and check in with me often, as if he were saying, “This is okay? We’re on the same page, right?” And we always were! Poochie is a great walking buddy and very well-mannered.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Poochie AB 2

Poochie has a super-cute face

Poochie enjoyed exploring around the off-leash run but came back to me often. He particularly likes getting his back and hips scratched, but any attention is welcome. Poochie is a play group regular and enjoys being with the other dogs. He’s made a couple doggy friends who he especially likes to romp around with. Poochie is a super handsome boy. Be sure to say hello to Poochie on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Poochie AB 1

Poochie liked these long grasses

Carlos the two-year-old American Bulldog mix will immediately put a smile on your face, and that smile will only grow the longer you spend with him. He is so happy, silly, and snuggly. Carlos loves to give doggy hugs and doggy kisses–but he can jump up pretty high in the process, so watch out that he doesn’t boop your nose. Carlos is one of the few dogs I’ve seen who will turn down a treat and give the person doggy kisses instead. He particularly likes getting his hips scratched and will lean so far into you that he almost topples over.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Carlos AB 2

Carlos is basically a giant puppy

Carlos loves playing with toys. Tennis balls, rubber balls, stuffed toys–whatever happens to get his attention. He’ll happily carry them in his mouth while he runs around the yard, takes a walk, or gets pet. On walks, Carlos prefers running to walking and can pull a bit if you’re not keeping up with him. Carlos gets along great with other dogs (though some bigger males aren’t as fond of him) and is a play group regular. Come in soon to see if Carlos is the dog for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Carlos AB 1

I didn’t get a single picture of Carlos without a toy

Einstein the four-year-old German Shepherd mix is a smart boy, as his breed is known to be. He already knows “sit” and “shake” and maybe even more–and if he doesn’t know it yet, he’ll be eager to learn! Einstein likes to lead the way on walks but doesn’t pull too much. He was also fine with taking the occasional break to get some pets.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Einstein 2

Einstein is very dapper

Einstein is pretty new to the shelter, so he was a little anxious when we were out and spent most of his time in the Enrichment Park standing by the gate and watching who walked by. He did eventually run back and forth a couple times to expel some of his energy and had a doggy smile on his face while he did so. If you’re a German Shepherd fan, come by the shelter soon to meet Einstein!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Einstein 1

Einstein says, “Hello there!”

I also saw Peanut and Red, and played with not-yet-profiled puppy Ruby (who loves to get belly rubs and is very nice about letting go of toys when you ask her to).

Most play groups were cancelled this week due to the cold weather, but I was able to get in some extra walks with Barney, Jupiter, Polly (who is attending weekly obedience classes and already graduated to Level 2), and Turbo.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Wish You a Happy Holiday Season

If you asked Santa for a doggy this year but didn’t get one, don’t worry! There are plenty of dogs at Orphans of the Storm®, all of whom are more than happy to join you for the rest of the holiday season, and for many holiday seasons to come!

Wanda the one-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is a big bundle of love. The first thing she did when I took her out of her kennel was give me a doggy hug before we made our way to the off-leash run. When we were in the run, she continued to be her snuggly self and spent most of her time next to me. She even rolled over for a belly rub, which you can tell she enjoys because her tail wags the entire time.

Wanda Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Wanda enjoying exploring

Wanda seemed politely interested in the dog in the run next to ours and played a racing game. She has a bit of a limp on one of her front legs, which may be from an old injury that didn’t heal properly, but it doesn’t slow her down in the slightest. Wanda walked pretty well on the leash and is just a happy dog looking for a loving home where she can spread that happiness every day. If you’re looking for a new companion, come in soon to meet Wanda!

Wanda Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Wanda loves those belly rubs

Daisy the eleven-year-old Parson Russell Terrier could use some extra cheering up this holiday season. The owner that she had been with her entire life got sick and couldn’t care for Daisy anymore, so now Daisy is looking for a new home in which to spend her golden years. But don’t let her age fool you! Daisy still has plenty of pep in her step and will be a fun, lively companion.

Daisy Jack Russell Terrier mix 1

Daisy still has plenty of pep in her step

Daisy is an easy dog to get along with. She walks well on the leash, she politely sniffed the bigger dog in the run next to ours, and she enjoys getting attention. She’s a gentle girl, and such a cutie! Daisy has years and years of experience as a pet, so she will easily settle into a new home. Stop by the shelter soon to see if Daisy is the pooch for you!

Daisy Jack Russell Terrier mix 2

Daisy is a little cutie

Buster the three-year-old Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix is a dog that will bring a smile to your face. He’s a happy, playful guy who just wants to have fun. He had a good time trying to get Aubrey to play with him from the other side of the fence (though Aubrey didn’t accept his invitation) and was interested in the different toys in the run. Although he’s a mix of two retrieving breeds, he hasn’t quite mastered the art of “fetch” yet–but there’s still plenty of time for him to learn!

Buster Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever mix 1

Buster is a handsome boy

Buster, in addition to being playful, is also very cuddly. He practically rolled into my lap while I was petting him and happily joined me on the bench for more snuggling. Buster’s happy personality will make him a happy addition to any home. He currently shares his kennel with Skipper (see below), so he could go to a home with or without another dog. On your next visit to the shelter, say hello to Buster!

Buster Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever mix 2

Buster getting in touch with his retrieving genes

Skipper the seven-year-old Shepherd mix is such a sweetie. He’s a very gentle, easy-going dog who does well on the leash and will gladly join you for long walks. Skipper currently shares his kennel with Buster (see above), so he could go to a home with or without another dog as well. He was even friendly with Stevie (who has since been adopted, hurray!), who is much smaller than Skipper.

Skipper Shepherd mix 2

Skipper has such unique coloring

Skipper is a very attentive boy who likes to keep an eye and ear on things. He was interested in the sounds the squeaky toy was making and chased after it, but didn’t exactly ‘fetch’ the toy. When I sat down on the bench, he hopped up next to me and took a seat so I could spend some more time petting him. Skipper has such a sweet face, and such pretty coloring! Stop by the shelter soon to meet Skipper!

Skipper Shepherd mix 1

Skipper is always interested in what’s going on

I also spent time with Shasta (who walks so well on the leash and wags her tail whenever someone gives her the attention she deserves), Scotty (who is so gentle), Topaz (who gives great doggy hugs and is so affectionate), Corky (who knows his basic commands very well), and Ebbie (who has spent far too long at the shelter and just hopes for a home for the holidays).

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want a Home for the Holidays

It was a great week for many dogs at Orphans of the Storm®! I of course have to say an extra-big YIPPEE!!! for Rocco, who was adopted after waiting several years for his perfect family to find him. We’re all so happy for you, Rocco!

Although the dogs profiled this week are fairly new to the shelter, they’re all eager to find their new forever homes in time for the holidays, too!

Yeager the two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is an energetic, enthusiastic boy. He happily greets anyone who stops by his kennel and was extra excited to come outside for a walk with me. Because he was so energetic, it was a little hard to get a good picture of him. But I can tell you that he is a cute little guy.

Yeager Labrador Retriever Mix 1

Yeager ready to go for his walk

Yeager would probably prefer to be in a more active home where he can go on nice walks and have some playtime. He currently jumps up when he’s especially excited, but as part Lab he should be easy to train and happy to please. Yeager is hoping somebody comes to the shelter  and spreads holiday cheer his way!

Yeager Labrador Retriever Mix 2

Yeager enjoying the outdoors

Molly the three-year-old Boxer/Shepherd mix is such a sweetheart. (Molly the Pit Bull Terrier mix and Mollie the Lab mix are also sweethearts!) She likes people and dogs alike and would make a great companion dog. She seems like she would bond very quickly to her new family (she’s already attached to Reebok, her current kennelmate) and make for a loyal friend.

Molly Boxer Shepherd 1

Pretty Molly (with just a little slobber)

Molly loves attention and will look up at you with those big brown eyes with a silent “thank you” while you scratch her neck and ears. She’s also happy when she’s on the move and would appreciate nice walks around the neighborhood. She does well on a leash, so it will be a great time for both of you. Come in soon to meet Molly!

Molly Boxer Shepherd 2

Molly coming over to get some attention

Barney the one-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound mix is so cute and so happy that you can’t help but stop and say hello to him as you walk through the shelter. He absolutely loves people and his tail wags almost constantly. He’s kind of like a mini version of Rocco (also slightly smaller than Eever), but is still a strong boy.

Barney Treeing Walker Coonhound 1

Here comes Barney!

Since Barney is still fairly young, he could probably use a little training to make him a better leash-walking buddy. He is very eager to please, though, so training shouldn’t be a problem. His breed is an active one, so he would enjoy activity and then be happy to snuggle with you. This cutie is hard to resist–find out if he’s the pooch for you!

Barney Treeing Walker Coonhound 2

Barney being a hound dog

Brooklyn the one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is another happy pooch waiting for his new happy home. He’s all white, except for the tip of his tail, which is brown. He wriggles with excitement, but calms down pretty quickly and didn’t pull too terribly much on the leash when we were walking.

Brooklyn Pit Bull Terrier 1

Brooklyn being poised

Brooklyn was very curious about everything that was going on around us. He watched the other dogs go by and sometimes attempted to play with them from a distance. He liked saying hello to different people–‘shy’ is not part of Brooklyn’s vocabulary. If you’re interested in an outgoing, enthusiastic dog, come in soon to meet Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Pit Bull Terrier 2

Brooklyn watching other dogs walk by

Ginger the two-year-old Boxer mix is such a good girl. Her original owner was an older gentleman who didn’t feel he could properly care for her anymore, but Ginger is very well-mannered and knows her basic commands. She’s well socialized and friendly with dogs of all sizes–she wanted to play with Lincoln and also had a fun time with Tornado (see below).

Ginger Boxer Mix 1

Ginger the sweetie pie

Ginger is great at walking on a leash and stayed close to me. If we stopped walking, she would sit down to wait until we started moving again. She loves being pet and would be happy to curl up on the couch next to you for some cuddle time. Ginger is sweet, cute, and well-behaved–what more could you want from your new dog?

Ginger Boxer Mix 2

Ginger the good walking buddy

Tornado the Pit Bull Terrier mix is just a few months old. It is literally impossible to not squeal in puppy-adorableness-joy when you see him. I rarely write about puppies as young as him, because they’re likely to go home quickly, but I will take this opportunity to remind readers that although Tornado is a cute little puppy who can easily be carried around in your arms right now, he is going to grow up to be a big, strong boy. Please do your research and understand what the full-sized, adult version of your puppy-of-choice is going to be like before you adopt. We want every puppy’s home (and every dog’s home) to be their forever home.

Tornado Pit Bull Terrier 1

Tornado was too wiggly to get a not-blurry picture

That being said… PUPPY! Tornado has a precious puppy face with a little pink nose. He licks any fingers or faces that get close enough to his mouth and wants to play with everybody. He kept pouncing on and pawing at Ginger, who responded appropriately and pawed and pounced right back. Tornado tried to climb into my lap on several occasions and lick my face. He’s at the perfect age to benefit from good training and good socialization with both people and dogs. If you’re looking for a tiny puppy who will become a big dog, come say hi to Tornado soon!

Tornado Pit Bull Terrier 2

Tornado’s precious pink nose

Don’t forget that Orphans of the Storm® has extended holiday hours this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday–they’re open until 8pm all three nights, which means three extra hours for you to stop by and meet your new furry friend!