Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Would Be Thankful to Go Home with You

Orphans of the Storm® will be closed on Thanksgiving, but open again at 11am on Friday. It would be a great long weekend to bring home a new family member!

Pony Boy the one-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei mix is a happy boy. His entire body wiggles when he wags his tail, especially when he realizes it’s his turn to come out for a walk. He greeted me and another volunteer with doggy hugs right away. Pony Boy likes staying close to his person so he can get pets often. When we were in the Enrichment Park, Pony Boy was interested in chasing after toys but not as interested in bringing them back to me.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Pony Boy Shar-Pei 1

Pony Boy has good woodchip camouflage!

Pony Boy likes to lead the way on walks and can pull a bit on the leash. He’s still a puppy, though, so he probably doesn’t have much leash-walking experience yet. Pony Boy politely sniffed another dog on the other side of the fence when we were out. He’s participated in a couple play groups but is a little nervous about being with a big group of dogs. If you’re looking for a super sweet puppy, come in soon to meet Pony Boy!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Pony Boy Shar-Pei 2

Pony Boy says, “Oh boy, a walk!”

Red the two-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei/Labrador Retriever mix is a playful pooch. He can entertain himself with toys and enjoys having a variety of toys to choose from. However, Red sometimes mistakes the leash for a toy too and wants to play tug-of-war when he’s first getting his leash put on. (A couple of his volunteer friends are working with him on this!) Once he’s on the woodland preserve trail, though, he is actually an excellent walking companion and goes at a nice, easy pace.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Red Lab Shar-Pei 2

Red has the cutest wrinkles

Red particularly likes to get his chin and sides of his face scratched and will happily stand by your side as long as you’re petting him. He also likes to give doggy hugs. Red is improving his doggy socialization skills and regularly attends play group, though he tends to prefer the company of female dogs. If you’re looking for an active dog who loves to play, be sure to say hello to Red on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Red Lab Shar-Pei 1

Red is very attentive

Jackson the three-year-old Labrador Retriever/Collie mix is a big, strong boy–one of the strongest I’ve walked in a while! But he’s very sweet, friendly, and easy-going. Jackson would love to have a big yard to call his own, where he can run a few laps and then play with toys. Jackson is happy to carry a stuffed squeaky toy in his mouth while he romps around, but he also likes to tear out the stuffing when he lies down for a break. I see some sturdy Kong toys in his future!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Jackson Lab Collie 2

Jackson happy with his Santa toy (pre-shredded)

Jackson walks at a very quick pace on the leash and sometimes wants to chase after squirrels, but not too often. He looks at you with a doggy smile on his face while you pet him. Jackson also attends play groups. Even though he’s the biggest dog in the yard, the other dogs enjoy playing with him. So, Jackson could go to a home with or without another dog. If you love big dogs, stop by the shelter soon to meet Jackson!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Jackson Lab Collie 1

Jackson’s tail is always wagging

Samara the ten-month-old Basset Hound mix is definitely still a puppy. He is super wriggly, super snuggly, and thinks that everything is a toy meant to be played with! This included my camera and occasionally the leash. Overall, though, Samara actually walks very nicely on the leash and is an easy walking companion.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Samara 1

Samara gives the best doggy hugs

Samara loves to give doggy hugs and very exuberant doggy kisses. He jumped into my lap at the first opportunity and was much more interested in cuddling than walking. He also joined me on the bench a couple times and thoroughly licked my ear. Samara gets along with other dogs (particularly other puppies) and attends play group. Come to the shelter soon to say hello to Samara!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Samara 2

My lens got a little blurry after a visit inside Samara’s puppy mouth

Pepper the one-year-old Bluetick Coonhound/Shepherd mix is playful with everybody and everything. She enjoys playing with all kinds of toys and is equally happy to fetch a ball or chew on a stuffed squeaky toy. Pepper is also a “play group rockstar” and gets along great with other dogs. She attends play group almost every single day.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Pepper Coonhound Shepherd 1

Pepper daintily carrying her Santa toy

Pepper walks nicely on the leash and likes sniffing her way along the woodland preserve trail. She joined me on the bench to get some pets and gave me a quick doggy kiss. Pepper is super cute and will definitely catch your eye as you walk through the shelter. Stop by soon to get to know Pepper!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Pepper Coonhound Shepherd 2

Pepper is looking for a permanent walking buddy

I also saw Barney and briefly met the not-yet-profiled dogs Charming (who is a cuddle-bug) and Raider.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Will Give Their New Families Many Thanks (and Many Kisses)

Thanksgiving may be over, but the dogs at Orphans of the Storm® will be thankful to find their forever home at any time of the year!

Chase the three-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound mix is appropriately named because he likes having the chance to run! Chase led the way running around the first part of the woodland preserve, but then slowed to a quick walk and took plenty of pauses to sniff. Chase also likes to stop and stick his nose straight up in the air so he can catch even more scents.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Chase Hound 1

Chase can cuddle and use his Hound nose simultaneously

Chase is snuggly. He joined me on the bench a few times and enjoyed getting pet. He gave me a few doggy kisses in return. He’s also happy to give doggy hugs. Chase seems to get along with other dogs and politely sniffed two dogs (one his size, one much smaller) while we were out. Come in soon to see if Chase is the one for you!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Chase Hound 2

Chase pretending to be a Pointer

Blake the seven-year-old Boxer mix is a big softie. He is super affectionate and loves being close to people. Whenever I patted my legs, Blake came right over and put his front paws in my lap. He will also cover your face in doggy kisses whenever he gets the opportunity. And with that lovable face, you won’t want to turn him away!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Blake 1

Blake being a lapdog

Blake is a great walking companion. He rarely pulled on the leash and also responded well if I asked him to go in a particular direction. Blake has a tickly spot on the side of his neck and will kick his back foot when you scratch him there. Blake didn’t seem to mind other dogs when we passed them on our walk, but he isn’t a fan of cats. Be sure to say hello to Blake on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Blake 2

Blake looking majestic in the fall foliage

Aibileen the two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is such a happy girl. Her tail wags constantly–and strongly!–so you’ll certainly get thwacked with it if you’re standing nearby. Aibileen particularly likes getting her hips scratched. She’ll do a little dance and back right up against you to make sure you’re scratching the right spot.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Aibileen 1

Aibileen’s sweet face

Aibileen likes to snuggle in general, too. She’ll come running over and just lean against you while you pet her. She’s also not at all shy about giving doggy kisses. Aibileen gets along with other dogs big and small. She’s currently sharing her kennel with Minny (see below). If you’re looking for a happy, snuggly girl, come in soon to meet Aibileen!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Aibileen 2

Aibileen coming in for a doggy kiss

Minny the one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/Schipperke mix is super friendly. She’s small and energetic, so she’ll run right to you and then put her front paws on your legs and do a little jump to get your attention. If you kneel down to her level, she’ll hop right into you lap and happily get pet. She also likes to give doggy kisses.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Minny 2

Minny is a little cutie

Minny got off to a bit of a rough start and is missing fur in some places, but that doesn’t slow her down at all and certainly hasn’t dampened her spirits. She’s happy and curious and likes following her nose to explore. Those little legs can move faster than you might expect! Minny gets along with other dogs of different sizes. She is currently sharing her kennel with Aibileen (see above). Come in soon to meet sweet Minny!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Minny 1

Minny making a funny face

I also saw Balto (who greeted me with a doggy hug), Bella, Big Boy and Mojo, Carlos, Harley and Reeco, Lucy, and Vanilla.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Would Be Thankful for a Second Chance

If you already have a dog, they’re probably on your list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. There are plenty of dogs at Orphans of the Storm® who are just waiting for their opportunity to be given a second chance at a new loving home, though–and they would be sure to thank you for that second chance every single day, if you adopt one!

Oscar the four-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is one cute pooch. He has a short, docked tail that just wiggles all over the place when he’s happy (which is most of the time). He was more than ready to go out and brave the cold weather, and walked pretty well on the leash.

Oscar Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Oscar enjoying the outdoors

Oscar has a very unique look, so it’s hard to know exactly what he’s mixed with, but whatever it is made for one great dog. Oscar has such a sweet expression on his face all the time, and he seems like he would be very eager to please his new owners. Maybe on Black Friday you can fight against Black Dog Syndrome and welcome a black dog into your family! Oscar would really appreciate it.

Oscar Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Oscar’s sweet face

Sky the three-year-old Husky mix is a beautiful girl. She has those bright blue Husky eyes that will grab your attention immediately. Although her fur is on the short side, there’s no doubt that she’s happy to run and play even in cold temperatures like we had this weekend. She had a good time exploring the off-leash run and is probably wondering where the snow is!

Sky Husky mix 1

Sky and her baby blues

Sky is currently sharing her kennel with Frankie (poor Frankie–all of his kennelmates keep getting adopted, and he keeps getting overlooked), so she could go to a home with or without another dog. Huskies are, in general, active dogs who were bred to work, so Sky is looking for a new family that will be able to keep her busy. She’s a friendly girl who would make a great companion. Come in soon to meet Sky!

Sky Husky mix 2

Sky certainly doesn’t mind cold weather

Cybor the four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix hasn’t been at the shelter for very long, but she’s quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite. She knows her basic commands and is very affectionate, and on top of that she also has an adorable face that everybody loves, and perky ears that I absolutely love.

Cybor Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Cybor is a cutie

Cybor (who is listed as Sadie on the website) got lots of attention while we were on our walk. Everyone we passed said, “Look at that face!” Since Cybor always looks like she’s smiling, you can’t help but smile back at her. Although Cybor is pretty much all muscle, she was pretty good at walking on the leash and has a constantly wagging tail. This sweetie will bring lots of joy to whichever lucky family brings her home this holiday season!

Cybor Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

I wish I got a good picture of Cybor’s adorable face!

Roxy the one-year-old Shepherd mix is super cute, super energetic, and still very much a puppy. I don’t think Miniature German Shepherds are actually a thing, but that’s basically what Roxy is–a German Shepherd that you can pick up and hold in your lap. You’ll have to get Roxy to stay still long enough to do that, though! She was running laps around the off-leash run and played a racing game with the dog on the other side of the fence.

Roxy Shepherd mix 1

Roxy is flying through the air!

Roxy is currently sharing her kennel with Benny (who is a super-sweet senior), so she could go to a home with or without another dog. Roxy likes to give doggy hugs, and even gave me a couple of doggy kisses while she was at it. Roxy enjoyed chasing after the tennis ball and was good about bringing it back to me. If you’re looking for a playful puppy who will stay puppy-sized, come in soon to meet Roxy!

Roxy Shepherd mix 2

Roxy has plenty of puppy energy

I also spent some time with my buddies Dennis, Lucky, Akiva, Rock, Molly, Jade, and Hugo. If you bring a new dog into your home this holiday season, you’ll both be “furever” thankful!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Would be Thankful for a Furever Home

Happy belated Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year? The pooches of Orphans of the Storm® would certainly be thankful to find their new “furever” home with a loving family. Here are some you should meet on your next visit!

Charlie the four-year-old Mountain Feist mix is a real sweetie. Haven’t heard of a Feist before? Me, neither! They’re mostly found in the Appalachian region, but Charlie found his way north to Riverwoods! Charlie has the looks and personality of a Terrier: cute, smaller than many other breeds, lots of energy, and, most importantly, lots of love.

Charlie Mountain Feist mix 1

Charlie’s adorable face

Charlie was leading the way on our walk and sniffing every which way. When he noticed I was kneeling next to him, he put his little front paws in my lap and gave my chin a few doggy kisses. Charlie is the type of dog who gets along with everybody, people and dogs alike. His little tail is always wagging. Come meet Charlie and see if he’s a good fit for your family!

Charlie Mountain Feist mix 2

Charlie being attentive

Warren and Andy the two-year-old Basset Hound mixes are so adorable! The brothers came into the shelter together, and would be especially thankful if they could find their new home together. They’re best friends and stuck close together even when we were in the run and they were off-leash. Since they’re scent hounds, their noses are almost always on the ground (and they sometimes run into each other because of it, which is super cute).

Warren and Andy Basset Hound 1

You will get double the cute with Warren and Andy!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure which one was Andy and which one was Warren, but they each have unique markings, so once you know who is who it will be easy to keep track. These two are sweet dogs (which Basset Hounds are known to be) who will come galloping towards you when you call for them and run right into your lap. Those faces are impossible to resist!

Warren and Andy Basset Hounds 2

Warren and Andy are two too-sweet dogs

Reebok the eight-year-old Shepherd mix acts more like an eight-month-old dog–in a good way. He has lots of energy and would be a great running partner, especially if you happen to be wearing Reeboks! If you’re not a runner, Reebok would be happy to go on walks with you too.

Reebok Shepherd Mix 1

Reebok ready to play

Reebok is a very handsome dog, with his brown-and-white coloring and perky ears. His fur is soft and fluffy and he enjoys being pet. He also gets along with other dogs. He had a kennelmate that I also took out, but she has already been adopted! Reebok is still waiting for the perfect family to come and bring him home with them.

Reebok Shepherd Mix 2

Reebok’s handsome profile

Coco the four-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever had a cast on his leg at the beginning of his time at Orphans of the Storm®, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that now! Coco was ready to run and play as soon as he was out of his kennel. In typical Lab fashion, he is a happy dog with a constantly wagging tail.

Coco Chocolate Labrador Retriever 1

Coco on the move

Coco wanted to be everywhere at once when we first started our walk, but he calmed down quickly. I sat down on one of the benches under the tent and Coco came up and leaned against my legs while I scratched his back and ears. He was interested in all of the people and dogs walking around us, and would sometimes bark hello to them. Chocolate Labs don’t last long at the shelter, so if you’re interested in Coco, come in soon!

Coco Chocolate Labrador Retriever 2

Coco loves walks

Winter the six-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix loves people; she just doesn’t love dogs so much. Winter is the first dog I have taken for a walk beyond the shelter’s fence! Winter loves going for long walks and does pretty well on the leash.

Winter Pit Bull Terrier 1

Winter ready to go for our walk

When we came back from our walk, I took a seat on one of the benches and Winter happily climbed onto the bench and sat next to me. She gave me a few gentle doggy kisses and then hopped back off the bench to walk around some more. Winter is on the smaller size compared to some of the other Pit Bulls at the shelter, and she’s especially cute because of it.

Winter Pit Bull Terrier 2

Winter’s angelic face

Trixie the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is another happy dog who would be even happier with a family of her own to love. She is super cute, with ears that sometimes stick straight up and sometimes flop to the side. She is a playful girl with lots of energy.

Trixie Pit Bull Terrier 1

Trixie in motion

Trixie and I went into one of the runs, where we found a plastic ball and some tennis balls. Trixie loved to play fetch with the tennis balls, and loved to chew on the plastic ball. You’ll have to get some sturdy toys for this girl, because she is an excellent chewer. Trixie didn’t want to part with her ball when it was time to go back to her kennel, so she carried the tennis ball with her on the walk back. If you’re looking for a dog who loves to play, come meet Trixie!

Trixie Pit Bull Terrier 2

Trixie will need to be spoiled with lots of toys!

Orphans of the Storm® Black Cat and Dog Friday

Are you a fan of Black Friday? Come to Orphans of the Storm® and meet some lovable black cats and dogs. These black cats won’t be unlucky after they find their new forever home. There are some wonderful black dogs as well, like Scratch, Lex, Forest, and many more! Orphans of the Storm®’s website makes it easy to browse adoptable dogs and cats by color. Or, visit the shelter and see who grabs your eye and steals your heart!

Superstitions, shmuperstitions. Find your new best friend at Orphans of the Storm® today!

Happy Thanksgiving!