Orphans of the Storm® Has Dogs Young and Old

All of the dogs at Orphans of the Storm® still have so much love to offer their new forever families, whether they’re nine months old or nine years old. Meet some of the shelter’s lovable middle-aged and senior pooches.

Lucky the nine-year-old Border Collie mix is an excellent leash-walker, after his initial “Hurray, I’m free!” burst of energy when he first gets out of his kennel (but really, who can blame him?). Lucky currently shares his kennel with Halley, another great senior dog, and the two of them make quite the fluffy pair. Lucky is a handsome guy with the sweetest brown eyes.

Lucky Border Collie mix 1

Lucky checking out the agility bridge

Lucky is what I call a leaner. While I was petting him, he leaned his body right against my legs and stayed there until a few seconds after I stopped petting him. Lucky particularly enjoys getting a nice scratch on his hips, but the fur right at the top of his head between his ears is extra soft and pet-able. This sweet guy will make a family very happy!

Lucky Border Collie mix 2

Lucky kicking back in the grass

Thunder the ten-year-old Boxer mix has plenty of energy. He led the way to the off-leash run and took a quick lap around the perimeter, sniffing all of the new scents along the way. He also liked to keep watch of what was happening on the other side of the fence, whether it was a car, a person, or another dog. Thunder isn’t too fond of other dogs, so he would do best in a home where he’s the only one.

Thunder Boxer mix 1

Thunder exploring the run

Thunder is a very affectionate pooch. Once he’s run off his energy, he will offer many doggy kisses–and of course you can’t say no to a face like that! Like Lucky, Thunder is a big leaner when you pet him. He just wants somebody to snuggle with! Who could possibly deny him? If you’re looking for a big, happy dog, come in soon to meet Thunder! UPDATE 2019: Thunder underwent back surgery last winter and was fostered by a number of volunteers during his recovery. He is now back to being an excellent walking companion and will jump on and over every bench he sees. He still loves to give doggy kisses!

Thunder Boxer mix 2

Thunder coming in for a kiss

Pinta the five-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix is just the cutest little thing–the kind of dog I am guilty of squealing over because she is just too precious. Her body (not counting head or tail) is literally the size of my foot. Pinta prances rather than walks, and keeps those big ears up and alert.

Pinta Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier mix 1

Pinta prancing around the run

Pinta is another dog who isn’t shy about giving doggy kisses. I picked her up, which she didn’t protest about at all, and she immediately began licking my chin. She rolled around in the grass for a little bit and enjoyed getting a belly rub in the process. Pinta was sharing her kennel with another small dog who had already been adopted, so she could go to a home with another dog. Is Pinta the pooch for you?

Pinta Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier mix 2

Pinta scratching an itch

Kanner the three-year-old Pug/Beagle (Puggle) mix is another cutie. Puggles are one of the most popular “designer dogs” because both Pugs and Beagles are known for their great companionship. So what is a pooch like Kanner still doing at the shelter? He has that great half-smushed face that makes you smile as soon as you see him. Think about all of the smiles he could bring to your life!

Kanner Pug Beagle Puggle mix 1

Kanner romping around

Kanner currently shares his kennel with Benny, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. He had fun playing with Max (who got adopted, hurray!) on the other side of the fence. Kanner is also a good leash-walker; I was able to walk him and Benny simultaneously without too many complications, which is always a sign of well-behaved dogs. If you’re interested in a designer dog without the designer price, come in soon to meet Kanner!

Kanner Pug Beagle Puggle mix 2

Kanner playing with Max (and Benny in the background)

PeeWee the nine-year-old Chihuahua mix acts a bit angry when he’s inside his kennel, which is so unfortunate because he is the sweetest little doggy as soon as you take him out. The poor guy is probably very stressed and scared inside the kennel, which is why he isn’t too sure about strangers coming up to say hello. Outside, though, PeeWee literally melts into your arms if you pick him up, and he accepts pets from everybody!

PeeWee Chihuahua mix 2

PeeWee smiling for the camera

PeeWee shares a kennel with Astro (another dog who is barky inside and a sweetie outside!), and was politely interested in the spaniel mix on the other side of the fence. This little guy is ready to go to a furever home with someone, so he can show off his true lovable personality. Remember, smaller dogs often live longer, so nine isn’t very old at all! Please consider welcoming a senior dog like PeeWee into your home.

PeeWee Chihuahua mix 1

PeeWee sniffing the air

Some of the other senior dogs who are still waiting for the right person to find them are Buckeye and Freckles, Frankie, Giorgio, Granny, Keini, Lady, Midnight, Star, and Ty.

I also spent some time with Winter, Reebok, Molly, China, and Goose!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Don’t Mind a Little Rain

It was raining when I arrived at Orphans of the Storm® this week, but that wasn’t going to slow down any of these pooches!

Creek the one-year-old Shepherd mix is adorably adorable. He’s the kind of dog that you just want to scoop up and snuggle because that face!! Too cute. Creek seems pretty laid-back when he’s inside his kennel, but he turns on his puppy energy as soon as you put a leash on and go outside. I was worried about getting his wiry white fur all muddy, but it turned out that I ended up being the muddy one. (Creek likes to give lots of doggy hugs.)

Creek Shepherd mix 1

Creek romping in the rain

Creek loves to run and play. He tried to make the leash into a toy once we were inside the off-leash run, but I distracted him first with a tennis ball and then with a stuffed cow toy. Creek seemed to prefer the cow and hasn’t quite mastered “fetch” yet. When he wasn’t romping around, he loved getting his back scratched. Creek was previously sharing his kennel with another dog who has since been adopted, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. If you’re looking for a too-cute puppy, look no further than Creek!

Does Creek have the cutest face, or does Creek have the cutest face?

Does Creek have the cutest face, or does Creek have the cutest face?

Max the nine-month-old Neapolitan Mastiff mix is a big boy who is only going to get bigger. He still hasn’t grown into his giant paws and has that not-quite-coordinated puppy running style, which always makes me laugh. Max also doesn’t seem to know his own strength–he’s one of the strongest dogs I’ve walked at the shelter. His new family will have to take the time to teach him proper leash-walking manners.

Max Neapolitan Mastiff mix 1

Max and all of his wrinkles

Max has that huge Mastiff face that you instantly fall in love with, with all of those wrinkles that make him look like he’s thinking very seriously. Max is another playful puppy who hasn’t figured out that fetching involves bringing the toy back to the person, but he was definitely interested in chasing after the tennis balls I threw, so that’s a good start! Max was also very intrigued by the cats when we passed by the kitty wing windows–he put his huge front paws up on the fence and watched eagerly. It was adorable. If you’re looking for a big puppy who will grow into a very big dog, Max is the one for you!

Max Neapolitan Mastiff mix 2

Max being a playful pup

Tango the two-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix has his post right next to the front office (where some of the smaller dogs reside), so you can’t miss him! I’ve always liked the Miniature Pinschers I’ve met at the shelter (including Gypsy, who is still waiting for her new home!), and Tango is no exception. He’s a little cutie with lots and lots (and lots) of energy.

Tango Miniature Pinscher mix 1

Tango getting his exercise

Tango led the way to the off-leash run, and once he was off the leash, he was running! Most of the pictures on my camera were just black-and-brown blurs (or sometimes just the grass because Tango ran out of the frame completely). Who knew such little legs could move so fast? Tango eventually settled down, though, and enjoyed a nice scratch on the neck. He isn’t too fond of other dogs, so he’ll need to go to a home where he can be the only apple of your eye.

Tango Miniature Pinscher mix 2

Tango flying through the air!

I also walked the two tiniest, ittiest-bittiest dogs currently at the shelter (and unfortunately didn’t get a picture, shame on me!). But if you’re interested in pocket-sized pooches, come in soon to meet Silver and Snickers, because these two precious pups aren’t going to be at the shelter for long!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Against Black Dog Syndrome, Part 3

There are dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors at Orphans of the Storm®. Sometimes black dogs have to wait at the shelter a little longer than others, though–just because of the color of their fur! Let’s put an end to that by letting people know that black dogs are just as lovable and cuddle-able and companionable as every other dog. I met some great examples of that during my visit to Orphans of the Storm® this week.

Brutus the eight-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is just a happy-go-lucky guy. Not only does he have one of those doggy faces that makes it look like he’s smiling, but even his gait is happy! Take a look at that picture of him running towards the camera and try to tell me that he isn’t a happy pooch. And just think about how much happier he would be in a home of his own!

Brutus Labrador Retriever mix 1

Brutus the happy pooch

Brutus may be eight, but he certainly doesn’t act like it. He was running and sniffing and wanting to play with the other dogs we saw while we were out on our walk. Brutus has very good manners, though, because when he realized that he couldn’t play with Gizmo he just sat right down by my feet and waited patiently. Any family would be lucky to welcome Brutus into their home.

Brutus Labrador Retriever mix 2

Brutus could be a model!

China the five-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix (not to be confused with China the Hound) came to Orphans of the Storm® with her sister a month or so ago, and her sister has since been adopted (her sister happened to have light brown fur). Who can resist an adorably wrinkly puppy face? Not me! An animal shelter (even one as nice as Orphans of the Storm®) is no place for a pup to grow up. Let’s find China a good home where she can learn how to be a great family member.

China Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

China exploring the run

China is pretty lucky to have Midnight (another black dog) as a kennelmate, because Midnight is one of the sweetest dogs at the shelter and has been showing China how to be a good dog. China wanted to play with Midnight while we were out in the run and Midnight let her know when she was getting a little too rough. China loves to run and play and explore, and needs a home that will take the time to train and socialize her. She certainly has the makings to be a wonderful companion! Don’t let her call the shelter home for too much longer.

China Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

China being a puppy

Tucker the one-year-old Shepherd mix is such a handsome guy, with his fluffy black, brown, and white fur and big brown eyes. He’s still practically a puppy, so he has plenty of puppy energy. He was leading the way on our walk and wanted to explore everything. Sometimes he just couldn’t decide which direction he wanted to go in!

Tucker Shepherd mix 1

Tucker is so handsome

Tucker was friendly with everybody we met on our walk. One of the shelter staff came over to say hi to him, and Tucker immediately laid down and just loved getting the attention. A dog as friendly and cute as Tucker won’t hang around the shelter for long, so if you think Tucker might be the pooch for you, come in soon to meet him!

Tucker Shepherd mix 2

Tucker leading the way on our walk

Daisy the six-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is a real sweetie. She’s pretty new to the shelter and so she’s still unsure of her surroundings, which makes her a little shy and nervous. Once she knows you, though, she gets attached quickly. She had only met Craig the day before, and she already wanted to follow him around! She’s sure to be a loyal companion.

Daisy Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Daisy is a sweetie

Daisy is an excellent leash walker who didn’t pull at all. Even when I took her off the leash when we were inside the run, she stayed close to my side. She came over to stand next to me while I sat on the bench and enjoyed getting a nice scratch on the back. Once Daisy learns that she can trust people, she will be such a loving pooch. Could you be the one who brings her out of her shell?

Daisy Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Daisy doing a bit of sniffing

Tiger the five-year-old Labrador Retriever mix isn’t a black dog, but I’m sure she would support the cause! (After all, she’s in Ella‘s old kennel.) Tiger has the most appropriate name because her brindle fur has unique tiger-stripe markings. I knew I wanted to take Tiger out for a walk as soon as I met her, because she’s one of the dogs who will push against the door of her kennel in an attempt to get you to pet her, and then try to lick your fingers. So friendly!

Tiger Labrador Retriever mix 1

Tiger using her tiger-stripe camouflage

Tiger is equally friendly outside of her kennel. I took her to the off-leash run so she could stretch her legs, and once she had finished sniffing the perimeter she came back to me for a good scratch on the hips. She walked pretty well on the leash, which makes sense because she came from a home that unfortunately could no longer keep her. Since Tiger already has plenty of years of experience as a pet, all she needs is a new family to bring her home.

Tiger Labrador Retriever mix 2

Tiger is a cutie

I walked plenty of other old friends while I was at the shelter this week: Ebbie, Molly, Winter, Bailey, Frankie, Wilbur, Roscoe, Harley, and Tilly! Whew!

If you want to help put an end to Black Dog Syndrome, here are some other black dogs at the shelter who are still looking for their furever home:

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Like to Cuddle

If you’re looking for a new cuddly companion, Orphans of the Storm® is the place to go!

Rufus the three-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix has officially been added to my (long) list of favorites. Not only is he super cute, he is also super lovable and cuddle-able! He was jumping up and down with excitement when he realized we were out for a walk and gave me some doggy hugs in the process. Rufus had a fair amount of energy to burn off when we first got outside, but he settled down pretty quickly.

Rufus Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix

Rufus pre-belly-rub

Rufus liked to roll over for belly rubs at any chance he could. We’d be walking along, and he’d stop and plop down and say, “Rub my belly, please!” While I was giving him these belly rubs, he would cover my entire arm and hand in doggy kisses as a thank-you. He is just so friendly! Rufus currently has a kennelmate, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Rufus’ curly tail (which my pictures didn’t capture, unfortunately) is always wagging, and he would be even happier in a home of his own!

Rufus Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

Rufus is so cute!

Harley the eight-year-old Boxer mix is the ideal companion dog. He walks incredibly well on the leash–in fact, I was able to walk Harley and his kennelmate Tilly simultaneously, and you know that means both Harley and Tilly are well-behaved if I can walk the two of them together without getting tangled!

Harley Boxer mix 2

Harley romping in the run

Harley is the type of dog who will stay by your side. Once we were inside the run, Tilly went off to sniff and explore while Harley came over to sit with me by the bench. He eventually went to do some exploring of his own, but would always come back for a reassuring pat. Harley sadly lost his home of eight years, so he knows how to be an excellent pet. And how can you possibly resist that adorable Boxer face?

Harley Boxer mix 1

Harley’s lovable face

Gypsy the seven-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix is a bit of a barker when she’s inside her kennel, but that’s probably because she doesn’t like being cooped up all the time! Even little dogs like Gypsy need their fair share of exercise. Once she was off playing inside the run, she was a happy pooch who enjoyed a nice scratch on the back. And, of course, I love the fact that one ear is up and the other is down. Too cute!

Gypsy Miniature Pinscher mix 1

Gypsy following her tiny nose

Gypsy currently shares her kennel with Rafiki and Fumble (who are both super cute and super ready to find their furever homes). She definitely does better with dogs that are more her size (she barks at larger dogs), so if you already have a small dog at home, Gypsy would fit right in! Gypsy is an adorable, playful little girl who is just waiting for someone to give her a chance. Could that someone be you?

Gypsy Miniature Pinscher mix 2

Look at Gypsy’s adorable ears!

Magic the two-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix was the most energetic dog I took out on this visit to the shelter. He was just so happy to have the opportunity to run and stretch his legs! (Which is why my pictures of him are not the best.) Magic wasn’t particularly interested in playing fetch when I took him to the run, but since he’s a Lab he’d probably pick up the game pretty quick!

Magic Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Magic loves being out and about

After Magic got the chance to run off his energy, he calmed down and became more snuggly. When I was sitting at one of the picnic tables, he put his front paws in my lap and gave me a few doggy kisses before sitting by my feet and enjoying a nice pat on the head. Stop by Orphans of the Storm® soon and feel the magic with Magic!

Magic Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Magic keeping watch

I also said hello to Rock, Ebbie, Molly and Reebok, and Wilbur and Roscoe. So many pooches!