Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want You to Book an Appointment

Orphans of the Storm® is still open just by appointment only, but you are now able to book appointments online directly on our website! You can still call 847-945-0235 to schedule an appointment as well. Don’t delay, there are so many sweet and snuggly dogs ready to meet you!

Ozzie the four-year-old Labrador Retriever/Hound mix is a smart, gentle boy who also has a playful streak. Being a retriever, he is excellent at playing fetch and especially loves tennis balls. He can catch the ball in midair and brings it right back to drop at your feet. He isn’t pushy about playing fetch, though–if you don’t throw it right away, he’s content to snuggle instead. But as soon as you pick up the ball again, he is ready to play!

Ozzie is very photogenic

Ozzie already has some good manners. When he comes to the gate at the entrance to the shelter’s walking trail, he sits nicely without being asked while he waits for you to open it. Ozzie is super snuggly and loves to lean against you while you pet him, especially if you’re scratching his favorite spot on his hip. He is an excellent walking companion and does great on the leash. Ozzie gets along well with other dogs and attends play group, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Ozzie would also prefer an adult-only home. Come in soon to see if Ozzie is the pooch for you!

Ozzie enjoying his tennis ball and the shade

Mr. Brightside the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is a serious chonk who will make you smile just by being in your presence. He loves being with people and has done great at offsite events where he had the opportunity to make lots of new friends. But his absolute favorite things are toys! Mr. Brightside heads straight to the toy bin before every walk and literally climbs inside, snuffling around for the perfect toy (or toys) to carry with him on the trail.

Mr. Brightside has the cutest wrinkly forehead

You might think Mr. Brightside would be distracted and want to play instead of walk, but having a toy in his mouth actually makes him a super easy walking buddy! He lumbers along and only stops occasionally to adjust how he’s holding his toy. He can sometimes destroy stuffed animal toys, so would do best with sturdier options in his new home. Mr. Brightside is looking for a home where he can be the only pet and get all of your love and attention. This big boy will give you plenty in return! Come in soon to meet Mr. Brightside!

Mr. Brightside proudly showing off his toy

Princess Peach the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is all about comfort—as a princess should be! She loves to create her own bed in the yard by digging in the dirt until she gets down to the cool part, then curls up and settles in. You may want to set aside a shady part of your garden where you won’t mind her digging! Princess Peach also likes to stretch out on cool concrete during hot afternoons and get belly rubs.

Princess Peach was very happy with her hole

When she isn’t lounging, Princess Peach is the perfect walking buddy. She often looks up at whoever is holding the other end of the leash and wags her tail to let you know she’s having a good time. Princess Peach is very snuggly and likes to give doggy kisses. And she doesn’t only like people—she’s happy to spend time with other dogs, too. She regularly participates in play group and has a long list of doggy friends, so she could go to a home with or without another dog. Schedule an appointment soon to meet Princess Peach!

Princess Peach will be a great #TongueOutTuesday participant

I also got a quick but affectionate hello from the not-yet-profiled Mama Mae.