Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Ready for a New Family

Orphans of the Storm® has dogs big and small who are all ready and eagerly waiting for the chance to find a new forever family!

Dennis the three-year-old Labrador Retriever mix found himself at Orphans of the Storm® after his owner became ill and could no longer care for him. That means that Dennis has three years of experience as a wonderful companion dog and is ready to bring some joy into a new home. Since Dennis came from an owner, he already knows his basic commands and sat for me very nicely when I asked him to.

Dennis Labrador Retriever mix 2

Dennis enjoying the yard

Dennis walked well on the leash for the most part, but when there was a direction he wanted to go in (like to see another dog), he was very strong. This big boy isn’t all brawn, though–he is also super affectionate. He likes to give doggy kisses and he absolutely loves getting a good scratch on his hips, which causes him to do a little doggy dance that is super cute. Dennis already knows what it means to be part of a family–now he just needs a new family so he can prove it!

Dennis Labrador Retriever mix 1

Dennis has a very strong profile

Boone the four-year-old Hound mix is just adorable. I’m a sucker for those hound dog eyes, so I liked Boone immediately. He’s on the smaller side for a Hound mix, which makes him extra cute. Boone is a playful little guy with lots of energy, bouncing around as we made our way to the off-leash run.

Boone Hound mix 1

Boone is quite the cutie

Boone enjoyed romping around the run (so much so that it was hard to get a not-blurry picture!) but also wanted to spend some time snuggling, so he tried his best to fit into my lap. The dog in the run next to ours was making Boone a little nervous, but he was easily distracted by a nice scratch on the neck and ended up being more interested in playing than paying attention to the other dog. A playful pooch like Boone won’t be at the shelter for long, so come in soon to meet him!

Boone Hound mix 2

Boone being a handsome boy

Xena the seven-month-old Boston Terrier mix is a little cutie. She’s looking for an extra-special home with extra-special people, because she’s deaf. Don’t let that make you think she isn’t a normal dog, though–I didn’t even know she was deaf until after I put her back inside her kennel. She was acting like a perfectly happy puppy, so hearing loss certainly isn’t going to slow her down.

Xena Boston Terrier mix 1

Xena putting her nose to good use

Since Xena is both a puppy and deaf, though, she will need special training to learn hand signals rather than voice commands. She’s a feisty one, but she seems like a smart, eager-to-please dog who will learn quickly. She had no problems with being picked up and carried, though she will need to learn her leash manners since right now she thinks the leash is a tug-of-war toy. This happy girl can’t wait to show you what a great companion she can be!

Xena Boston Terrier mix 2

Xena has quite a hairdo

Gansito the four-year-old Chihuahua/Beagle mix is almost too precious for words. His markings are pretty Beagle-like, but he’s the size of a Chihuahua–is that a perfect combination or what? He’s going to look like a puppy for his entire life. Gansito is currently sharing his kennel with Xena and has been very patient with her puppy antics, though he would probably like to tell her to pick on somebody her own size.

Gansito Chihuahua Beagle mix 1

Gansito is barely taller than the grass!

Gansito is pretty much the ideal lap dog. He’s the perfect size for cuddling and was content to be scooped up and held in my arms, even giving my chin a curious sniff and then deciding it was okay to give me a little doggy kiss. When I wasn’t holding him, he was putting his front paws on my legs and asking to be pet. Gansito is ready for a permanent lap to call his own!

Gansito Chihuahua Beagle mix 2

Gansito being photogenic

Rusty the eight-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is as sweet as they come. He wasn’t doing any barking when I first walked by his kennel; instead, he was just patiently waiting for someone to say hello to him. Rusty walks well on the leash and would be a great walking buddy if you just want to take a casual stroll through the neighborhood.

Rusty Labrador Retriever mix 2

Rusty being a good boy

While Rusty and I were in the off-leash run, he was behaving just like a typical Lab: tail wagging, politely interested in the dog on the other side of the fence, coming back to me frequently for a nice pat on the head. Rusty is a gentle dog who still has plenty of love to offer. He may be starting to go gray, but that doesn’t mean much to him. Please consider giving an older dog like Rusty a second chance in a wonderful home.

Rusty Labrador Retriever mix 1

Rusty enjoying the outdoors

I also spent some time with Ebbie, Corky (who knows his commands–I didn’t even realize!), Keini, Lady, Bella, Midnight, and Rock.


Happy Halloween from Cooper the Batdog!

Happy Halloween from Cooper the Batdog!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Are Very Cute

It was a busy day at Orphans of the Storm® with lots of people looking for their new furry family member! Perhaps one of these pooches will catch your eye. (And I apologize for the blurry photos–maybe it’s time to invest in a new camera!)

Frank the four-year-old Pug/Beagle mix is super cute. One look at that semi-squished Puggle face and you’re in love. Frank has plenty of energy in that little body of his, which meant he was very happy to have a chance to run around in the off-leash run. Frank was sharing his kennel with another dog while I was there, and was also very polite to the dog on the other side of the fence in the run, so he could go to a home with or without another dog.

Frank Pug Beagle Puggle mix 2

Frank is quite the cutie

Frank has incredibly soft fur, which makes him extra snuggle-able. He also has that adorable curly tail from his Pug side. Everyone who saw him while we were out kept exclaiming over how cute he is, so he probably isn’t going to be staying at the shelter for very long. All of the other volunteers I talked to told me what a nice dog Frank is, and I have to agree with them! Stop by the shelter soon to see if Frank is the pooch for you!

Frank Pug Beagle Puggle mix 1

Frank getting some exercise

Toby the five-year-old Rottweiler mix is such a good boy. He’s also a big boy, which might make him seem a little intimidating, but he’s really just a giant softie. Toby seems to love everybody he meets and wags that little tail of his almost all the time. He appreciates a good scratch on the back and a hug, where he will take the opportunity to give you a doggy kiss.

Toby Rottweilier mix 2

Toby is very photogenic

Toby is extremely well-behaved. He knows his basic commands and sat for me even though I didn’t have a treat to give him (shame on me). He can pull a bit on the leash when he first gets out of his kennel, but settles down and walks nicely soon after. He was interested in chasing tennis balls and good about bringing them back. Mostly, Toby just wants to love and be loved in return! That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for. If you’re looking for a big, sweet dog, come in soon to meet Toby!

Toby Rottweiler mix 1

Toby is a happy guy

Sebastian the one-year-old Border Collie mix is definitely still in his puppy phase. He loves to run and play, something his kennelmate Blush (who loves to give doggy kisses) puts up with as politely as she can. Sebastian led the way to the off-leash run and was scampering around, happy as a clam. He was also polite to the dog on the other side of the fence, so Sebastian is another pooch who could go to a home with or without other dogs.

Sebastian Border Collie mix 1

Sebastian has an adorable face

Sebastian eventually slowed down long enough to climb into my lap for a cuddle session, even though his back half didn’t quite fit. This puppy needs a family to show him what love is, and also a family who will be able to keep him both physically and mentally active–Border Collies are working dogs, and they love having a job to do (which is why you see so many of them in agility competitions). If you’re looking for a young, adorable dog who will grow into a great companion, Sebastian might be the one for you!

Sebastian Border Collie mix 2

Sebastian also has a very cute curly tail

I also spent some time with Diamond (who I had forgotten was such a snuggler!), Ebbie (who doesn’t need a whole lot of exercise at her age but still appreciates a nice walk), Lucky (another Border Collie who will make a great companion), Akiva (who knows ‘sit’ and ‘shake’, among other commands), Frankie (who is just so sweet and gentle), Emerald (who is so happy to spend time outside), Corky (who is a good walking buddy), Star (who would be happy to be a couch potato with you), Topaz (who doesn’t care how big she is–she’s going to sit in your lap), Lady (who is very well-behaved), and Bella (who is very affectionate). So many wonderful pooches!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Get Caught in the Rain

We have an anniversary to celebrate: It has been exactly two years since My First Afternoon with the Pooches! In that time, 301 dogs have been profiled and 231 of those dogs have been adopted (plus countless others who were adopted before I could meet them). Shamrock and Ebbie, the first two dogs I wrote about, are still waiting at Orphans of the Storm® for their furever homes. Let’s try to find a home for these two lovable long-timers!

Also of note: Akiva is the most popular dog on this blog! Her post (Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Get a Little Muddy) is the most-viewed post, and her picture is the most-viewed picture–understandably, because she is beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the most popular pooch was able to find a home to call her own?

Let’s celebrate this anniversary by meeting some more pooches!

Demi the five-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer mix is one pretty pooch, with those unique gray spots and patches. Demi does her breed proud by following her instincts. She was always interested in keeping her nose to the ground to make sure there wasn’t any game she should be pointing at–and when a little chipmunk ran through the grass in front of us, Demi went straight into Pointer mode and stood as still as a statue, waiting for it to appear again.

Demi German Shorthaired Pointer mix 1

Demi enjoying the outdoors

When Demi isn’t pointing, she’s more than happy to snuggle. While we were in the off-leash run, she came when I called (most of the time) and eagerly sniffed my face as I scratched her back. Demi would prefer to be in an adult-only home that can give her lots of love, which she will be sure to return. Come in soon to see if Demi is the pooch for you!

Demi German Shorthaired Pointer mix 2

Demi following her nose

Mona the two-year-old Hound mix is an energetic girl who likes to be in the middle of all the action. She wanted to say hi to all of the people and other dogs that were out with us and had a great time running around the off-leash run. Of course, whenever I tried to get her picture her nose was stuck to the ground, doing what Hounds do best. But believe me, she has an adorable face!

Mona Hound mix 1

Mona being a Hound with her nose the ground

Mona was excited when other dogs were around, but when it was just her and me, she was much calmer. She would stand right next to me so I could pet her, and she especially enjoyed getting a nice scratch on the hips and on her long, floppy ears. If you’re looking for a dog who will be up for long walks that include lots of new scents to explore, Mona is your girl!

Mona Hound mix 2

Mona’s long, floppy ears helping catch those scents

Bonzai the one-year-old Terrier mix is super cute, and also probably the snuggliest pooch I’ve met so far! Bonzai is very interested in finding a lap to sit on. He’s pretty funny about it, though–he rolls around and around until he gets comfy, and then he settles down and loves to get a nice scratch between the ears. He’ll cover your hands in doggy kisses too, if you give him the opportunity.

Bonzai Terrier mix 1

Bonzai being a little cutie

Bonzai, being a Terrier, also has plenty of energy. He was running around the off-leash run and hopping on and off the bench and wanted to be the one to lead the way on our walk. When it started to pour, though, he jumped into my lap and we stayed nice and dry together on the bench. Bonzai was sharing his kennel with another dog while I was there, so he could go to a home with or without other dogs–and he loves kids! Come in soon to meet Bonzai!

Bonzai Terrier mix 2

Bonzai keeping dry on the bench

Finally, thank you to all of the loyal readers, followers, and sharers who have made these last two years a huge success! There are 70 dogs still listed on the Dog Profiles page–let’s try to get that number down to 0 and find homes for all of Orphans of the Storm®’s lovable dogs.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs with Lots of Love

It was a lovely day at Orphans of the Storm® where I got to meet some lovely dogs!

Ryla the six-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix has actually been at Orphans of the Storm® for a while now, but this was the first time I’ve walked her and I’ve clearly been missing out! Ryla had originally been living with a family, but one of the children ended up being allergic and so poor Ryla ended up at the shelter. Since she came from a home, she knows her commands and is well-behaved (after all, she lived with kids!).

Ryla Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Ryla romping in the run

Ryla has the cutest half-folded ears and enjoys being scratched right between them, on the top of her head. She also has an adorably curly tail. Ryla doesn’t care much for other dogs so she will need to be the only dog in her new home, but her love for people more than makes up for it. Don’t pass by this sweet girl just because of her fur color and her breed. Ryla will make a wonderful companion!

Ryla Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Ryla’s adorable ears

Mister the one-and-a-half-year-old Plott Hound mix is still full of that puppy energy, even though he’s almost done with puppyhood. He led the way to the off-leash run and scampered around, enjoying the opportunity to stretch his legs and sniff some new smells. Mister went to some off-site events last spring, so maybe you’ve seen him out and about!

Mister Plott Hound mix 1

Mister coming in for a snuggle

Mister is friendly with dogs and people alike. He currently has a kennelmate (see below) and has shared his kennel with a number of other dogs who have since been adopted, while he continues to wait for the perfect family to find him. Mister also enjoys some cuddle time and tried to climb into my lap on a few occasions. This handsome guy is ready to live in a home he can call his own. Come in soon to meet Mister!

Mister Plott Hound mix 2

Mister enjoying a fun run

Rock-ola the one-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix is one pretty girl. Sadly, she’s also a very nervous girl who gets a little worried when strangers come up to her kennel. Once she’s out of her kennel, though, she turns into such a sweetheart. After I sat down on the ground next to her and slowly, gently pet her back, she scooted over and leaned her head right against my arm. A couple minutes later, she was giving me doggy kisses!

Rock-ola Australian Cattle Dog mix 2

Rock-ola’s happy face

Rock-ola also would like to be a lapdog. She sat on my legs while the two of us watched Mister explore the run (Mister is her kennelmate). When I moved to sit on the bench, Rock-ola decided she would stand underneath my legs. She got less and less timid the longer we were together. All Rock-ola needs is an understanding, loving family who will help teach her that the world is not such a scary place. When I went to say goodbye to Rock-ola in her kennel before I left the shelter, she didn’t bark at me anymore–instead, she licked my hand!

Rock-ola Australian Cattle Dog mix 1

Rock-ola has such pretty markings

I also spent some time with PeeWee (who loves to give doggy kisses), Benny (who is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy), Keini (who is a great leash-walking buddy), Rock (who just wants someone to play with), Topaz (who has the sweetest eyes), Molly (who would much rather snuggle than go back in her kennel), and Ebbie (who is far too nice to have spent so long at the shelter).

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Will Make You Smile

There have been lots of exciting dog adoptions at Orphans of the Storm® recently! Meet some more pooches who are eagerly waiting for their turn to find their forever home.

Ginger the twelve-year-old German Shepherd mix is a beautiful girl. Don’t dismiss her just because of her age! She may be a senior dog, but she still loves to romp and sniff. We made our way to the off-leash run, where Ginger was happy to do some exploring and keep an eye on what was happening on the other side of the fence. She has that unique German Shepherd gait that you see at dog shows, which makes her seem very fancy.

Ginger German Shepherd mix 1

Pretty Ginger in the sunshine

Ginger is a big lovebug. After she had finished following her nose around the run, she saw me kneeling on the ground in front of her and came right over, resting her head against me while I scratched her back. She gave me a few “thank you” doggy kisses and after that, she stayed right by my side. What a loyal, loving companion Ginger would be! Is this sweet older girl the one for you? Come in soon to find out!

Ginger German Shepherd mix 2

Ginger coming over to snuggle

Maggie the seven-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is one of the sweetest dogs at the shelter. (I say that a lot, and it’s always true, but Maggie really takes the cake!) Every quality that people love about Labs, Maggie has. Her tail is constantly wagging, she gets along with other dogs and people alike (she used to share her kennel with another Lab mix who has since been adopted), and she is full of affection.

Maggie Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Maggie enjoying a nice chin scratch

Maggie will cover you in doggy kisses whether you ask for them or not, and her entire body wiggles with happiness the whole time. She’s not very particular: noses, chins, ears, elbows, hands–she’ll kiss them all! I’ve loved all of the older black Labs I’ve met at the shelter (like Brutus, who is still there!), and Maggie has definitely found her place on that list. Once you take Maggie out, you’ll be sure to fall in love with her just as quickly as she’ll fall in love with you.

Maggie Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Maggie having a good time in the fresh air

Blue the ten-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is a little (soon-to-be-big) cutie. He has a very appropriate name because of that special blue-gray color of his fur, which makes his golden eyes stand out even more. Blue is one of those dogs who looks like he’s smiling. When we first started on our walk, he would look up at me every few steps for some encouragement. He did much better on the leash than I was expecting from a puppy!

Blue Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Blue has a cute puppy face!

Blue is very strong, though, and he isn’t even fully grown yet. He will definitely need to go to a home that will take the time to train and socialize him. He was getting pretty excitable when other dogs were around, and he has to learn to be as calm as he is when there aren’t other dogs. When it was just me and him, he sat by my feet and enjoyed a good pat. Blue has all of the potential to be a great pet (just like fellow PBT puppy China!)–will you be the one to give him that opportunity?

Blue Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Blue keeping an eye on the activity around us

I mentioned Silver and Snickers a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t have pictures to go along with them–so, I was lucky enough this week to get a chance to take them out again! Silver is a six-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix and Snickers is a two-year-old Terrier/Chihuahua mix, and they currently share a spot next to the front office.

Silver Yorkshire Terrier mix 1

Silver is itty-bitty

Snickers Terrier Chihuahua mix 1

Snickers being camera shy

Silver isn’t ready for adoption quite yet, but you can certainly come in and meet him. He seems to be a little more on the timid side but has no problems being picked up and cuddled, as long as you’re gentle about it. He’s so tiny! If you’re looking for a lap dog, you can’t find one more appropriate than little Silver.

Silver Yorkshire Terrier mix 2

Silver could be a doggy model

Snickers is a little more on the rambunctious side. When I first took him out a couple of weeks ago, he had springs for legs! He jumped up into my lap and jumped back down to the ground in the blink of an eye. When I took him out this week, he was the one who decided where we would go on our walk. But he, like Silver, certainly enjoys cuddle time.

Snickers Terrier Chihuahua mix 2

And Snickers was ready for his close-up!

Willow the six-year-old Lhasa Apso/Pekingese mix is another dog you can find right next to the front office. He doesn’t seem to be as yappy as some of the other small office dogs; he’s pretty laid-back. Willow has one of the cutest little faces and the cutest waddle-y walk. His fur is super soft, which is great for whoever is lucky enough to bring him home and snuggle with him all the time!

Willow Lhasa Apso mix 2

Willow the happy pooch

Willow was an excellent leash walker and also enjoyed scampering around off-leash in the run. He likes to sniff everything but was a little hesitant about the doggy pool we had just filled up (I’m not sure he has quite the body of a swimmer, anyway). Spending time with Willow made me smile, so just imagine all of the smiles he will bring to your life if you’re the one to bring him home!

Willow Lhasa Apso mix 1

Willow making a funny face

This week I also spent some time with Akiva (who absolutely loved splashing around in the doggy pool!), Rock (who loves to play fetch and chew on tennis balls!), and kennelmates Jade and Hugo (who are both very lovable!).

If you’re looking for a fun fall outing that you can enjoy with your pet, check out WoofFest 2013 on Saturday, October 12. Orphans of the Storm® is one of four local animal rescues involved, and we’d be thrilled to see former Orphans dogs there with their new families!