Orphans of the Storm® Senior Dogs

Everybody knows that puppies are cute. There’s even a show dedicated to how Too Cute puppies are. But those cute puppies all grow up, and get older, and eventually become senior dogs who are just as deserving of a happy home. I started going through the Dog Profiles page to pick some seniors to highlight who have been at Orphans of the Storm® for a while now, and it turns out that there are many! Why do they keep getting looked over? Some Orphans of the Storm® seniors are just looking for a nice, soft bed where they can relax in their new loving home; others would make you believe that they’re much younger because of how active they still are. So whatever activity level or personality you’re looking for, you can be sure that an Orphans of the Storm® senior dog has it!

(Note: The dogs below are listed in the order they arrived at the shelter, so longest residents at the top and dogs who haven’t been there as long at the bottom.)

Ebbie the thirteen-year-old Shepherd mix is currently Orphans of the Storm®’s longest resident. In fact, when she first arrived at Orphans of the Storm®, she wasn’t even a senior! I walk Ebbie almost every week now, and she is such a sweetie. Her legs are a little stiff, but she still enjoys spending time outside and sniffing around in the grass. She doesn’t need long walks, just a little bit of fresh air. Mostly she would enjoy having a comfy bed and a loving companion.

Ebbie Shepherd mix new


Akiva the ten-year-old Husky mix has been one of the prettiest dogs at the shelter since she arrived several years ago. I thought she would have been adopted in a heartbeat, but an incontinence condition has kept people from seriously considering her. Dogs like Akiva are the reason they created doggy diapers, though! The best time I had Akiva was last winter. She had a great time playing in the snow (of course, being a Husky) and loved trying to catch snowballs in midair. You can have fun with her all year round if you bring her home!

Akiva Husky mix new


Wilbur and Rosco the nine-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix brothers are just the best. Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that Wilbur is my favorite, favorite dog in the entire shelter, and Rosco is a great dog too. You don’t necessarily have to adopt the two brothers together, but it would be nice! Wilbur is more on the mellow side, enjoying casual strolls and laying in the grass. Rosco, on the other hand, loves to run laps around the yard and play. Rosco is also very well-behaved: when the other volunteers and I open his kennel for him to come out, he waits until the leash is on before bounding out the gate. They are both lovebugs waiting for a happy home.

Rosco Pit Bull Terrier Mix 1


Wilbur Pit Bull Terrier Mix 1


Lucky the nine-year-old Border Collie mix still has plenty of energy, and he’s such a handsome boy too! I used to walk Lucky pretty regularly, and he loves giving doggy hugs. Lucky also used to share his kennel with another senior dog who has since been adopted, so we know that he can do well with other dogs. Lucky absolutely loves getting attention and will stay by your side as long as you’re petting him. Why wouldn’t you want a lovable fluffball?

Lucky Border Collie mix 1


Lady the thirteen-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shiba Inu mix was THIS close to going to her forever home–but then we found out that she doesn’t get along with cats, and unfortunately the home she was about to go to had some. So now Lady is still waiting for the perfect family to find her. Lady definitely does not act like a thirteen-year-old, as demonstrated when she comes bounding out of her kennel. But she does settle down and walk very nicely on the leash after that. All Lady is asking for is to be the only pet in her home, so she can relax and enjoy her golden years.

Lady Shiba Inu Labrador Retriever 1


Tom-Tom the nine-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is another favorite of mine. I have heard him referred to as a potbellied pig and a hippo because of his absolutely adorable looks. Tom-Tom is another senior dog who doesn’t really act like it. He’s happy to run a couple of laps around the yard and jumps up to give doggy hugs like nobody’s business. And he’ll try to cover your face with doggy kisses while he’s at it because he is such a lover. Tom-Tom has a huge head with the sweetest face that is guaranteed to make you smile when you see him. Now it’s his turn to smile by getting adopted into a new forever home!

Tom Tom Pit Bull Terrier mix 2


Shard the ten-year-old Shepherd mix isn’t up for adoption at the moment, but you can certainly start to express an interest now and keep checking back at the shelter to find out when he’ll be ready to go to his new home. Shard is great at walking on the leash and he is also super gentle. He knows that he can make a great companion; he’s just waiting for the right family to give him that opportunity. He loves to snuggle and will give you doggy kisses of gratitude when you pet him.

Shard German Shepherd mix 2


Shogun the twelve-year-old Labrador Retriever mix was adopted from Orphans of the Storm® several years ago, but his adopted family could no longer take care of him, so now he’s back and looking for his third chance at a happy life. Shogun still has plenty of energy, especially for a dog his age. He will certainly be happy to take the lead on any walks you go on, and he will be equally happy to join you for some TV-watching as long as you’re scratching his back.

Shogun Labrador Retriever mix 2


Cody the nine-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has a similar story to Shogun’s: he was adopted a few years ago (I knew him back during his first time at Orphans of the Storm®), but his family couldn’t take care of him anymore. Cody is about as perfect as you’re going to get. He loves other dogs and people of all ages. He’s slowed down a bit in his old age and doesn’t jump up for doggy hugs as much as he used to, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less loving. I was ready to bring him home myself three years ago when I first met him, and he’s still that same great pooch today.

Cody Labrador Retriever mix


Colby the ten-year-old Shepherd/Basset Hound mix is another fun-looking mix, like Tom-Tom. He is very gentle and easy-going–a good leash-walking companion. He currently shares his kennel with another dog, so he could go to a home with or without a furry friend. Colby would rather have you think that he’s ten years young, rather than ten years old, and he’ll be happy to show you why when you come in and spend some time with him.

Colby Shepherd Basset Hound mix 2


How’s that for a comprehensive list? And I didn’t even include the eight-year-olds, of which there are plenty! Orphans of the Storm® has such a variety of breeds, sizes, and personalities, even just among the senior dogs. So on your next visit to the shelter, please consider adopting a senior. They will truly appreciate it!

Orphans of the Storm® Black, White, and Brown Dogs

Are you looking to add a little color to your life? Stop by Orphans of the Storm® and meet some of these adorable dogs with adorable spots, patches, and markings!

Millie the eight-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound mix is, in a word, a snuggler. Rather than romping around when she was let off the leash in the run, she kept going back and forth between me and another volunteer so we could both lavish her with attention. Millie is the type of dog who will calmly rest her chin in your lap while you rub her ears. Millie also gets along well with other dogs; she’s currently sharing her kennel with Joanie (see below).

Millie Treeing Walker Coonhound mix 1

Millie about to come sit in my lap

Millie seems like she might not have had the easiest life before arriving at Orphans of the Storm®. She seems a little sad, but also plenty hopeful. Her tail was wagging in no time once we got out and about and she realized that we were going to treat her nicely. How could you be anything but nice to a dog as sweet and gentle as Millie? Millie is ready to show her new family just how loving she can be. Stop by the shelter soon to meet Millie!

Millie Treeing Walker Coonhound mix 2

Millie is just the sweetest

Joanie the eight-year-old Beagle mix is a lot like Millie (see above) in that she maybe hasn’t always been cared for as well as she should have been and is a little sad about it. But that just means that now she is more than ready for a second lease on life! Joanie walked nicely on the leash as we made our way to the run, though being a Beagle mix she of course had to stop and do plenty of sniffing along the way.

Joanie Beagle mix 1

Joanie using her Hound nose

Joanie takes a little longer to warm up to new people, but once she does, you have a friend for life. After just a few minutes, Joanie was giving me doggy kisses and standing by the other volunteer, patiently waiting her turn to be pet. You can tell just from looking into Joanie’s eyes that she is a sweet, gentle soul who wants nothing more than to be someone’s companion. If you’re looking for a real sweetheart, come in soon and say hi to Joanie!

Joanie Beagle mix 2

Joanie hopes her new family will turn her frown upside down

Mr. Big the two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has a bit of an ironic name, because he’s actually lapdog-sized. And that’s great for everybody, because Mr. Big certainly likes the idea of being a lapdog. He was a little uncertain about walking on the leash at first, but eventually realized that it wasn’t so scary and started leading me on our walk, instead of the other way around.

Mr. Big Labrador Retriever mix 1

Mr. Big showing off his sense of humor

Mr. Big quickly climbed into my lap after I took a seat on the ground and gave me some doggy kisses. We had a nice time sitting in the shade together and it was nice to see him relax a little. When it was time to go back to his kennel, though, he got nervous again so I picked him up and carried him. He had no problems with me picking him up. Mr. Big is currently sharing his kennel with Screamer (see below), so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Stop by the shelter soon to see if Mr. Big is the one for you!

Mr. Big Labrador Retriever mix 2

Mr. Big has a cute little face and cute big ears

Screamer the four-year-old Hound mix actually looks a lot like Mr. Big (see above), except he has some brown fur mixed in with the black and white. Screamer was even more uncertain about walking on the leash than Mr. Big was, so he spent most of his time in the arms of another volunteer, where he slowly but surely relaxed.

Screamer Hound mix 1

Screamer was a little nervous about being on the leash…

Screamer has an ironic name too, since I never even heard him bark! This little guy is looking for a family who will help him gain some confidence and come out of his shell. After just a few minutes of snuggling with the other volunteer, you could see a visible difference. He even gave her some doggy kisses! Imagine what a few days in a new, loving home would do for him. If you think that loving home might be yours, come in soon to meet Screamer!

Screamer Hound mix 2

…But then Screamer perked up and became a happy pooch!

I also saw my furry friends Benny, Blush, Colby, Corky, Ebbie, Janet, Ryla, Tom-Tom, and Winter.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs of All Personalities

Whether you’re looking for a playmate, a walking companion, a couch potato, or anything and everything in between, Orphans of the Storm® has enough dogs to match any personality!

Gitana the one-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is very playful when she first gets out of her kennel, but after a few minutes of running off that puppy energy she calms down and turns into a good leash-walker. Gitana wants to say hi to everybody. She gets along with people and dogs alike and has been sharing her kennel with Homey, who I met at Northbrook Court and who was recently adopted just this week. Now it’s Gitana’s turn!

Gitana Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Gitana being a good walking buddy

Gitana is an affectionate girl, too. When I sat down on the bench, she put her front paws up on the seat next to me and covered my face in doggy kisses while I pet her. Gitana is such a happy girl with so much puppy enthusiasm that she’s sure to bring a smile to your face. My pictures definitely don’t do her justice–she’s so much cuter in person! (And it was hard to get a good picture because every time I knelt down to her level, she would come over and stick her face in my face.) You’ll just have to stop by the shelter and see her for yourself!

Gitana Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Gitana thinks there is always room for two on a bench (and probably couch!)

Delilah the four-year-old Hound mix is another pooch who gets along well with other dogs. She’s had a couple of different kennelmates since she’s been at the shelter, including a puppy who brought out the playful puppy side of Delilah! The two of them were ready for a high-speed game of tag, but us mere humans weren’t quite up for it. Delilah has absolutely beautiful red markings on her white fur, so even though her kennel is at the end of the wing she’ll still be sure to catch your eye.

Delilah Hound mix 1

Hey there, Delilah!

Delilah, being a Hound mix, liked to follow her nose around the off-leash run but was more than ready to play with the dogs on the other side of the fence when they showed an interest in her. Delilah has super-soft fur, which is just one more reason why you’ll want to snuggle with her. Delilah would prefer to be in an adult-only home, so if your kids are heading off to college later this month, maybe think about adding Delilah to your family!

Delilah Hound mix 2

Delilah has one of those sweet Hound faces

Colby the ten-year-old Shepherd/Basset Hound mix is a funny-looking little guy–and I mean that in the nicest way! How many Shepherd/Basset mixes do you know? If they all looked like Colby, there should definitely be more. Colby is always eager to greet people who stop by his kennel and he was easy-peasy to get on the leash and take out. This older gentleman certainly knows his manners and walked nicely on the leash, though he did want to stop and sniff often (but what else would you expect?).

Colby Shepherd Basset Hound mix 1

Colby enjoying the outdoors

Colby is currently sharing his kennel with Blush, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Don’t let his age or that gray fur on his face fool you–Colby still has a spring in his step. He had a great time exploring the off-leash run and romping around. He seemed to be a little more independent than some of the other dogs I walked that day, but he did stop sniffing for a few minutes to let me scratch his back. This little cutie is ready for a nice home in which to spend his golden years. Come by the shelter soon to meet Colby!

Colby Shepherd Basset Hound mix 2

Colby still has plenty of pep in his step

Cinnamon the ten-year-old Golden Retriever and Carmel the eight-year-old Golden Retriever have a sad story. One of their owners passed away, and the other owner could no longer care for the two of them. They’re confused about how they ended up at the shelter and anxious about being in a new place. The good news is that they still have each other, and therefore would be so happy if they were able to find their new furever home together.

Cinnamon and Carmel Golden Retrievers

Aren’t Cinnamon and Carmel the perfect pair?

Carmel (who has the black nose) is the younger of the two, and even though she isn’t exactly “young” she still has some puppy tendencies, like wanting to hold the leash in her mouth while she walks. Carmel doesn’t want to go anywhere without her big sister–when Cinnamon would start walking one way, Carmel wanted to follow. Carmel loves attention and loves to cuddle. She practically crawled into my lap when I was sitting on the ground.

Carmel Golden Retriever mix 1

Carmel is such a pretty girl

Cinnamon (who has the pink nose) is a little bit calmer and spent most of her time sitting on the shady bench in the off-leash run. If you adopt these two, you better make sure you have a couch big enough for everybody! Cinnamon will sit as close to you as possible if you join her, and might even give you a quick doggy kiss. If you talk to anybody who has Golden Retrievers, they will tell you that they are the best breed in the world, and Cinnamon and Carmel are excellent examples. Turn their frowns upside down and bring them home with you today!

Cinnamon Golden Retriever 1

Cinnamon apparently is a couch potato

Janet the two-year-old Beagle mix isn’t quite ready to be adopted yet, but she is so adorable that I can’t help but start to spread the word about her already. In fact, I’m wondering if my dog would like a little sister, because both their looks and their personalities are so similar! Janet is currently one of the ‘office dogs’ in the room next to the front desk, where she spends most of her time curled up in her little spot in the corner because she’s scared of just about everything. But even though she’s scared, she is still the sweetest thing. She’s quickly become a volunteer and staff favorite.

Janet Beagle mix 1

Little Janet was a little nervous on our walk

Janet does enjoy eating treats, and she was even willing to take some right from my hand. Once we spent a few minutes together inside the office getting to know each other, I took her outside for a quick walk. She walks surprisingly well on the leash and didn’t seem too bothered by the barking dogs. Those big brown eyes of hers just get me every time. Once Janet is in a nice, loving, gentle home, she will come out of her shell and make a wonderful companion. Stop by the shelter soon to learn more about her!

Janet Beagle mix 2

There’s no denying that Janet is quite the cutie

I also saw my buddies Corky, Daisy, Diesel, Shamrock, Shasta, Wilbur, and Zeus.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Are Good Walking Buddies

It was a good weekend at Orphans of the Storm®, with a number of happy adoptions–including the first dog I walked that day, who had a new furever home before I even left the shelter! Let’s help the rest of these pooches find their new families, too!

Francine the six-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is about as gentle as they come, though she was jumping up and down excitedly when she saw it was her turn to come out for a walk. Once we were out, though, she settled down quickly and walked nicely on the leash. She was such a good walking buddy, in fact, that I was able to walk her and her kennelmate, Shard (who is just so sweet and snuggly), together simultaneously. Considering neither of them are small dogs, I think that speaks very highly of their leash-walking skills!

Francine Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Francine’s sweet face

Francine is very well-mannered. She had some tufts of loose fur on her back and hind legs, so I spent a few minutes brushing her and she stood perfectly still the whole time. It seemed like she didn’t want it to end! I’m sure she enjoyed the extra attention. Francine was kind enough to give me a doggy kiss as a thank-you. Don’t let Black Dog Syndrome keep Francine at the shelter for too long–this sweet girl is ready for her second chance at a loving home. Stop by soon to see if Francine is the pooch for you!

Francine Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Francine being a good walking buddy

Harley the six-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix came from a family who could no longer take care of her. Although it’s upsetting that she lost her first home, it means that Harley is move-in ready for her second home! She gets along great with children, having lived with two, and knows her basic commands like “sit” and “down,” which she is happy to show anyone who asks.

Harley Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Harley’s a pretty girl

Harley is also probably the best leash-walker you’re going to find at the shelter right now. I probably could have just held the leash with my pinky finger, and we would have gotten along just fine. She stayed right by my side. If you’re looking for a fully trained dog who already knows the ins and outs of being a family pet, Harley should be the first one you meet on your next visit to the shelter!

Harley Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Harley smiling for the camera (even though her eyes are closed)

Daka the seven-year-old Shepherd mix is a big, handsome boy who will catch your eye right away with his good looks. He had just gone on a nice walk with another volunteer before I brought him to the off-leash run, so he was mostly interested in sniffing, moseying around, and staying in the shade. He walks well on the leash, but he is a strong guy when he wants to be because of his size.

Daka Shepherd mix 1

Daka with a wagging tail

Daka discovered a sock monkey toy in the off-leash run and claimed it as his. He brought the monkey with him to a shady spot and laid down. He wasn’t interested in chewing on the monkey; he just liked having it with him. When it was time to head back to his kennel, Daka picked up the monkey and carried it with him. You will certainly have to get Daka a sock monkey of his own if you’re the lucky person who adopts him! If you’re looking for a big, easygoing companion, come in soon to meet Daka.

Daka Shepherd mix 2

Daka loves his sock monkey toy

Redd the six-month-old Beagle mix and Lucie the two-year-old Beagle mix came to Orphans of the Storm® together and would like to find their new forever home together. Redd and Lucie have gone to many Orphans of the Storm® off-site events together, but so far they haven’t been able to find the right family to join.

Lucie Beagle mix 1

Lucie being a Beagle

Redd is definitely still a puppy with all of the playfulness that comes with that. He wanted to run and run when he first got out of his kennel and he tried valiantly to get Lucie to join in the frivolity. Redd is a friendly–and, of course, adorable–little guy who loves getting attention and giving doggy kisses. And even though he’s still just a pup, he’s already picked up the Beagle trait of keeping that nose to the ground.

Redd Beagle mix 1

Redd is very appropriately named

Lucie is probably the one who has taught Redd that! All Lucie wanted to do was follow scent trails around the off-leash run, and she wasn’t going to let her little brother get in the way of doing what she was bred to do. There was one moment, though, where Lucie went into a play bow and took a little half-jump–so she still has some spunk! Lucie is a good girl and a good older sister.

Lucie Beagle mix 2

Lucie following that nose of hers

Redd and Lucie are already so bonded with each other, but they are more than ready to share that bond with a new family! If your heart and your home are big enough for two pooches (who aren’t particularly big themselves), stop by the shelter soon to meet Redd and Lucie.

Redd Beagle mix 2

Redd would love a yard of his own to play in every day

I also saw my buddies Ebbie, Lucy (who loves to give doggy hugs), Molly (who continues to impress everyone with her fetching skills), Rosco, Wilbur (who I sat with for almost a half-hour because those eyes get me every time and I can’t bring myself to put him back in his kennel!), Scotty, and Sweet Pea (who still lives up to her name in every sense–she gets along with everybody!).