Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Sit in the Shade

Clara the five-year-old Beagle mix has been a little sad recently, because her sister Clarice got adopted and little Clara is still waiting for her new forever home. To cheer her up, I took her out to play in the run. Although Clara’s face looks about as Beagley as you can get, her coloring is very unique: instead of tricolor, she’s almost the color of some yellow Labs. She also seems to be a bit smaller than the average Beagle.

Clara Beagle 1

Clara using her Beagle nose

Clara was a little nervous about loud noises, but I know from experience that this skittishness will start to disappear as soon as she feels comfortable and secure in her new home. And who wouldn’t be a little skittish when a big garbage truck making lots of noise pulls up right next to you? Clara ran for the bushes, but I was able to coax her back out.

Clara Beagle 2

Clara being pretty

Clara is the type of dog who wants to please. Even though I could tell she was nervous, she still came (in a roundabout way) when I called her. She hopped up onto the bench next to me and peered around me to see what was going on outside of the run. She is a sweet little girl who could use some extra loving right now.

Clara Beagle 3

Clara being attentive

Three-year-old Savannah the Hound/Shepherd mix could be Sweetheart‘s identical twin. Surprisingly, they did not arrive at Orphans of the Storm® together–and Savannah is three years younger. Savannah, like Sweetheart, is a real sweetheart of a pooch. (You could maybe even consider adopting them both, and have the best-looking pair of dogs on the block!)

Savannah Hound Shepherd 1

Savannah snoozing in the sun

Savannah wasn’t such a fan of the midday heat. She spread out on the ground and wagged her tail when I came over to rub her belly. I convinced her to come sit in the shade with me, and we both enjoyed it when a breeze came through. I took her on a walk around the property before heading back to her kennel, and she plopped down in a shady spot again. It took some persuasion to get her out of the shade, but we eventually made it back inside.

Savannah Hound Shepherd 2

Savannah heading for the shade

Savannah is another dog who seems eager to please. She was very sweet, calm, and gentle, and wagged her tail whenever I approached her or whenever she walked up to me. She’s currently towards the back of the main dog wing of the shelter, so be sure to check every kennel when you visit so you don’t miss out on a great dog like Savannah!

Savannah Hound Shepherd 3

Savannah enjoying the cool shade

Lucky the six-year-old Chihuahua mix is a relatively new arrival to Orphans of the Storm®. He was a pet, but the woman had to give him away because her grandchild was allergic. Poor Lucky! He still has an upbeat, happy personality, even though he ran into some bad luck.

Lucky Chihuahua 1

Lucky being a happy dog

Lucky‘s little legs can move pretty fast! He was scurrying around the run, investigating every corner and nibbling on some extra-tempting grass. When I knelt down to his level, he put his little front paws in my lap and grinned up at me. He especially liked being scratched by his hips. Give this pooch some exercise, and then he’ll happily cuddle up in your lap.

Lucky Chihuahua 2

Lucky grinning for the camera

Help turn Lucky’s luck around and give him a chance at his new forever home. With years of experience as a pet, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s housebroken and knows at least a few basic commands. He’ll be thrilled to have a new owner to play and snuggle with!

Lucky Chihuahua 3

Lucky thinking, “Mm, tasty grass!”

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Against Black Dog Syndrome

I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but some really wonderful dogs seem to get overlooked again and again just because of the color of their fur! What silliness is that? It’s something called Black Dog Syndrome–people are probably more familiar with the superstition about black cats being unlucky, but cats aren’t the only ones being affected. Some people may think that black dogs look scary or unfriendly, but it’s not fair to the dogs (or to the potential adopter who might miss out) to generalize like that. Black coats are especially stunning in the sunlight; they shimmer in a way lighter fur can’t. And all you have to do is look at a black dog’s wagging tail, and you’ll know it’s a friendly pooch–like the three black dogs I took out this week!

First was Howard, a nine-year-old Labrador Retriever mix (I think the other part might be some type of Shepherd, based on his ears and his fur). Howard ran right between my legs in his eagerness to come out to the run with me but walked well on the leash once we were away from the other kennels.

Howard Black Labrador Retriever 1

Howard’s intelligent face

Howard really is a beautiful dog. His face has a very intelligent look (which makes sense, if he’s a Lab/Shepherd mix) so even at his older age of nine, I bet you could still teach this old dog some new tricks! His ears are especially fun: when he’s attentive, they’re perched up on top of his head, picking up any interesting sounds. When he’s calmer, they’re folded back against his head and practically disappear. Both looks are super cute.

Howard Black Labrador Retriever 2

Howard enjoying the green grass

After just a few minutes together, it was hard to get far enough away from Howard to get a picture of all of him. Every time I took a few steps back, he’d follow. When I sat down on the bench, he sat down on the ground by my feet. If I stopped petting him, he would nudge my arm, like “Wait! I didn’t say stop!” and so, of course, I would start petting him again. He will make a loyal, sweet pet!

Howard Black Labrador Retriever 3

Howard being handsome

Second was Chubby, a seven-year-old Labrador Retriever who came in with his brother Tubby (see below). They can be adopted together, but don’t need to be, in case you only have room for one big black Lab in your home. Chubby also ran through my legs as he exited his kennel (maybe I need to start standing with my legs together?) and then we hurried our way over to the run.

Chubby Black Labrador Retriever 1

Chubby gnawing on the grass

Although Chubby is indeed a big boy, he is not actually chubby. He’s solid, just like a Lab should be. Also like a Lab, he had a perpetually wagging tail while we were out. And even more like a Lab, he was so incredibly excited by the tennis balls! I would hold one up for him to see and he would start bouncing up and down, saying, “Throw it! Throw it! Throw it!” I would throw it, and he would go racing after it. Funnily enough, he never actually brought them back to me, but enjoyed carrying them around in his mouth. Maybe he just needs a refresher of what “fetch” is.

Chubby Black Labrador Retriever 2

Chubby sniffing an interesting smell

Chubby is a people-dog. He loved to get close to me. I would hold my arms open for him, and he would come galloping over. If I was sitting on the bench, he sometimes went under my leg and put his big head in my lap. Otherwise he would just put his sweet face in mine and I would give him a hug and a scratch on the neck. This big boy is ready to share his love with a permanent family.

Chubby Black Labrador Retriever 3

Chubby’s sweet face and wagging tail

Third was Tubby, Chubby’s brother. Tubby is also seven years old, but he is slightly smaller than Chubby. (They are currently in separate kennels, so you’ll be able to know who’s who when you come visit them yourselves!) He looks about as close to the standard Labrador Retriever as you’re going to get.

Tubby Black Labrador Retriever 1

Tubby exploring the run

By the time I took out Tubby, we were getting pretty close to the heat of the day. This poor guy was hot! So after exploring and sniffing around the run for a while, and saying hello to the Yorkie in the run next to us, he went behind the bench, in the shade, and started scratching in the hay and dirt there. I asked him what he was doing, but thought it looked suspiciously like he was making a little bed for himself.

Tubby Black Labrador Retriever 2

Tubby’s adorable face

And that’s exactly what he did. After scratching the ground for a bit, he plopped down and made himself comfortable (and hopefully cool). So, since I couldn’t quite fit behind the bench with him, I sat on the bench and reached over the back so I could pet him. He has one of the sweetest facial expressions I’ve ever seen, and kept looking up at me with his brown eyes as I scratched his ears. If I stopped petting him, he’d look at me like “But I was enjoying that!” You can’t say no to a face as sweet as Tubby’s.

Tubby Black Labrador Retriever 3

Tubby thinking, “It’s too hot. I’m going to find shade now.”

These three boys, as well as Chewy, Forest, and Rosemary, are wonderful dogs who shouldn’t keep getting overlooked just because of the color of their fur. If you love Labs (or Huskies, in Forest’s case) regardless of fur color, come meet them at Orphans of the Storm® and help the fight against Black Dog Syndrome!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs with Spots

Meet the Pooches had reached a milestone: We now have over 20,000 views!!! Thank you to all the readers, and an even bigger thank you to those who have adopted Orphans of the Storm®’s fantastic pooches!

Although I have yet to see a Dalmatian come through Orphans of the Storm®, there are plenty of other dogs with adorable markings! If spots are your style, come meet these four great dogs who are waiting for their second chance at a loving home.

I first took out two kennelmates, Cooper and Fumble. Cooper is a one-year-old Dachshund mix, and Fumble is a three-year-old Chihuahua mix. Since they share their kennel very nicely, it’s a good sign that they get along well with other dogs. They were both very excited to come out with me and hurried us over to one of the off-leash runs where we could play.

Cooper Dachshund 1

Cooper being cute

Cooper is such an affectionate little guy! He jumped into my lap and covered me with kisses almost right away. He is also a very happy dog, and seems like the type who will love anybody and everybody. When I sat down on the bench, he hopped up next to me and climbed right into my lap, trying to balance his four little paws on my legs.

Cooper Dachshund 2

Cooper being a happy dog

Fumble is a little more reserved, but still a very sweet dog. He wasn’t as in-your-face as Cooper, but when I walked up next to him and started scratching his ears, he seemed to enjoy it. If you scratch the big brown spot on the left side of his back, that’s where his tickly spot is hidden. He kicks his little back leg and wiggles; it’s adorable.

Fumble Chihuahua 1

Fumble exploring

I threw one of the tennis balls and Cooper chased after it, then sniffed it with interest. The tennis ball was a little too big for Fumble, so I picked up one of the softer chew toys and threw that. Fumble loved it! He picked it up with his mouth, threw it in the air, rolled over onto his back, picked up the toy again, and rolled around some more.

Fumble Chihuahua 2

Fumble’s precious face

When I sat on the bench for a second time, Fumble and Cooper both came to stand next to me. Fumble even started to put his front paws in my lap, but Cooper took over and crawled in his way. Cooper likes attention–and it’s impossible to deny him, because he is so cute!

Cooper Dachshund 3

Cooper’s unique spots

If you’re looking for a smaller dog who is equally happy sitting with you on the couch and playing with you in the backyard, definitely take the time to meet these two friendly pooches.

Fumble Chihuahua 3

Fumble wondering, “Why did you stop petting me?”

Beau the three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix is a very handsome boy, and also incredibly friendly. Beau shares a kennel with Chloe, and I first saw him when I was at the shelter last week and he and Chloe were out in one of the yards to stretch their legs. Beau, being a Cattle Dog mix, sure can have that intense stare that I usually associate with Border Collies. But when you’re a dog the size of Beau, and you’re supposed to be in charge of a herd of cattle, you have to have some way to make them to listen to you.

Beau Australian Cattle Dog 1

Beau being handsome

After I let Beau into the off-leash run, I sat down on the bench so he could explore on his own for a few minutes. Instead of exploring, he came right up to me and put his front paws in my lap. He lowered his head so I could scratch his neck and ears for a few minutes.

Beau Australian Cattle Dog 2

Beau running with his fluffy tail in the air

I decided Beau should get some exercise, though, so I picked up a tennis ball and threw it. He chased after it and kind of brought it back to me, but then put his front paws on my legs so I could continue petting him. Cattle Dogs are known for being especially intelligent, so in case Beau doesn’t know any commands yet (though he might) he will definitely be easy to train and make a great companion.

Beau Australian Cattle Dog 3

Beau running back to me for a pat

Sweetheart the six-year-old Hound mix is appropriately named. She was curled up in her kennel when I let myself in to put her leash on and approached me a little shyly, but still with a wagging tail. Once we were out in the open, though, she perked right up!

Sweetheart Hound 1

Sweetheart yawning in the heat of the day

Sweetheart will be an extremely devoted and loyal pet to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her. Even after just a short time together, she was following me around the run wherever I walked. When I called for her, she came running with a big doggy smile and a wagging tail. She seems to just love having a human companion near her.

Sweetheart Hound 2

Sweetheart following me around the run

To go along with that, I sat down on the shady bench and she climbed up to sit next to me. We were there for a long time, her panting in my face and me petting her back, until a bee started buzzing around my head and I ran away. Sweetheart, of course, followed me happily.

Sweetheart Hound 3

Sweetheart being a sweetheart!

These four pooches, and all the others waiting at Orphans of the Storm®, are looking for their new mommies (or daddies)! So, as a belated Mother’s Day gift to yourself, visit the shelter and find the perfect pooch for you!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Looking for Companionship

What a wonderful day at Orphans of the Storm®! I took out three loving dogs who are far too cuddly to stay at the shelter for long.

First was Keno, an eight-year-old Lhasa Apso mix. If you’re looking for an adorable little face and an adorable little tail on an adorable little dog, then Keno might be the perfect fit for you. Although Lhasa Apsos might seem like a high-maintenance breed when you see them at dog shows, non-show dogs don’t need to have that floor-length fur and little bow at the top of their head. Keno’s short fur is so soft!

Keno Lhasa Apso 1

Keno looking fluffy

Keno knows he’s a good-looking dog. He pranced around the run with his head held high. Even so, he didn’t mind going under the bushes in search of a fun scent to follow.

Keno Lhasa Apso 2

Keno following his nose

I would kneel down to his level, hold my arms wide open, and call him over. He came trotting towards me with his little pink tongue sticking out of his mouth and stood right next to me while I pet his back, chin, and ears. When it was time for Keno to go back inside his cage in the front office, he let me pick him up and put him in there with no complaints. This little cutie will make a wonderful lapdog for those who are looking for an older, calmer sweetheart of a dog.

Keno Lhasa Apso 3

Keno’s adorable little face

Next was Zoe, a six-year-old Mountain Cur mix. Poor Zoe–her original owner passed away and no one was left to take care of her. But because she has all those years of experience as a family pet, she will make a great companion dog to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her!

Zoe Mountain Cur 1

Zoe’s sweetheart face

Her back legs are a little stiff, but she gets around just fine. She walked well on the leash and enjoyed exploring the run. She loved coming over to me for a reassuring pat in between sniffs. Since Zoe was a pet, she knows a few commands. She would come over to me when I called her name, and also knows how to sit. When she sat for me, I sat down too and started to pet her.

Zoe Mountain Cur 2

Zoe enjoying the outdoors

It was getting a little warm in the bright sunlight, though, so I moved us over to the shady spot by the bench and she laid by my feet, where I continued to scratch her back and ears. She has a tickly spot on the left side of the neck, right under her ear, and kicked her back leg whenever I scratched there. This sweetie is ready to curl up next to her new loving owner!

Zoe Mountain Cur 3

Zoe coming over for a pat

Last but not least was Lincoln, yet another Beagle mix. This three-year-old has a stately name for a stately little dog. He was barking excitedly when he saw me approach with the leash, but once we were inside the run he settled down.

Lincoln Beagle 2

Lincoln’s unique face markings

Lincoln smiles! I wish I had been able to capture it in a picture, because it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. He put his front paws in my lap, opened his mouth with his tongue hanging out the side, and closed his eyes halfway. It was totally a smile. And then he covered my face in doggy kisses because he’s such a lovable, happy pup. We went through this routine a few times during our time together.

Lincoln Beagle 3

Lincoln attentively watching birds

Lincoln, being part Beagle, loves to sniff and find interesting smells. He smelled something in the grass and started rolling in it with his little legs kicking the air. Luckily, he didn’t come up with any grass stains on his mostly-white fur. Take him out to one of the off-leash runs to get to know him yourself–he’ll make you smile, and you can make him smile too!

Lincoln Beagle 1

Lincoln tracking a scent